Half-Blood University

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[Book 1 - ?] At the age of 18 every demigod powers start to appear and along with that power comes a scent that will draw all those who wish to harm them right to them, and many succeed in their quest. The demigods who live all end up at the same place, Half-Blood University.

Fantasy / Adventure
Luna Rose
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HBU University

This book is based on the greek gods and the main characters are demigods. This book may feature an array of sexualities and/or genders. This book is a part of the Half-Blood University Series and has no relation to other books besides the one in the series.

Book 1 Main Characters:


Sex: Girl
Age: 17/18
Height: 5'6
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Type 4, Dirty Blonde, Shoulder Lenght
Skin: Darkskin
Race: Black/Greek


Sex: Male
Age: 18/19
Height: 5'11
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Type 3, Black, Ear Lenght
Skin: Brown Skin
Race: Black/Greek


Sex: Unknown
Height: 5'5
Eyes: Grey
Hair Type: Type 4, Dark Brown, Lenght-Afro
Skin: Darkskin
Race: Black/Greek

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