Shadow Pool

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A secret hides underneath the Armstrong mansion, its been hiding for over a century and it has been slowly taking on the corruption of the world. Two different groups want to find the secret for different reasons while a third is drawn in by accident. Which group will find the secret of the Shadow Pool first?

Fantasy / Horror
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Chapter 4

Phoenix hung up the phone quickly after hearing the pain and anger in Storm’s voice she decided that it was best that she leave him alone for now. She looked around at the cars that were flying past on the highway in front of the mall. Ever since Storm left the mansion last night, she has not been able to stop thinking about him. There was something in his eyes and in his voice that seemed to show that he could be trusted. She started to walk away from the mall while still thinking about Storm that she didn’t see the car that came speeding towards her. The blaring horn finally broke her daydream-like state. The car, a white BMW, screeched to a halt and a lady wearing high heels and a tight mini skirt came strutting up to Phoenix.

“What is your problem? Get out of my way.” The lady said hurriedly waving her hands at Phoenix, as if she were a bug. The lady strutted back towards her car only to see that Phoenix was still standing in the way when the lady tried to get back into her car. With an over exaggerated sigh the lady walked back to Phoenix and began trying to shoo her away with her hands again.

“You do know that won’t work, right?” Phoenix asked as she looked the lady over. She was about as tall as Phoenix in high heels and had a string of pearls around her neck. The perfume that the lady wore threatened to over-power Phoenix, even out in the open.

“Just move. You are making me late.” The lady said and gave Phoenix a little nudge on the shoulder before turning to click and clack her way back to the open driver’s door. There was some self-help recording that was playing through the car’s speakers. Phoenix stood there with her arms crossed and laughed at the lady. The lady groaned and shut the door of her car and began inching it forward until the bumper touched Phoenix’s leg. Phoenix screamed out loud and threw herself onto the hot hood of the car and then slid off, holding her leg. The car jerked to a halt and the woman jumped out again.

“Someone help!” Phoenix yelled and rolled from side to side holding her leg. The Woman was looking around to see if there was anyone looking and then looked at Phoenix.

“Ugh, I don’t need this right now.” She said and grabbed the foot on the leg Phoenix was holding and tried to physically drag Phoenix out of the way.

“What the hell are you doing?” Someone asked as they came running over to pull the lady off of Phoenix. The lady let go and swung her hand backwards and smacked a police officer in the face, her large diamond ring cutting a line under his right eye. Phoenix’s eyes went wide as the officer stumbled backwards and held a hand to his face.

“This little tramp is keeping me from my appointment.” The lady said and thrusted a well-manicured finger at Phoenix. She then grabbed Phoenix’s leg again and continued to drag her. The officer removed his hand from his face, exposing a jagged bleeding cut.

“Let her go and back away from her.” The officer said with a hand on the grip of his taser.

“Arrest her, she’s making me late.” The lady said poutingly. She continued to tug on Phoenix’s leg.

“No, you are under arrest, now get your hands off of her.” The officer said, now with his taser in his hand. The lady dropped Phoenix’s leg in disgust and turned to look at the officer.

“I don’t have time for this. I am late. Now get her out of my way. I pay your salary and demand that you remove this homeless piece of trash from my way.” She said and crossed her arms, tapping her foot impatiently.

“Put your hands on your head.” The officer said. The lady turned to look at Phoenix and smiled smugly.

“Ma’am I said to put your hands on your head, if you fail to comply I will tase you.” The officer said in a firm voice that suggested that his patience was gone. The lady waggled a finger at Phoenix and smiled wider. Phoenix sighed and sat up, placing her hands on her head slowly and lowered her head to her chest in defeat.

“She’s all yours off…..” The lady started to say but was cut off with a strangled cry and whimpering. Phoenix looked up and saw the lady fall forward until she hit the car and fell to the ground. Two wires went from the lady’s back to the taser that the officer had in his hand, the cut leaking blood that trailed down to the point of his chin and fell to the ground. Phoenix stared wide-eyed as the officer walked to the woman and cuffed her hands behind her back.

“You ok ma’am?” He asked and held a hand to help her up. Phoenix took his hand and was almost yanked to her feet. She just stood there and nodded. The officer took his wallet out and handed her two twenty-dollar bills and smiled.

“I saw the whole thing; you should have been paying attention, but she didn’t need to treat you like that. Go get something to eat and be careful.” He told her and helped the woman to her feet and escorted her to his cruiser. Phoenix watched in amazement for a bit then walked to a fast food restaurant to get food.

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