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Peter Pan

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The original and first Peter Pan is dead. New 4th Gen up and coming Peter Pan (born 2018) in the year 2050 is a she. On her 16th birthday for the 16th time, she decides she wants her own Wendy as the original peter had. Her name had to be Wendy Darling. Wendy Darling (Born 2034) grew up with a love for fairytales. (So did her mom) Her favorite books were on fairies and flying which line a section of her in-home library and fill her Art room. Her dream is to fly or die oh and be an amazing skateboarder. Wendy looks forward to dying in hope (She can't fly) that she will be Re-Incarnated as a fairy or something with the ability to fly which she hopes isn't a bug.

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Wendy -
The wind blew heavily against my face as I stood on the ledge of the window. I took a step and I was falling. I heard a voice shout my name, probably my mother. The wind whipped against my face harshly as I fell.

I opened my eyes slowly. Is this heaven or hell? Re- Incarnation? Am I an Animal? Did I make it? Something else I failed to consider to what comes after death? I sniffed. I smelled cleaning products. I took a glance around only to come to my senses. Hospital. I am in a hospital. In a suite. I looked at my body. I couldn't see much from my position but I had noticed a cast on my left leg. So much for jumping out the second-floor window. I lay there for what I thought was thirty minutes disappointed. A nurse came in carrying the water for my IV drip. She quickly turned around and shouted into the hallway. "SHE'S AWAKE" She then came back in and fumbled and replaced my IV drip. I read her tag. Her name was Marley. "How are you feeling," she said peering down at me

I groaned. "Terrible" I stated. She asked a number of questions. I answered slowly while she started writing the answers down on a clipboard that I hadn't noticed was tucked under her arm. She got to the last question. "Reason for suicide?" I looked at her. Not Reason, Reasons I stated. She let out a small sigh. "Ok then, Reasons for suicide?" she said making sure to pronounce the s sharply.
I smiled at her. "My reasons for suicide are One I wanted to fly. Two I wanted to know what comes after death If I couldn't fly. A win-win situation in my book. I mean I have things I look forward to. Just mostly wanted to fly without anything attached none of that giant fan and a green screen crap." I watched her write it all down on the clipboard as a Tall lady in a suit walked in Dr. Willoa Winson her tag read. She took the clipboard and had Marley leave the room. She took a couple of minutes and read it over. She tsked. "You're going to be here a while. Several broken bones in your left leg. Nothing too bad as long as you let it Heal it'll be good as new in about 3 months. Though the whole suicide thing alone might have you in for 2 weeks to a month depending on your mental health and the therapist you get or so if you hadn't broken your leg. That's about 4 months on only a rough estimate based on patients before you." This lady was getting on my nerves. Before she could continue my mom came bursting in along with my siblings and very tired-looking dad still dressed in his work attire.

"OMG sweetie are you ok?" she said attacking me with a hug. "Is someone bullying you? Were you told to do this?" Then she switched "I swear to god your never picking up that danm slab of wood you call a skateboard again. What did you do Miss some stupid ass trick and get mad enough to jump out your danm window" She flicked my head. "Ow," I muttered. I looked at my dad who just stood behind Mom staring at me. He never said much in situations when my Mom stepped in. She could do Dad's role sometimes. My little brothers stood behind Dad. Before I could say something Dr. Willoa handed the clipboard to my mom. "She said she wanted to fly," She said. My mom looked at her. Then at the clipboard scanning it with her eyes. She let out a heavy sigh. "To many of those darn fairytales," She said. "This is my fault" She turned and looked at my dad. He tried reassuring it wasn't while my two normal-named brothers came up two inspect my leg. They were a silent pair of twins loud when they wanted. I smiled. "Want to sign my cast?" I said. Their eyes sparkled and without needing to ask they reached into my mom's purse for a bright pink sharpie they knew she always carried. After a bit, the words June and Marcus in bad handwriting were on my cast.
My mom finally stopped crying onto my dad and she took a look at me. "We'll be back tomorrow You need some rest." she sniffed gave me a hug and simply walked out. My dad reached into his work bag and handed me a book. The new one By C.J. (Chris Joplin)Arson, Which I had been asking for since June. "It may be the fairy tails but I know reading them cheers you up. I got it yesterday and didn't get a chance to give you yesterday after work." He said then left.

Peter -
I had been watching Wendy Darling since she was 12. I peered into her large Hospital window for the 5th time today. I moved into the shadow the lamp cast on the dresser beside her bed. She was reading a book called 18 spells cast. I watched her read until the clock hit 11pm and she sat the book down. I went back to the window stood on the ledge and knocked. She did a little jump of surprise. Cute. She looked at me then at the cast. She wanted to get up. She got the crutches her nurse had been teaching her to use earlier. She steadied herself and made her way to the window. She stared at me. "How did you get up here. It's the 5th floor and you don't look like you clean windows." I smiled at her and stepped back and let myself hover in the air. "I can fly" I watched her mouth slowly open and close and she just opened the window and took a step back so lowered myself slowly I walked in. "How old are you, what are you, where did you come from?" She asked. "16 turning 16 again for the 16th time in a few days. I'm a Peter pan. Born on Earth." I said. She laughed at me. "You're not Peter Pan, He doesn't exist."
"You mean first Generation peter? Of course, he doesn't. I'm 4th gen Peter Pan and the first girl one at that" I said with proudness in my voice. "You mean there were other Peter Pan's?" she said as she finally sat down. I nodded at her. She beamed brightly. "This is sooo 45, Wait is this some type of destiny or something. My name is Wendy, Wendy darling. Wait wait again, Can You Teach Me To Fly? I let out a slight giggle. "Of Course I can I'm Peter Fucking Pan!!" I shouted a bit loud with a smirk.

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