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Corrupting Frankie

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Frankenstein is taken up by a powerful, corrupt king that is causing the downfall of his empire. Frankenstein's only job is to protect the heir to the throne before he is killed by kidnappers and assassins. But it becomes difficult when the only heir to the throne is very much in love with Frankenstein.

Fantasy / Romance
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I was created as a monster, not even human, but feared by them.

Until now. I was finally captured by the king and he held me down in a chamber, making me try to conform to do his bidding. He had me fixed up so I wasn’t a monster anymore. My bolts that took in electricity were cut down but it still remained inside me. My hair was cut, my body cleaned, my stitches treated. But I will always be a monster. We all know this. Its why the king kept me.

“Do you still refuse me?” he asked me.


“Do you wish to die here?”


“You don’t hesitate. How bold of you.” he said. He stopped hitting and beating me a while back. I know why he’s treating me civil like. He glared down at me, wondering if I’ll change my mind. I won’t. “I will kill you myself, you pathetic monster.” he hissed. I didn’t resist him when he grabbed me by my hair. I heard the clanking of my chains and knew he could only take me so far.

“You could have it all, and I’m sure people would like you more.” he urged, talking to me lowly. I was just surprised he was touching me. He doesn’t like disgusting things.

Being accepted isn’t something I care for. I know how the people of the kingdom feel towards me. And I know they believed me to be dead, I do sometimes too but what would they do if they knew I was still alive? Would I still be seeing the torches and pitch forks?

But I want to get out.

“I’ll guard your son.” I gave in.

“Good then, Frankenstein.” he said and let go of me. That’s what he wanted all along, to keep his only son protected. The heir to the throne.

That was years ago. I’ve been watching his son for eleven years. He’s now sixteen with a year left before he takes the throne. He can be a handful to take care of but I see him more as a future king. I have been alive for hundreds of years, and I’ve watched this empire slowly reach its downfall, especially with King Kadus as ruler, but Archemie makes for a better king. I see it in him.

Although he is rebellious.

“Frankie? Why don’t you come outside with me? There’s a festival going on and you know the people have come to like you.” he says to me. Its true that because of him, people aren’t afraid of me but we can’t leave.

“Your father just called for you.” I say to him, which would now be the third time. He finally shut his window, sighing and coming to me.

“I don’t know why you obey my father so much.” he says quietly as he walks by.

We have a deal.

I follow him down the hallway filled with gold. I’ve gotten tired of walking down this place. A palace fit for a king, maybe one so arrogant and cruel. I keep my thoughts to myself, no one wants to hear from a being created by man, a mad man at that. Archemie doesn’t like his father too much, after so many restrictions have been put on him, he started to resent him. King Kadus is not a true king; the way he separates himself from the people as if they’re dirt, its cruel and harsh. The way he treats them is worse, this is why the empire will collapse.

We reached the gold doors that lead to the main part of the palace, where the throne is. Of course his father would sit on it as if he owns the entire planet. I know one day he will be kicked off that throne and by law his son will rule.

Archemie pushed the doors open, sighing when he saw people kneeling on the carpet. I didn’t dare go further than I should have. I don’t need trouble from him. He might make me clean this room as if it were my own, and as big as it is, it seems it would take me years to make this place spotless. That’s as if this place is ever dirty.

“What is it, father? I was getting ready for bed.” he sighs, lying to him.

“Is that so? You are dressed in blue, as if you were going to attend the festival tonight.” King Kadus was not amused with his lie.

“It was a coincidence.” he shrugs

“Archemie, you must not let down your duties to be part of them." Kadus says.

“Are we not supposed to be with the people, father? That is what we are taught, to side with the people.”

“The people are filth.”

“Only you believe that!” Archemie snaps. “Did you make me come here to ridicule me, father? I have better things to do with my time,” he says quickly.

“Watch your-”

“Goodnight father, I will see you in the morning.” he sighs and turns around, coming back towards me. Kadus was staring right at me. I would like to keep watch of Archemie but I haven’t been for a while, he has been running loose.

Once the doors closes, Archemie smiles as he began to pin his hair up.

“Now I can get rid of these retched clothes.” he says and I knew what that meant. Tonight, he won’t be just going to the festival, he will participate in it. He loves being part of the culture and he will be killed for it if he doesn’t stop. I thought he would not be part of it tonight but he was only making sure I didn’t know so I couldn’t tell his father. I have to do my job even if Archemie is against it.

He changes into the clothing the dancers wear during such a night; light silk pants that were jeweled at the hems. And more jewels around his body. He slips the shoulder covering on and place the lining on jewels over it. He was eccentric tonight, putting on the headdress of lined emeralds and sapphires. He was covered in jewels but he always is in the traditional way,

“You will be mistaken for one of the females.” I comment.

“Oh will I? That will be exciting. Although, I do dance as well as they do.” he says.


“Yes, Frankie?” he asks quietly in my ear. That isn’t something I’m not used to. Archemie has also been making advances towards me for years now, I am not surprise when he has this sort of behavior.

“You cannot go out tonight.” I say.

“Oh? So would you care to stay with me instead? I cannot let this outfit go to waste.” he says, his finger running down my face.

I don’t understand how he can show affection so easily for someone like me. I’m not even human, I’m not even close. My heart isn’t a heart and my brain is mush. I am twice his size, maybe even three times because he is so skinny. My skin is pale and my stitches remind me of how I am, how I’m not real, of how I only run on electricity. He can’t fall for someone like this, not me. I would do everything in my power to make him stop but it is too late. He has told me he is set on me only. He refuses to marry princesses from other kingdoms afar. Why does he want me? I will only prove to be a monster.

“Why do you do this?” I ask.

“You are what I want, Frankie. I long for no one else.” he says and it was absolute. So as he walks like a dancer to the window, he watches me smoldering eyes as if to say I have no choice. I must go with him.

I get up from where I was sitting and open the window for him. He barely lets me do anything for him anymore but he is aware he cannot jump this height without me being there to catch him. I must. I jump out of the window first, landing where my foot prints are always and turned so I could catch him. He was already falling when I focused, landing in my arms. He is lucky that it happened this way. His legs wrap around my waist as he caresses my face.

“Frankie,” he cooes, watching me with lustful eyes. Archie cannot look at me with such eyes, I cannot be with him in ways that he thinks I can be. I want to tell him this, I always do but he still pursues me as if I’m someone who can be fallen in love with.

“Your highness.” I say, being detached and cold. He frowns, dropping his hands from my face. He hates when I address him as such, a person like me should address him this way. I am only but his subject.

“Fine, be that way.” he gives up and let his body fall over. Of course he did this on purpose. I didn’t let go of him as his legs only tightened at my waist.

He’s flexible.

When I did let go, his legs uncross and he walks on his hands. He can hurt himself if does such a thing. But he doesn’t care, he is only interested in fun and partying and being with the people. That’s how he responds.

“Please Archie, you will get hurt.” I say cautiously.

“I am not a child.” he says as he let his feet touch the ground. He fixes his head dress so the emerald was at the center of his forehead.

“How long will we be staying?”

“Until I am tired.” he says and walks ahead of me. I keep silent as I walk behind him. He takes three steps when I only take one. Everyone is small to me, even the biggest of humans but what can I do. If I could be human, I would take the chance, I would be a human for Archie but I can’t. I’m only made from parts.

The streets were filled with lights and people. Anywhere that is not where the king has claimed is where the people play and dance. It is nice to be human, I think. They look happy. I know before Archie walks around with me, I would cause terror and fear. But a monster is only a monster. That is all I am.

The children run around me and laugh, throwing flowers. Archie helps and play around with them. I was careful of how I should act because I would never want to scare them, that is not what I want at all. Flowers are in my hair and clothing but I hear the children say how pretty I am so I don’t remove them. For once, no one is screaming and crying and I enjoy that.

“See Frankie? Its not bad.” Archie says.

“I will not be doing this often.” I say to him and I do every night we come out of the palace. He enjoys going outside more than I do, I fear the fire and pitch forks.

“See the dancers, Frankie? Oh do I look just like them?” he asks me.

“Yes you do.” I answer. He does look like the dancers. I always tell him he will be mistaken for a female. He doesn’t wear the upper silk but the shoulder covering makes up for it. He always wants to be with the dancers.

The kings are always dancing with the dancers.

He lets go of my hand and runs to them. They are potential spouses but he refuses them also, he says he wants me, he will always want me. I cannot allow that to happen, not when he is only sixteen. He has to carry a kingdom in a year and I will not be there to cloud his judgment. Once he is king, he will no longer need me as a protector so I will go back to my home.

The drums sound and the road is cleared. The children scream and cry for the dancers who go all over the kingdom to bring happiness. Archie says that this is always his favorite part of all the festivals. He is happy when he participates with the people, that’s all he enjoys. I can see it on his face.

The dancers dance to the rhythm of the drums and to the chants of the children who sing traditional songs. They enjoy this more than I do. As much as I know the people are happy, I shouldn’t be here, it is not where I belong. I can look at Archie’s face and believe that I should be here but I can’t.

He looks at me as he dances, a smile brightening his face. If I had a heart, I would feel different but I don’t so I can’t. I try and smile back and finally succeed. I will not sulk until he cannot see me, until he will not be able to notice me. For now, I watch him dance and be happy with his people. They shout his name and throw flowers in the air as they move through the bright streets filled with decorations and lights. I never know why they celebrate but they always do.

I would like to join but I fear of showing my true nature. This is why I don’t like being outside. If it weren’t for Archie, I would be inside, maybe being beaten for what I am.

Archie is happy, and that’s what my job is now, to keep him happy. He dances with such spirit, I only see it in him. He means it when he says he enjoys the festivals. I see the smile on his face as he looks at the children and the other people.

I was right though, he can be mistaken for one of the female dancers.

As they dance down the pathway, we follow and they fill the kingdom, more people coming along. I keep a close eye on Archie in case of anything happening, I make sure to not lose him in the crowd of people. The children chant and flowers are thrown in the air as lights shine brighter in the night. Its always louder when Archie shows up. He fills the people with hope when King Kadus wants them to rot. Its clear there will be a new era when Archie is king. I know there will be.

After so long, the dancer began to mingle with the people and soon everyone is dancing. Like always, Archie comes back to me, smiling and laughing. I enjoy watching him dance, but not for the purpose that he thinks I do. His mind is different from what my mind is, do all humans have the same thoughts that he does?

“Did you see me, Frankie?” he asks me happily.

“Yes I did see you.” I say as he takes my hand. He pulls me on, already knowing that I will be taking him back to the palace. He must go back because he has to be in bed. Its not good for him to be outside this late with what could happen. The people in this kingdom are not horrendous people but when other people from other kingdoms mix in, its hard to pick them out.

Archie is valuable. That’s why I protect him.

We walk back to the palace, and he asks me if I had fun and if I saw all the children. He asks if I enjoyed myself. And like always, I answer yes to please him. He knows when I lie but tonight, I was being truthful, I will not lie to Archie if I know it has nothing to do with his well being.

I bring him to his room quietly, no one is in the hallways so I was able to walk by. He closes the door and sighs as he stretches. If he gets so tired, you’d think he’d stop doing it but he considers it sacrifice and will do it as many times as he needs. I say nothing.

“Frankie. Undress me.” he says.

“Archie.” I warn him.

“Its an order.” he says, using his princely powers. Of course I have to obey him. I take off the headdress first and put it down where all his jewels are. His black hair falls around his face and neck, covering his tan skin. He refuses to cut it because he likes it this way. I try no more to make him do so. I take off the silk shoulder covering and set it down and then the silk pants.

He didn’t move this time.

I knew his next order would be to dress him since he didn’t move. He would usually ask me to sleep with him but I would refuse and he knows I would mostly. I could never do what he intends.

I put on his silk night clothing and that is when he turns around towards me.

“Would you like to stay tonight?” he asks me.

“I cannot.” I say.

“Please Frankie, why don’t you ever stay?” he pouts, leaning against me. I only stay when he has nightmares, and he has yet to have nightmares. Once he does, I will be by his side but unless there is some kind of problem, I will not be in his bed tonight.

“I cannot.” I repeat.

“I’ll make it an order.” he tests.

“And I will refuse you.” I say to him. He steps away from me, pushing his hair back so he can give me a cold glare. He cannot get what he wants from me like that. I do what I’m supposed to, not what I feel like. Its not what I said I would do.

“You used to be so gentle.” he says as he walks around me.

“You are going to be king, Archie.”

“Will you stay when I’m crowned?” he asks.

“I always tell you I will not.” I answer him. He sighs and walks to his bed. He will ask me again tomorrow night and then the next night. He always does this, it is his routine.

“Okay Frankie, you will change your mind soon enough.” he says confidently. He believes I will change my mind but I haven’t for a while. I cannot change because he will be king, I cannot get in his way. He has duties to fulfill and I’m not part of it.

“Goodnight, Archie.” I say as I left his room. I wait outside his door till morning. I do not sleep so I wait for him to awaken like I have been doing for years now.

I have one year on to protect him and keep him safe. And it seems as though this year will be dangerous with how close it. I must keep a close eye and not get clouded like he tries to make me. I cannot get distracted when it comes to his life.

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