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Dancing Flames Around The Memories

By Loud_The_Insane All Rights Reserved ©

Drama / Fantasy


Wrath and the other Sins are given a mission by Lord Satan himself. Their mission is to bring something that once belonged to their ruler, but for that they'll need to go to Heaven and retrive it. That something is a crown Lord Satan himself built and now it's used by God. In order for the Sins to go to Heaven, they'll have to go through 'The Human Realm' and find the golden path that will take them to Heaven. However, is that really everything? Are they really who they think they are?


The sound of a grandfather clock chiming woke the young man up with a yell. He put his hands on his ears, for the sound of the clock was too much for him. When the young man couldn’t hear the distant sound of the clock, he put his hands down. He sighed in relief and looked around the strange room he just woke up in. There wasn’t much to say, nor was it really important. It was just a room with the ordinary stuff any room would have. Except, maybe, that there was a grandfather clock next to the door.

-who the fuck thought that was a good idea?-the young man said. He shook his head and stood up. The young man walked out of the room, seeing there wasn’t anything interesting in the room. He stared at the hallway in front of him; he really didn’t want to go any further, but what else could he do? If he gets lost, he’ll have to ask for help, right? The young man heard music at the distance, a melody that seemed to be from the 50’s or 40’s, perhaps even early than that.

As he followed the sound of the music, he noticed strange paints on the walls. There was a painting of a black butterfly standing on what seem to be a pool of blood and another painting was about shadow people surrounding what seemed to be a human. The human had a scared expression on his face, it looked so real as if the painting would move any minute now. As if to prove the young man’s wild imagination was true, the eyes of the human looked at him.

-just, where the fuck am I?-He said walking faster away from the painting. The young man continued to follow the sound of the song and stood in front of a black door. He hesitantly knocked on the door, but upon not receiving an answer, he opened the door and peeked inside. There was a gramophone at the left corner of the room, from what he could make out in the dark room. The young man looked around if someone was around and entered the room quietly. He walked cautiously and stared at the fireplace; he could hear the sound of the wood being burned. The albino looked at his left and almost yelped in surprised when he saw someone was sitting on the large red armchair. The man had a book on his face and the albino could hear his snores.

-um… excuse me?-The young man said. He put a hand on the man’s shoulder and the latter only muttered incoherent things. The albino gently shook the man and finally woke him up; the man took off his book and yawned.

-excuse me, sir?

-hm? Oh! I see that you woke up already…-the paler male said. The albino nodded confused. The man stood up and the albino tried not to yelp in surprised, for the strange man was a lot taller than him. Said stranger cleared his throat and smiled at him.

-I think we should go outside-The taller male said. The albino nodded and followed the man outside of the room. He just stared at the man, who was wearing a black robe and his black hair was really long.

-my name is Lucifer, but you can call me Satan

-ah… I don’t know what my name is… sorry…

-no need to apologize, your name is Wrath and you’re a Sin-Satan said. The albino didn’t seem to understand much, but nodded nonetheless. Wrath. That was his name… and he is a Sin. He feels familiar hearing those names, like he has heard them before somewhere. He shook his head, he needed to follow this man to wherever he was taking him.

-I’m the ruler of this place

-where are we?

-in Hell, of course!

-Hell? What’s that?

-your new home-Satan said. Wrath didn’t speak anymore. He only hoped for the ruler of this place to explain everything at its time. He stopped in front of a grey double door and looked at Wrath; his red eyes looking at him with mischief.

-why don’t you meet the other while I finish some things? The ceremony will start shortly-The ruler said. Wrath only watched him go, until he was out of sight. The young man hesitantly opened the grey doors and with wide eyes stared at the big and beautiful garden. In the middle of it, was a fountain. The albino heard the voices of other people behind the fountain and walked to where they were. Wrath noticed that 3 of them were doing stupid things and the other 3 only watched them.

-oh, you must be the last one-the blonde next to him said. He turned to look at the 3 idiots and sighed while shaking his head in disappointment. -HEY, WE’RE ALL HERE ALREADY!!-the shorter male yelled and the ‘3 idiots’ stopped doing what they were doing. One of them cleared his throat and smiled at all of them.

-well, since everyone is here, we’ll begin the introductions… I’ll start first… my name is Lust, nice to meet you all-He said. He looked at Wrath and winked at them while the latter only blinked and avoided eye contact. The albino doesn’t know why, but he feels uncomfortable around this guy.

-then, I’ll go next… my name is Envy and so far, glasses over there and the albino next to me seem normal to me-The blonde next to Wrath said. The young man didn’t know if take it as a compliment or an insult.

-I guess it’s my turn… ahem… my name is Greed, nice to meet you all?-‘Glasses’ said. The last thing sounded like more like a question than an answer. The tallest guy next to him seem to be sleeping; which surprised Wrath. How can someone sleep while standing up? Was that even possible? Greed lightly put his hand on the tallest guy back and the latter only flutter his eyes opened and looked around.

-ah… my name is Sloth, nice to me…-He didn’t even finished the sentence before falling asleep. Isn’t that dangerous? Wrath thought. The person next to Sloth was bouncing like crazy and then stopped upon noticing it was his turn.

-ah, It’s my turn! My name is Gluttony, nice to meet you all!!-He said. He smiled at everyone and Wrath couldn’t help but smiled back at the guy. He seemed nice and perhaps someone who would make everyone laugh. The guy next to him smiled coyly and crossed his arms.

-My name is Pride, nice to meet you… and before we begin, I want to let you guys know that I’m better than everyone else-He said. That earned him glares from most of the people that was there. Pride looked at Wrath, who was the only one left to introduce himself.

-and you? Who might you be?

-m-me? I’m… Wrath… nice to meet you all-The young man said. After that, everyone started talking about stuff. Wrath didn’t talk much or join the conversation a lot. He just watched everyone and sometimes he would make eye contact with Lust. The albino only looked away while shifting uncomfortable under Lust’s gaze. Envy was the one who notices Wrath and Lust strange behavior and offered to switch his spot to the albino.


-no problem-the blonde said smiling kindly at Wrath. They heard someone clear their throat to get their attention and turned to look at Satan standing near the fountain. He smiled at them and waved.

-shall we begin with the ceremony?-Satan said. After the older man made sure everyone was paying attention to him, he smiled again. There was something about the way the man smiled that disturb Wrath.

-First of all, I, Lord Satan, will like to give you a warm welcome to Hell… and like every other being who is new to hell: ‘Welcome to Hell, my dears’… now then, I’d like to explain how things work down here. Here in Hell, we have five kingdoms:

Corporis a kingdom for LGBT+ people

Sanguinem the kingdom were vampires, cannibals, people with blood kinks and people who created genocides, live in here.

Umbra a kingdom for dark entities, such as demons, poltergeist, fallen angels, etc.

Peccatum the kingdom where you guys will be living in along with the sinners that committed the sins you guys are

And last, but not least… my kingdom…

Rex a kingdom where all the followers that fell down with me and I live in. It’s also the kingdom that keeps everything under control and provides food, drinks, services, etc. etc. to other kingdoms.

Now, since you guys are Sins, you guys will protect the civilians of Peccatum or, in other words, become “knights” for them… you will obey they king and/or queen depending on who are the ones that rule it. You will also obey me and be accessible whenever I sent you guys to ‘missions’, is there any questions?-Lord Satan said. Gluttony raised his hand and the ruler nodded at him to ask his doubt.

-what about people that commit suicide? Where do they go?

-they stay forever in Limbo, a place that’s between Hell and ‘The Human Realm’ or HR for short, anything else?-The ruler said. Since no one else had any questions he put his hands together and looked at each and every one of them.

-alright, I would like to give you the honor of calling you The Seven Deadly Sins and with this, I conclude this ceremony-Lord Satan said. He told the 7 Sins to do as they pleased at their stay in Rex before he takes them to Peccatum. Wrath watched everyone lively talking about visiting whatever touristic places the kingdom had. He felt out of place being there, perhaps he should go alone.

-are you coming?-Lust said looking at him. Wrath looked at him with curiosity. The rest of them were already walking away, but this guy hasn’t. He was asking the albino if he was coming with them, why was this strange guy waiting for him?

-If it doesn’t bother you…

-of course not! Come on… I want to visit the ‘Dancing Flames’ first before the rest does

-are you… asking me to come with you? Just the two of us?

-what else would I be asking?-Lust said smiling playfully at Wrath. The albino couldn’t help but smile back at him and walk to his side. Both of them talked while they walked to the place Lust wanted to visit so much.

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