The true Myth (Book one, Islas Dream)

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(((Isla. What if someone actually came up to you and told you, they were a real werewolf? Yes, I would question their mental health too. Maybe I would offer help, or just wave them off as a lunatic. Since there are a lot of weird people in this world. In any circumstances, would I believe it. Within our reality, werewolf’s, vampires and other mystical creatures doesn’t exist. It’s a fantasy. That is just the truth and we all know it, right? Well, here I am…. That was my belief, entirely. But in front of me stands an abnormally big man, who were just a wolf a few seconds ago. I was certain it was all a dream. But guess what, dreams can come true. Apparently… So, how can I even deny this any longer? A true myth. Book one in The true Myth series. Read book two, Laura’s Hope, next.

Fantasy / Erotica
Liss S.
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Chapter 1

I don’t understand — How in the actual hell can my imagination be this vivid.

I’m standing in the middle of a really beautiful green forest. My feet are bare and I can actually feel the greenery beneath my bare soles. I shiver when a cold breeze touches my bare shoulders, since I’m only wearing my pajama shorts and blouse in silk.
The one pajama I went to bed with, read a book in and apparently fell asleep in.

So how, how can a dream feel so real?

I touch the bark of a birch tree and feel the roughness of it under my fingertips. I’m baffled. I’m impressed by how good I am at this dreaming stuff. But mostly — I’m cold!


I place my hands over my arms, trying to get some circulation going. Rubbing up and down while starting to walk through the vegetation. The sound of a river draws me and I’m heading that way.
I don’t know why, it’s a dream… I’m just walking wherever it takes me.
The vegetation is seriously admirable. The green climbs the trees and almost makes a roof over my head. The trees are so tall, I have to bend my neck in a painful manner to stare at the crowns.
It’s midday, I think. The sun still shining brightly. So maybe this was a good dream… It could turn quickly though, so I should move with care.

I’m just walking aimlessly, on the soft ground. Well, I’m trying to head towards that river I’m hearing somewhere in the distance. But I can’t really find my way in this forest. I’ve never been.

What is this dream supposed to be about?

Then I stop abruptly, something catching my attention from afar. A sound of some sort…
A sound I think I recognize.

What was it.

I shrugged and kept walking. Still with my arms around myself, trying to keep warm.
This was ridiculous. Why would I be cold in a dream. And why would I end up with my own damn pajama! Couldn’t I get myself some shoes at least.

There it was again, closer now. Maybe just a few feet away.
And now I knew what it was. The sound of an animal huffing, while sprinting really fast.
That should have made me worry, but this is only a dream.
The sound stops and I stop with it. Trying to catch a sight of it, through the trees. But I can’t see anything, other than the green.
I’m curious how this will play out. Is it going to eat me and with the shock, I will wake up. Or maybe I’m going to be chased. Maybe we’ll become friends… I have no idea how my mind will work.

My head snaps towards a branch breaking. And there stands a massive wolf letting himself known. The yellow eyes stared into my blue ones intensely.

“Hello.” I say happily, waving my hand towards the creature.

Of course I dream about wolfs, when I fell asleep to a book about werewolves. Typical me.

“So… you going to transform or something?” I ask casually.

The wolf just keep staring at me, not looking away for a second. I scowl and shrug my shoulders, just minding my own business then.

I’m not going to stand here staring. I’m certain there are more interesting things in this forest.

I take a few steps but stop again when the wolf gives out a very menacing growl, like a warning.

“Okay? What do you want me to do then?” I ask with my hands up in the air. “We just going to have this stare competition, or what?”

Then it happens, the breaking of bones. The snapping of joints and the tearing of flesh.
I’ve read about it a thousands times in my fantasy books. But none prepared me for this. This was horrific. No, this was… morbid!
It happened pretty quickly, but it was like I saw everything in slow motion. Every bone in his wolf body snap and reconstruct. Blood actually oozing out on the carpet of greenery. It looked so excruciatingly painful, but the wolf didn’t even complain once.
I stood gaping at the man who was miraculously in front of me all of a sudden. He hunched together, but soon enough stood in all his stature. His big gashes and puncture holes from bones, closing up in front of my eyes.

Shit! He is huge!

And no! Not that. Well, that is actually pretty impressive too. But the whole person in question. Or creature.
He is broad, tall and massive in every way imaginable. His brown hair hangs unruly in his face and his eyes are still yellow.
Standing and admiring him, I’m astonished by how I’m able to make something like this up… I’ve never read anything like this. Weren’t they supposed to look like real people when in human form? A lot of muscles, sure. But an inhuman giant?
Still they were supernatural, so it made a lot of sense. Massive wolf, massive human.

I’m finally snapped out of my thoughts by his harsh voice. Making me flinch slightly.

“What are a human doing here?”

I’m still just staring at him. Not able to utter a single word, because of my thoughts that just keeps pouring through my mind. I’m leaning my head to the side, drinking him in slowly.

I’m taking you home, wolf. Hey, come with me out of this dream and in to my bed.

I wish he was real. Men like this didn’t exist.

“Hey!” He yet again snapped me out of it. He growled so loudly I physically jump.

“Yes?” I ask and shut my mouth from drooling.

“I asked you. What are a human, like yourself, doing in our territory.” He barked and came a few steps closer with it.

“Well. I’m sightseeing?” I almost asked, instead of stating.

His demeanor changed for a second, looking rather confused. But he got his hard face back in no time.
I saw how he gained on me. Like he was sneaking up on his prey.

“Sightseeing? This isn’t a time to make jokes.” His voice was dark and ominous.

“I’m not joking though.” I smiled.

A scowl presenting itself between his eyebrows. He stopped in his tracks and seemed to take me in for a moment. Like he hadn’t really seen me before that. His eyes locking with my blue ones first, then following down my fiery red hair, down to my pale skin and way to exposed body.
I covered my chest with my arms and raised an eyebrow. He shook his head and got out of his moment.

“Enough. You will get motivated to answer when we take you to the cells.” He growled and started moving towards me again.

“The cells? Oh, come on. I’ve done nothing wrong you know.” I try humorously, but then he reach me and grabs my arm.

I gasp from the pain that’s shooting out from his grip. I look at his hand in bewilderment, his big hand basically fitting around my whole upper arm. His fingers digging into my skin.

What was this! It didn’t hurt like this in dreams, right! At least it wasn’t supposed to.

Shit, I want to wake up. How do I wake up…

“Let go of me you big lump.” I growl out trying to pry his hand of me, by dancing around and grabbing his fingers.
But it hurts even more, because his grip is iron hard. And I’m just twisting my arm in the process.

“Big lump?” He laughs coldly. “Stop hurting yourself human.”

He drags me along and I finally see about five other wolfs that’s been in hiding. They take their position around us, with the beast man in the lead.

Of course. A wolf rarely travel alone. A werewolf nonetheless.

I dig my heals down in the soil, trying to ground myself. But nothing works and I’m really just hurting myself more. My feet twisting and getting cuts from the dirt.

This isn’t fun anymore!

I’m actually pretty frightened by now. Because this felt way to real. I was sure I would end up with big ass bruises around my arm. Probably long red fingerprints to match.

The man just walked like nothing. Like I was a fly in the sky, he just could swat away. His fingers tight around my flesh and bones.
I tried to think about a solution while also screaming and fighting, at the same time. But came up with none.
His big cock was hanging between his thighs, slapping his leg when walking. And he didn’t give the slightest care.
It temporarily entranced me, I had to blink to get back to whatever kind of situation this was.

“Can you please cover your damn dick!” I screamed in all the debris.

He stopped and looked back at me with an raised eyebrow. And for the first time the man actually seemed amused.

“Does it bother you, human?” A smirk growing on his lips.

I could hear the other wolfs huffing like they found it amusing too.
And in my desperation, I tried to draw out this amused state of his. Not to be pulled down to a dark cell somewhere, in the nearest future.

“Well. Where I come from, you don’t really walk around naked.”

“I have no idea about your manners in the South. But here, there are only wolfs. Get used to it, because you won’t go back.” He started pulling my arm again and I clenched my teeth when the flesh felt raw.

“Wait, wait, wait. What South? What do you mean, I won’t go back?”

I got him to loosen his grip again.

Damn. I really, really wanted to wake up already.

He laughed roughly. “What South? South, where all the damn humans live. The rest of the world, being ours. What is wrong with you? Or are you just a good actor.” He squeezed my arm tightly.

“I’m from fucking earth! I don’t know this place at all.” I cried out loudly.

“This is earth, human.” He snarled down in my face, making me feel his warm breath.

“Well. This isn’t my earth.” Tears started to drip down my cheeks with the pain. I had reached my breaking point, apparently. “This is a dream! I’m supposed to wake up any minute now in my comfortable bed.”

“A dream.” He almost views me with pity, like he thinks I’m deranged. But it soon changes to a glare. “Do you really think this is a dream?”

He leaned down, so his face was aligned with mine. A dark growl growing in his throat. His fingers reaching my cheek, wet with tears. He catch one on his index finger, like he is collecting proof.

“You honestly think this is a dream.” He growled darkly, before gripping my chin tightly making me grind my teeth from the brutality.


I’m starting to have my doubts. But how else would I be here, if it wasn’t a dream? I was just in my bed, minutes ago.

This can’t be real. It just can’t!

“I will show you, just how much this is a dream… human!

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