Alpha Jace

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Run Away Bride

Ava's POV

Staring at him I don't know what to do. But I need to do something quick before he wakes up. I walk towards the door and reach for the handle. This could be my escape. I stop when I hear a loud groan. Turning around I see an angry looking James holding his head.
"What the hell?!" He growls. I don't think it would work to injure him but it obviously did. He mustn't be strong in the pain factor then.
"Save it. Don't try anything again or you will be punished." He said before turning over and closing his eyes. I expected more. I expected pain?
I have to blink a couple of times just to think about what happened. Why didn't he do anything to me? Walking down the stairs I enter the kitchen confused and switch the light on, only to realise Noah was sat there with a bloody fist and a glass of water.
" I'll go back to bed." I say hesitantly. As I turn to walk out of the kitchen he stops me and tells me to sit down.
"You're getting married tomorrow night, or tonight seeming its early in the morning. The treaty has to be gone through with, do what you have to do but meet me in the living room at exactly 8pm in your dress. From there we will head to the pack gardens where you WILL go through with the wedding."
I'm shocked at how he can say all this like it means nothing. Like I mean nothing.
"B-but I don't like James." I say back to him.
"Who cares if you like him or not, do you not understand Ava? I'm getting 1 million for you to marry that freak." He laughed.
"You're pathetic!"
"I'm not pathetic; I'm just doing as I want."
"How could you, do you feel nothing?! I'm your own daughter." I say hurt.
"The thing is, Ava, you're not my daughter. In my eyes anyways. All you are to me is a piece of crap that gets in the way."
"I hate you!" I growl before running up the stairs.

I lock myself into the bathroom. I hate this place and being here. I regret running so much, I wish Jace was here with me. A loud knock at the door makes me leave my thoughts and stand up. "Be quiet." She said closing the door and turning to face me.
"What's wrong?" I ask.
"We need a plan, for you to escape."
"You also mom. I'm not leaving you behind this time. And Malia." I whispered to her.
"She can't."
"Why not?"
"She's...Dead." I widen my eyes in shock. My mom had silent tears falling from her eyes and she sniffles a few time.
"What how?"
"Your father found out that we helped you escape. For some reason he didn't kill me but he killed her. Val's father was angry, he tried to kill your father but failed. He left after it and never came back..." All this is a lot to take in at this point. I don't want to think how Val is going to react.
"Anyways we need to get back to the plan. So, I was thinking..."

"Remember the plan?" Mother said walking up the stairs to my room.
"Uh hm." I say walking into my room to see the dress hanging up. The look of it despises me; it's nothing that I would want in a wedding dress. James picked it out, which makes me want to throw up. "You will look beautiful no matter how, different, it is." She laughed and gave me a hug. I'm dreading to put it on however to get the plan to work I have to.
I walk out the bathroom with my dress is on, it's so hard to move around in it. I definitely could've done with a size up.
"Ava you look beautiful!" Mother walked over to me. A woman is here to do my make up, so I have to get that done. "What look would you like?" The woman asks setting up lights around the room and getting all the makeup out.
"Just a natural look please."
"No. I think you should have a bold look, it would take the eyes off the dress." She said smiling like she didn't just hate on my dress. Yes it's not amazing but she didn't have to technically say it was. Rude.
"Whatever." I huff.
While the woman does my make-up she's talking to me about all her life problems. I nod and pretend to be listening but I can't, my mind is somewhere else. I don't know if the plan will work and if it doesn't, I'm for sure dead. Mother refused to come with me; she thinks she can change Noah for the better good. She wrong, there is no good left in that man.
"I'm all done now." The woman said stepping back. Looking in the mirror, she had done a good job. I kind of expected a caterpillar eyebrow, tangerine to be my reflection but I liked it.
"Thank you." I said smiling at her.
"That will be $200"
"Tell that to the guys downstairs, they will pay." I laugh ushering her to leave the room.
"It looks nice." Mother smiled at me.
"Thanks." I sadly reply.
"What's wrong sweetie?" She says walking towards me. "M-mom, I have something on my mind that I need to tell you." I whisper. I've tried my best to forget but I can't.
"He raped me again, last night." I sigh, with a lone tear falling from my eye.
"That bastard...are you alright?" She gave me a big hug.
"Hm." I mumble. No I'm not fine; I put on a brave face. I hate for everyone to know that I'm not okay, the attention is too much to handle.
"You look absolutely gorgeous babe." James said walking in the door.
"Get out!" My mum said shoving him back out again. "You're not allowed to see the bride before the wedding!"
"Thanks." I mouth to her as she walks out the door with James. I lay down on the bed to think for a while. I wonder if Jace is coming to get me? How would I tell Val her mum is dead? Will I tell her?
Knocking came from the door, it's probably my mom.
"Come in." I shout sitting back up to neaten my dress out.
"Ava." Noah walked in with two wolves besides him. I have never seen them before and I don't know why but they smelt like dead rats. They need a bath.
"If you even attempted to run away tonight, you don't even want to know what will happen to you. Just make sure if you disappear again I will hunt you down and kill you. Meet me downstairs soon, it's nearly time." He says, then awkwardly walks out the room. I could hear his heart beat from where I was stood it was so loud. He walked out so tense it made the room feel tight. He's never like that?
"Shut the hell up!" I heard him growl from outside my room, a couple seconds later my mother walked in.
"What just happened?" I see as her facial expression seemed scared.
"I asked if he wanted me to make him some food, he looks to be in a bad mood." She said shrugging it off as if she wasn't bothered. "Mom please come with me, I hate to see him treat you like this. It's not supposed to be this way!" I shout at her.
"Ava, you can come back for me. How about you promise to come back okay. Deal?"
"Okay now you need to go down before Noah gets suspicious." Walking out the room I quickly close the door behind me and go down the stairs. It's hard to move in my dress but I'm sure I can manage.
"You ready?" Noah said greeting me with a menacing grin. Nodding he holds his arm out for me to link with mine. I do it as we head out the house. The pack gardens are a minute walk away so I hope this works.
"Ava I need to tell you--" He began to say.
"Oops, on no I forgot to bring them!" I interrupted him and quickly unlink our arms.
"What did you forget?" Noah asks looking worried.
"I'll be a second; I just need to quickly grab them for the living room!" I shout running slowly back to the house.

"I'll come with you!"

"No!" I bolt back.

"What? Why?" He questions suspiciously.

"There you know. Girly things."

"Girly things?"

"Do you want to know?" I say sarcastically.

"Do I want to?"

"Best not." I cringe.

"If you're not back in a minute I'll get a whole search party on you!" He shouts as I run to the house. Everyone is at the wedding so there are no guards or wolves around on patrol.
"Mom!" I shout running into the house. Noah wouldn't let her come to the wedding as he thought she would sabotage it some way. "Ava, you need to run. Now!" She shouts shoving me back out the house.
"Mom I promise I'll be back, and this time will be to save you!" I say as she gives me a quick hug before I shift. After nodding towards her with the dress in my mouth. I turn towards the woods. I have to escape. I can't be caught.
After running for around 10 minutes I hear noises far behind me, Noah must have caught on. I tell my wolf to run as fast as she could and I help her along the way.

It finally seems like forever so I stop and let my wolf breath for a moment.
"It's Ava right?" A tall muscular figure said startling me as he walked out behind the trees. I growl at him and take a defensive stance glaring my teeth.
"I'm not going to hurt you. Do you mind shifting into the clothes you have in your mouth?" He says, slowly I walk behind a tree to shift then change.
"Wow." The guy says as he stares at me.
"What do you need, I have money if you want that?"
"You're so beautiful; you look kind of like her a little." He smiles before shaping out of his thoughts by coughing. "Oh I don't want money." He shrugged. Come to think this guy seems a bit suspicious, the way his eyes glare at me with every little move I make creeps me.
"Well what do you want then?" I ask confused.
"You." He said but before anything else could happen a wolf pounces onto the guy and tackles him to the ground. He quickly shifts and both wolves begin to fight viciously.
"Ava?" I hear from behind me. Turning around I see Val, Pogue, Caden, Jen and Chase all stood there. Wide eyed, I run towards Val and hug her as tightly as I can. My wolf purrs in my mind. She forces me to turn around where I see the big black wolf let go of the grey wolf and turn to face me. The grey wolf whimpers away into the woods. Why didn't Jace kill him?
"Ava!" He said after he shifted. He put shorts on and ran towards me picking me up by my waist while hugging on to me tightly. I hugged him back as the tingles ran through my body.
"Ava I miss you so much I'm so sorry for everything I said--" I cut him off by forcefully pressing my lips against his. It doesn't take Jace long to react in return.
*cough* I hear from behind me. Breaking away I look behind me to see everyone staring at us.
I suddenly felt bad as I should of just told Jace about it. Even though he would have probably killed James there and then, after last night I wish I did.
"Princess what wrong?" He said picking my chin up so I was facing him. I hate the hurt expression plastered on his face so much. There is a long silence as I just stare into his eyes before I find the courage to tell him. What I wish I would I told him when I first met him...
"I love you." I quietly said.
"Y-you what now?" He said hugging me close to him.
"You heard what I said." I laugh at him.
"Say it again! Say it louder so everyone can hear it."
"I love Jace!" I shout laughing as he spins me around in happiness. Unfortunately causing him to trip on a log and making us fall to the ground, he holds me steady on top of him. "Thanks for saving me from the rogue." I laugh standing up to help him get off the ground. "And the fall."
"Just like the good old days, you know?" Caden laughs with him as I see him smirk at Val when's he just rolls her eyes.
"Like 2 weeks ago more like." Pogue popped up.
"I missed your sarcasm, even if it was only a day. It was sad not being woken up asking to make you food." Everyone is laughing and smiling until we hear a noise behind us and Jace becomes on full alert as he pushes me behind me.
"Just a branch falling Jace." I laugh as he turns back around to face me.
"By the way you look absolutely stunning in that wedding--why the hell are you wearing a wedding dress! Did you get married!?" He growls.
"No I ran before anything could happen!" I shout back nervously, his tone was angrier than usual and made my wolf whimper. "Did he do anything to you?!"
"N-no." I whisper back. I lied of course. Yes this will lead to bigger problems In the future but I need to find the courage to tell him first. "I swear if he did anything his head will be-" I cut him off by pulling him into a kiss again.
"God will you ever stop being so protective!" I laugh pulling away.

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