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A prophecy foretelling the end of Queen Loriels reign has been a death sentence for Solana and her people. No elf is safe as long as she feels threatened. The Queen will stop at nothing to keep her place in power. When the Queens greatest warrior, her son Roman, captures Solana will it be the beginning of something beautiful or the beginning of the end? ***The very small use of Elvish language, Sindarian, is translated from Tolkien's language. All credit for that goes to him.***

Fantasy / Erotica
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Twenty five years earlier.

Castle guards rush into Alpha King Maxim's quarters, the alert had gone out, he had called for help.

It was too late.

He was dead.

His body was splayed out over the bed, an ornately decorated dagger plunged into his chest.

Everyone stopped, frozen, staring at the still, lifeless body of their beloved King. Tears leaked from their eyes, some of them took to their knees, unable to stand.

Every wolf in the Kingdom was filled with a fury like hellfire, it would not be put out. Revenge consuming everyone like a plague.

The dagger was found to be an ancient relic, a valuable piece of elven history. It didn’t take long for the investigation to lead them to a name.

Edyrm Ilitris.

A name that would ignite rage in the hearts of everyone who heard it. The elf that murdered the King.

Every wolf in the world knew the name. Had he not been found so quickly he would have been hunted to the ends of the earth. The raging fury that was brought down on him was unlike anything seen before.

His public execution was a stomach churning display of sickening torture that had never been witnessed to that day or since.

Every elven heart hardened at the sound of his name.

Edyrm Ilitris.

The elf that ended the peaceful and idyllic existence of elves everywhere. River, Woodland and Mountain elves alike became the focus of untamable hatred and violence.

In less than a month nearly half of the population was wiped out.

Within four years of King Maxims murder a kingdom that was once prosperous and beautiful became a lawless wasteland.

Queen Loreils call for vengeance created a bloodlust that spread through the land like smoke, consuming anything good or beautiful that was left. Beasts roamed the streets, stealing and taking anything they wanted.

The Queen's power and reach went unchecked, until the sorceress Melora came with a prophecy.

“The reign of the Queen will end with the rise of an elf who will usher the Kingdom into a new era.”

Every elf was ordered to be executed on sight. They were hunted, prey to the predators, tracked down and extinguished in the name of the Queen. It was an easy order to follow, hatred over the actions of one elf had poisoned everyone against them.

Each dominion of elves splintering into broken, tattered factions that hide and scrape to survive. Once a regal and proud people, the few survivors live in constant fear.

The Queen's son, the most feared warrior in the land rising up to avenge his father and protect his mother.

Roman would stop at nothing to ensure her safety, to keep her from suffering the same fate as his father. His father, the adored King that he never got the chance to meet.

His bitterness and rage know no bounds, he will right the wrongs done to his family, he will serve justice, single handedly, if he has to.

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