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What Emily thought would be a calm night to herself, turned out to be exactly the opposite. She's captured by the rival pack. There's a small problem in her escape plan though, the Alpha's son is her mate.

Fantasy / Romance
Sadie Wolf
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I watched the timer on the microwave as it slowly moved down to zero. Impatiently, I tapped my fingers against the marble countertop. As the microwave reached zero it beeped. I opened it and pulled out the popcorn, opening the bag and pouring it into a bowl. Walking out with the bowl of popcorn, I plopped down on the leather couch and turned on a movie. I popped a piece in my mouth and leaned back, reaching for the can of coke I'd placed on the table that sat in front of the couch. The light from the movie flickered on the light blue walls, casting shadows across the floor. Folding my legs under me, I pulled a out from a rack under the table. Throwing the blanket over me, I took a drink of my coke. Looking back at the movie, I put a piece of popcorn in my mouth. My eyes started to drift closed after a bit and I placed the bowl of popcorn on the table beside my coke can. Laying down on the couch I watched the movie until I fell asleep.

A crash echoed through the house, waking me. I sat up and looked around. Other crash, just down the hall. I stood and hurriedly made my way to the kitchen, grabbing a knife from off the counter. I slowly and silently crept towards the hall, my heart pounding against my chest. I turned into the hall and looked at the window at the end of the hall. Glass shards covered the wooden floors and my heart started to pick up its pace. I slowly walked down the hall to where the window was, my hands beginning to shake. The hallway was lined with doors, there could be someone in any of them. Cold wind blew in through the broken window, the floorboards lightly creaking under my feet. I gripped the knife tighter in an attempt to keep my hands from shaking. I heard a door creak open and spun around, staring at the doors down the hall. Suddenly, I felt someone grab my wrists in one of theirs. The knife clattered to the ground as a white cloth was pressed over my nose and mouth. A few seconds later, my vision dimmed and I went limp, slumping into whoever had grabbed me.

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