Girlfriend has changed.

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An alien encounter changes a young woman into a massive 420 foot tall giant.

Fantasy / Drama
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Chapter 1. Lindsey has changed.

Name: Lindsey Horvath

Age: 23

Height: 420 feet

Weight: 37 324 tons.

Chapter 1. She is changed.

Lacey was giving Matthew a ride home to his place a small farm he lived on about 40 miles from Calridge and a good 5 miles from the nearest town. On the drive there Lacey said, ”So Matthew you and Lindsey have a surprise to show me, and you want me to be blind folded is that right?” Matthew replied, ”Yes Lacey, let me drive the rest of the way, trust me you will be totally surprised alright?” Lacey nodded her head and she pulled over and they changed spots and Lacey put on her blindfold and Matthew headed on. Lacey let out a little laugh and said, ”I am very curious as to what this surprise is. It is kind of exciting, but I sure hope that you two are not part of some cult and I’m the sacrifice. Just to give you a warning I am skill in Martial arts.” Lacey then let out a laugh and Matthew said, ”No we are not part of a cult but something did happen last night we witnessed some alien encounter.” There was silence and Lacey said, ”Ohhhh okay now I see, so um ah you have an alien or an alien ship at your place and Lindsey is making him soup, alright Matthew I’ll go along.” They sat there in silence and after 15 minutes Matthew turned in onto the gravel road and he headed down the gravel road and after driving for 5 miles he reached his place. Matthew’s place was in the middle of no where, miles from a town or village, where he lived there were lots of rolling hills.

Lindsey was sitting on the ground and when she saw the car coming up the gravel road she stood up. Matthew saw her stand up, he slowed the car down and he drove up the driveway and he parked Lacey’s car, getting out he want around to the other side and he let Lacey out. ”Alright Lacey let me lead you by the hand over this way.” said Matthew. Lacey giggled and said, “I am betting this spaceship looks like a Tie Fighter he he he.” Just then Lacey felt the ground shake and she stopped and said loudly, ”MATTHEW WHATS GOING ON THE GROUND JUST SHOOK?” The ground shook again and Lacey held out her arms like to brace herself and Matthew said, ”Alright Lacey take off your blind fold.” Lacey removed her blind fold and her eyes focused and Lacey was looking right at Lindsey’s foot. Lacey’s eyes widened and she slowly looked up at Lindsey she looked up at her massive form and she let out a loud scream and she ran back several feet shouting, ”MATTHEW WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON WHAT THE HELL?” Matthew running towards Lacey said, ”Lacey we did have an alien encounter, Lindsey was enlarged.” Lacey trembling taking several large breaths said, ”So How big is she, she looks massively huge.” Matthew replied, ”Lindsey is 420 feet tall.” Lindsey took a small step and her right foot landed a good 80 feet from them.

Lacey again looked up at Lindsey she looked up her legs, then her massive thighs up past her crotch to her stomach up to her chest and then to her face. Part of Lindsey’s face was blocked by her breasts. Lindsey had on her tight green tank top and she had on her skin tight pantyhose spandex. Lacey was shaking with fear, she wanted to run but was too scared. She just stared up at Lindsey who was now larger then anything she had ever seen, larger then anything in the area. Lindsey then spoke, ”So Lacey what do you think?” When Lindsey spoke her voice was her but now it was like thunder. Lacey shouted up, ”OH MY GOSH LINDSEY YOU REALLY ARE A GIANT A REAL GIANT.” To Lindsey Lacey’s voice sounded faint and high pitched. Lacey then said to Matthew, ”Your girlfriend a nerdy girl who mostly has been ignored has now become a Goddess. Matthew you are so lucky, no one believe me, no one will ever speak or do anything against you two.” Lacey again looked up at Lindsey as she stood there. Lacey’s heart was pounding, she was feeling something as she looked at Lindsey. Lacey stood there and she thought, I’m in the presence of a real Goddess.

Lacey looking realized that this nerdy girl was now shapely and a giant a massive 420 foot tall giant and Lacey was now scared. Lacey looking up let out a loud shriek and she shouted at the top of her lungs, ”LINDSEY HORVATH YOU ARE A GIANT AND A GODDESS. YOU ARE THE ONE TRUE GODDESS LINDSEY HORVATH. LINDSEY HORVATH PLEASE HAVE MERCY ON ME, HAVE MERCY ON ME AND PLEASE DON’T CRUSH ME.” Lacey then ran forwards and she ran right between Lindsey’s big toe and second toe, Lacey fit right in there as she was barely able to look over Lindsey’s big toe. Lacey looked up at Lindsey from between her big and second toe and she screamed at the top of her lungs, ”LINDSEY HORVATH HAVE MERCY ON ME, PLEASE DON’T CRUSH ME GODDESS LINDSEY HORVATH.” Lindsey looking down smiled and said, ”Lacey, I’m not going to crush you. So no need to ask for mercy.” Lacey stood there for a moment looking up at Lindsey from between her big and second toe. Lacey then came back out from Lindsey’s big and second toe and ran back several feet.

Lindsey then took a couple of steps back she then got down on her knees and she then sat down on her knees, she then extended her right hand palm up in front of Matthew and Lacey. They both got onto Lindsey’s fingers and walked to her palm, she then lifted her hand up to her face nice and slow. Lindsey then said, ”Lacey, I need you to take Matthew to work, my car has died and I accidently crushed his earlier. I would take him but I’m just worried my size would surely scare everyone alright. Now you are welcome to stay the night" Lacey nodded and replied ”Yes I’ll do it.” Lindsey then lowered them both, they both got off her palm. Matthew then led Lacey to the house, they went in and he told her to make herself at home, which Lacey did. She decided to take a nice hot bath, she let water for herself and she got in the tub and she laid back to relax.

Matthew ran back outside, Matthew then ran up to Lindsey’s right foot and he stood there in front of her big toe, the top of her nail was at his eye level. Matthew then shouted as the top of his lungs, ”MY GIRLFRIEND LINDSEY HORVATH IS A GIANT!!” Matthew then ran between Lindsey’s big and second toe and Lindsey giggled a laugh as he did. He then got up onto Lindsey’s big toe and went and sat down cross legged on her big toe nail. Lindsey looking down said, ”Hey Matthew how about if I lie down and you have some fun on me alright?” Matthew got up and he got off Lindsey’s big toe, and Lindsey taking a few steps got down on her knees and she laid down onto her stomach. As She did the Lacey in the bath tub felt it cause the whole house shook. Lindsey reached out and she gently grabbed Matthew between her thumb and fore finger lifting him up to her face. Lindsey then said, ”Matthew, I’ll lie here on my stomach for a while and you can have fun on me, do what you want ok." Lindsey then put Matthew onto her left shoulder and Matthew ran down Lindsey’s back all the way to her bum. He ran up her bum and then down her jiggly bum down her massive left thigh to her knee. He then ran down her leg all the way to her foot. Lindsey was bare foot and Matthew ran onto her heel and Lindsey felt him cause he gave a strong push. Lindsey slowly lifted her legs below the knee and Matthew moved onto her sole. Lindsey lifted both legs below the knees and held her left foot horizontal.

Matthew then ran down Lindsey’s foot all the way to her toes and Matthew stood there looking at then, each of her toes was much bigger then he was. He then looked at her big toe which to him was huge, at least 8 people could easily stand on it. To Matthew her big toe was at least 8 feet wide. Matthew then went down onto Lindsey’s big to and he stood there on it, he the laid down and began to caress her big toe. Matthew then got up and ran off Lindsey’s big toe up her foot to her heel and he looked down at her lying there, he turned and ran all the way to her big toe. Max laid down on Lindsey’s big toe and he began to kiss it hysterically. To him her big toe was bigger then a king sized bed, and he just lay there on it. He the got up and jumped over onto her second toe and he began to walk over her massive toes all the way to her little toe. To Matthew Lindsey’s little toe was a bigger then he was, to him it big. Matthew got down and he reached down between Lindsey’s little toe and other toe and felt something, there was something caught between her little toe and other toe and he pulled a bit out, it was some dirt, and a couple of small twigs. Matthew let out a laugh. He got up and moved over and reached down between Lindsey’s other toes and felt some thing there too, he pulled some out, it was a bit of dirt, a few leaves. Lindsey got that there cause out in the country in the fields her foot sank into the ground a few feet cause of her weight.

Matthew then went back to Lindsey’s little toe, he got down and reached his arms around as much of her little toe as he could and he hugged it with all his might for a good minute. He then got up and he got down on his knees right between Lindsey’s little toe and other toe. Matthew then reached down between Lindsey’s little toe and other toe and he shouted, ”LINDSEY HORVATH LINDSEY HORVATH YOU HAVE SOME DIRT HERE BETWEEN YOUR TOES.” Matthew then pulled some more dirt out, then some more. He got up and ran up her foot all the way to her heel and he shouted down to Lindsey. Matthew shouted, ”LINDSEY, LINDSEY.” Lindsey turned her head, and said, ”Yes Matthew.” Matthew then said. ”LINDSEY YOU HAVE SOME DIRT HERE BETWEEN YOUR TOES I WILL DO SOME CLEANING.” Matthew then ran down her foot all the way to her toes and he laid down and he began to clean the dirt from between his giant girlfriend’s toes. Lindsey could feel Matthew there and she let out a few giggles as he was reaching between her massive toes. Inside the house Lacey was able to hear Matthew shouting, he sounded far away. She was about to get out of the tub.

Lindsey Horvath’s foot.

Matthew was shouting for joy as he was cleaning the dirt from between the toes of his giant girlfriend. Lindsey turning her head, spoke and said, ”Oh Matthew you don’t have to you are so nice.” Matthew shouted, ”I WANT TO!” Lindsey heard him but faintly. Lindsey then said, ”Matthew I am 420 feet tall and from my weight my feet sink several feet into the ground, so it will happen that dirt will end up there.” Matthew was having the time of his life cleaning the dirt from between his giant girlfriend’s toes. Lindsey continued to lie there on her stomach as Matthew continued to clean between her massive toes. After a few minutes Matthew moved over to her big toe, and he laid down on her big toe. To him her big toe was like a king sized bed and he began to roll around on it kissing it and caressing it. He lay there on her big toe for a good 5 minutes. Lacey got dressed into her pajama’s and she went outside onto the porch and there she saw Lindsey’s lying there. Lindsey’s legs were facing the house, Lacey looked up at Lindsey’s feet cause her legs were up at the knees. Lacey shouted up and Matthew got up and he looked down and waved to Lacey. Matthew shouted down to Lacey, he said, ”I’M GOING TO SLEEP HERE ON LINDSEY HERE TONIGHT AND IN THE MORNING I WILL COME IN TO GET READY FOR WORK.” Lacey replied, ”When you are ready I will take you.” Matthew then got up and he ran up her foot to her heel, and shouted to Lindsey. Lindsey slowly began to lower her foot and when her foot reached the ground, Matthew ran down her heel onto her leg he ran up her leg past her knee up her left thigh and he stopped. Lindsey turned her head and said, ”Ok Matthew, now sleep where you want. I will lie here tonight.” Lindsey folded her arms and she put her head down. Matthew stood there on Lindsey’s left thigh, he looked up towards her bum the skin tight pantyhose spandex she had on revealed her shape. Matthew laid down there on her left thigh and he lay there for a bit looking up into the night sky, it was a full moon night it was a nice warm night.

Lacey ran out of the house and ran to the side and she looked up the side of Lindsey and looking up she saw a part of Matthew way up there on her thigh, she then ran towards Lindsey and she was just above her knees and she was standing right up against Lindsey’s right thigh. Lacey reached out and she touched Lindsey and she then pushed herself right up against her thigh and said quietly, ”Lindsey Horvath you are a Goddess.” Lacey then ran down Lindsey’s side and she ran over and she looked up between Lindsey’s massive thighs, Lindsey’s legs were spread a bit. Lacey then ran between Lindsey’s massive thighs a good 80 feet and she stopped, and she looked up and around. She then ran back towards the house and she stopped and looked back at Lindsey and she stood there for a few minutes. Lacey ran back inside and she took out her cell and she looked at the pictures she took of Lindsey and she transferred them to her Surface Tablet she had with her and she looked at the pictures. Lacey brought up a picture of Lindsey a good one of her face and she edited it and put it on as wall paper. She then laid down onto her stomach and looking at the picture of Lindsey, Lacey hugged her pillow and she began to shout, ”LINDSEY HORVATH IS A GIANT, LINDSEY HORVATH IS A GIANT, SHE IS A GIANT AND A GODDESS OH LINDSEY HORVATH, GODDESS LINDSEY HORVATH.” Lacey lay there for a good 10 minutes looking at the picture of Lindsey.

Lacey got out of bed and said loudly, ”LINDSEY HORVATH IS THE ONE TRUE GODDESS, SHE IS A GODDESS AND A GIANT. OH LINDSEY HORVATH YOU ARE THE ONE TRUE GODDESS.” Lacey then began praising Lindsey for a good 10 minutes. She then said a few prayers to Lindsey Horvath as to her Lindsey was now the one true Goddess. She then put her Surface away Lacey jumped onto the bed and she buried her face into the pillow and she screamed as loud as she could and she said, ”LINDSEY HORVATH IS A GIANT A REAL GIANT SHE IS A FUCKING GIANT.” Lacey then rolled onto her back she was both frightened and excited. She closed her eyes and tried to get some sleep.

After a good hour Matthew got up and he ran up Lindsey’s thigh up onto her left bum cheek, he ran to the middle of it and he stood there looking around, the full moon gave enough light for him to even see the color of her skin tight pantyhose spandex she had on. Matthew stood there on the middle of Lindsey’s voluptuous jiggly bum. To Matthew Lindsey’s bum was 95 feet wide, he then laid down there in the middle of her left bum cheek. Matthew lying on his stomach began to caress her bum and he shouted, ”GOO LINDSEY HORVATH GOO LINDSEY. ” He did this for a few minutes then he just lay there and he fell asleep there. Lindsey’s skin tight pantyhose spandex was nice and smooth so he was quite comfortable there. Lacey got up, she was unable to sleep, there were several coyotes howling in different directions and a couple of dogs barking. She took out her Ipad and connected to the internet and turned on Netflix and decided to watch a TV show. The coyotes howling continued into the night and it was around 3:00am, Lacey got up to use the rest room. She went back to bed and she laid down pulling the covers to her neck and she closed her eyes. She could still hear the coyotes howling loudly, she decided to just ignore them, she closed her eyes. Matthew woke up there on Lindsey’s left bum cheek, he rolled onto his back and he looked up into the sky at all the stars. He was used to the coyotes howling and the couple of dogs barking. Lindsey woke up, she lay there listening to the coyotes howling and the couple of dogs barking, to her the howling and the barking sounded high pitched very much like mosquitoes making noise. Lindsey lifted her head and she looked around and as she did she moved a bit and Matthew felt it, he sat up and he looked up at Lindsey’s head which he saw she had lifted. He saw Lindsey looking around, and he stood there looking up her back.

Lindsey Horvath in her tights.

Lindsey then gave her bum cheeks a squeeze and as she did Matthew fell over and he hung on. When Lindsey gave her bum cheeks a squeeze, she let a thunderous fart rip, the fart sounded like a rolling clash of thunder and it lasted a good two seconds. Lindsey’s fart thundered and resonated across the land and sky to a range of 12 miles, Lacey sat up as the thunderous fart just shook the house and the windows just rattled. Lacey jumped out of bed and she turned on the lights and ran out into the living room and out onto the porch turning on the light. Within seconds every coyote stopped howling and the dogs stopped barking, there was complete silence. Lindsey then unsqueezed her bum cheeks and as she did they jiggled and Matthew hung on. He lay there on her left cheek laughing. Lacey stood there on the porch looking out towards Lindsey she listened for a minuet, there was complete silence. Lacey fell to her knees and she said, ”Lindsey Horvath is truly a Goddess she truly is.” Lacey then got up went back to her room she was both scared and excited thinking about Lindsey.

Lacey then turned on her Surface and she looked at the few pictures she took of Lindsey. She especially looked at the one she took of her looking up at her and Lacey said out loud, ”Oh my gosh Lindsey Horvath a nerdy girl who most people ignored has now become a shapely Giant Goddess a real Goddess.” Lacey put her surface down and she fell to her knees and she said, ”Giant Goddess Lindsey Horvath please watch over me tonight.” Lacey then got into bed and she went to sleep.

At 6:00 am Matthew got up, he looked up Lindsey’s back, her head was down she was still asleep. Matthew ran towards her bum cleavage and he saw how her skin tight pantyhose spandex cut into her jiggly bum parting both cheeks. Matthew sat down and he began to slide down the slope towards Lindsey’s bum cleavage and he slid down between Lindsey’s massive jiggly bum cheeks. Matthew was only an inch tall to Lindsey. Matthew disappeared from view as he slid down between her jiggly bum cheeks, and as he was sliding down he shouted for joy. Matthew was in darkness except for a tiny bit of light that managed to come in. Matthew began to crawl around between Lindsey’s bum cheeks. He was using the flash on his cell phone as a light. To Matthew it was like being in a large deep dark cave, Lindsey’s skin tight pantyhose spandex was nice and smooth so he was quite comfortable. Matthew was sandwiched between her voluptuous bum cheeks, he was still able to crawl around. As Matthew was crawling around between Lindsey’s bum cheeks he was shouting praises to his giant girlfriend. After about an hour he crawled out and he crawled up the slope to the middle of her right bum cheek. Lindsey the woke up and Matthew headed up her back to her right shoulder.

It was now 8:00am and Matthew was up, he was in the house getting ready, Lindsey was still on her stomach but she was now facing the house in was right in front of her. Matthew got ready he made a quick breakfast, Lacey was already eating something. They both left and got into her car and Lacey drove out the driveway and she turned onto the gravel road and headed down the gravel road towards a highway which was 3 miles away. Once they reached the highway Lacey headed towards Calridge, it was a good 30 minute drive. During the drive all Lacey could talk about was how big Lindsey was and how Matthew felt about it. During the drive to Calridge Matthew answered all of Lacey’s questions. They reached Calridge and Lacey slowed down as they entered the city limits. Calridge was a city with a population of 113 500 people, there were 7 tall buildings 4 were in the downtown part. Two were 21 stories and the others were 10 to 12 stories tall. Three of the tall buildings were on the Eastside of the city. The East side was separated by a coulee that was half mile wide. Running through the coulee was a river and parts of the coulee had trees and some grass lands. Lacey dropped off Matthew at his work place she then decided to head back to Matthew’s place to talk to Lindsey.

Back at the farm Lindsey was still lying on her stomach, her arms were folded and her head was down she was resting there. From the highway someone drive saw something so this person decided to drive that way to investigate. As this person it was a guy in his late 30′s as he drove up the gravel road he saw this giant girl lying there on her stomach. He stopped got out and he took a few pictures, Lindsey’s legs were facing the gravel road. He walked off the gravel road climbed over the fence and headed towards Lindsey lying there, he did not see her head. When he got to her feet he ran up beside her all the way to her head to her face, thats when he recognized her. He took a deep breath took out his cell and took a few pictures, her eyes were closed. He then ran back down beside her all the way to her knees. He then began to climb up Lindsey he climbed up her knee he then ran up her right thigh half way. He then ran up Lindsey’s right bum cheek all the way to the middle and he stood there looking around. He began to take pictures with his cell. He then called his friend Barry but Barry did not answer so he left a message, ”Hey Barry, Carl here. You are not going to believe where I am and who I am on, I will send pictures. Remember that nerdy girl that Lindsey Horvath, well you should see her now heck man.” Carl then hung up and he sent a few pictures to Barry. Carl then froze as he saw Lindsey lift her head, he saw her turn her head to her right, he got scared in case she saw him, he quickly ran down her bum onto her right thigh. He was right under Lindsey’s right bum cheek.

Just then Carl’s cell rang it was set to loud and Lindsey heard something faint very high pitched, she lifted her shoulders and she looked around. Carl said quietly to himself, ”Oh crap. I’m fucked if she finds me on her.” Carl looked around he happened to glance towards the gravel road and saw a car coming, it was Lacey. He did not want to be seen or discovered Carl ran across Lindsey’s right thigh, he slide down between her massive thighs. Lindsey’s legs were together and as Carl slide down her was facing Lindsey’s crotch. Carl slide downa good 25 feet he was sandwiched there between Lindsey’s massive thighs he was right up against her crotch. Lindsey moved a tiny bit and he was stuck he was unable to move except his head a tiny bit. Lacey drove up, she parked next to the house and she got out of her car and she said, ”Hey Lindsey, there is a pick up truck parked a good mile and half down the gravel road.” Lindsey lifted her head and she looked around she said, ”I don’t see anyone, now someone could be here hiding somewhere. .” Lacey then said, ”I shall take a look around to make sure.” Lacey took a few minuets as she looked around and found no one. Lindsey then said, ”I need you to check on me.” She grabbed Lacey with her thumb and index finger and she held Lacey up over her bum, Lacey looked down at Lindsey’s bum and saw no one there, Lindsey put her down and she said, ”Heck with that truck there someone must be hiding here somewhere or out in the field somewhere.” Lacey looked up at Lindsey and she said, ”Hey Lindsey, Matthew will be done work at 3:00pm you should go and pick him up.” Lindsey replied, ”Yeah then everyone will see me.” Lacey replied , ”Who care Lindsey, look you are a giant and a Goddess, no one can even stand up to you. Go and pick up Matthew after work.” Lindsey gave her head a nod and she said, ”Yeah you are right, who cares what people will say. I am a giant and to me everyone is a bug. I will pick up Matthew when he is finished.”

Carl began to squirm there between Lindsey’s thighs he was in darkness. Carl was squirming there with all his might, he then shouted at the top of his lungs, ”LINDSEY LINDSEY HORVATH OH LINDSEY HORVATH IS TRULY A GODDESS, OH MY GOSH I AM SMELLING HER MASSIVE CROTH OH MY.” Lacey then checked out her Facebook she was friends with Barry she was friends with Barry she saw Barry post pictures about Lindsey she saw from the positions the pictures were taken. Lacey shouted to Lindsey, ”Lindsey someone was here they were on your bum and posted pictures onto Facebook.” Lindsey then said, ”Then he must be here on me, he is most likely between my bum cheeks hiding.” Lindsey reached back and she ran her index and middle finger through her bum and felt nothing, she then said, ”He is not between my bum cheeks. I will get up.” Lindsey began to get up and Carl slide down between her thighs he fell to the ground and Lindsey got up.

Carl got up and he started to run as fast as he could to his truck. Lindsey stood up she looked down and around that’s when she saw this tiny person running across the field as fast as he could. Lindsey turned and she took a step and Carl felt the ground tremble, Lindsey’s foot landed next to him and from the impact her flew up a few feet and he fell back down. Lacey too felt the ground tremble her car alarm went off and so did the trucks alarm. Carl got up he looked up and he shouted, he ran towards his truck, Lindsey reached down and with her index finger she flicked the truck and when she did the side caved in and it flew off the road turning at least 8 times before coming to rest on its side. Lindsey again slammed her foot down in front of Carl, he flew up into the air 5 feet from the impact, even Lacey felt the ground trembling. Carl tried to get up and run but Lindsey again slammed her foot to the ground he flew up a few feet and back down. Lindsey looking down at Carl who was now lying on his back he was right next to her left big toe, Carl was smaller then her big toe. Lindsey then said, ”Stay where you are, don’t move." Carl lay there not moving a mussel his heart was pounding. Lacey was running towards him she recognized who it was.

Lacey saw Carl lying there on the ground she looked up at Lindsey and she shouted, ”LINDSEY I KNOW THIS GUY HS NAME IS CARL, HE IS HARMLESS. I AM SURE HE IS SORRY FOR WHAT HE HAS DONE.” Carl stood up Lindsey reached down and she picked him up grabbed him between her thumb and index finger, she lifted him up to her face and she looked at him. Lindsey then spoke, She said, ”I should hurt you, consider yourself lucky that I won’t kill. Now Carl don’t ever get on me, only my boyfriend Matthew can be on me. Now I will head off to Calridge to get my boyfriend. To Carl Lindsey’s voice was like thunder, he had to clasp his ears. Lindsey lowered him down and from a height of 8 feet he dropped him. Lindsey then straightened up, Lacey said to Carl, ”Carl, I will give you a ride back to Calridge" Just then Lacey’s cell rang, it was a guy from Matthew’s work place, he gave her a message. Lindsey stepped over both Lacey and Carl and Lacey ran after Lindsey and she screamed up, Lindsey heard her she turned and she squatted down and said, ”What’s going on Lacey?” Lacey replied, ”That was Joey from Matthew’s work place, there was a small accident and Matthew got hit in the head, but he is alright. He was rushed over to Falling Waters hospital. He is alright, he is just waiting at the hospital for a ride.” Lindsey replied, ”I’m off to Calridge then. I will pick up Matthew.” Lindsey then headed away from them and Lacey ran after her and she screamed up, ”LINDSEY STOP!! PEOPLE WILL SEE YOU.” Lindsey stopped and she looked down at the inch tall tiny woman and she said, ”I don’t care, I’m going to pick up Matthew.” Lindsey headed away from them. Lindsey stepped over the powerlines that ran along the side of the gravel road and she headed out towards Calridge.

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