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Piloma Davinsky is a normal girl until one day she realizes her best friend, who everyone believes is a hallucination, pulls her into another reality. She finds out something that changes her life forever. She ends up having to battle until the last breath. She also has to help everyone that is trapped in a jail by demons. Will Piloma succeed and help everyone back home? Or will she fail and leave everyone to suffer?

Fantasy / Romance
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Hallucinations. To some people, this word would mean almost nothing. To most people, it would mean absolutely nothing. What’s a hallucination, you ask? Some would say it is a figment of our imagination. Others would say that it’s something your brain sees because it’s bored. And then some scientists say that hallucinations are fake.

But what is a hallucination? Could it possibly be magical? Supernatural? Or just plain out of this world?

Some would argue that there’s no such thing as magic. But then how do you explain supernatural things like ghosts and demons? How do you explain things that are not explainable? The answer is magic.

Magic is a beautiful thing but it can also be a curse. Sometimes people wonder how could magic be real. How could it exist in a world that everyone believes that magic is fake? In a world, that people revolve around science to answer questions?

Some people would argue that science and magic are connected. In which case is true. Magic is science and science is magic. There’s no questioning or denying it. It’s true and it’s as simple as that.

Sometimes people might question how this could be? One would say magic is nothing like science and one doesn’t have anything to do with the other. Some would argue this and they would be right. Science is magic. Whether anyone chooses to believe that or not, it is.

Back to this idea of hallucinations. What if they are real but just not as we expected? What if they are simply other dimensions? Science has shown that there are doppelgangers. People that look like another person. The same and they have the same life. Same name, same family, same backstory, etc. So could this be an example of a hallucination? Could our brains be simply going to a different dimension while seeing these hallucinations? Or is it impossible to believe that in a scientific world?

To people like Piloma Davinsky, hallucinations can be friends. Friends that help us through our troubling times and celebrate with us in our best times. Hallucinations can be our best friends and sometimes family. For some reason, they could be better than our biological family. But is this because they aren’t real? Or because they are a figment of our imagination?

Piloma Davinsky is not your average teenager. She deals with more things than anyone could imagine. These things do not define her but they make her journey worse than it should be. Can she help who needs to be helped, or will she fail? Stay tuned.

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