Wolf and Orphan

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--Wouldn’t it be great to be able to get a second chance in life? To redeem that pathetic past for a magical new role. --Let’s just hope you’re not chosen to enter into the “One-star world”. Some wouldn’t recommend it. --It was meant to be a magical world…. Literally, but Dimitri (A God) decided to throw in humans who are more moderately advanced in life. --War was inevitable. Although centuries have passed by, magical and non-magical beings coexisted. Very few still remain hating on one another. --Will the male wolf and his family of orphans be able to keep up in this world, all while the royal family is pursuing them? --Will Dimitri just sit it out and watch from afar, or will he intervene to right the wrong deeds he made long ago? --Will two worlds finally become one, or will it just cause more havoc in the “new” modern life of magic? “A bullet has always been faster than magic. “

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End to a new beginning

The female wolf led a comfortable life. Although she had no friends or family to keep her confined to one place, she never had to worry about getting caught or rather into conflict with any snobbish human.

During her journey to a neighboring Twain village where humans and beasts co-exist with one another. She came upon a brassy cry of a wounded, fallen human at the bottom of a dirt path slope. Despite the reality, she got a strange sense that she should just leave the wailing human to the wild beast that dwells in the forest. His screams though made her want to aid the poor thing.

She began to pace in a circle, caught on her cloud of persuasion, unsure of what to do. She ruffled her fur around her ears so hastily that she lost her balance after tripping on an uneven rock, plummeting down the slope directly on top of the human. She was now forced to aid both the human and herself. Although her injuries were minor, the human, on the other hand, seemed to have a swollen leg and a broken rib, but that wasn’t the first thing the wolf noticed; it was his eyes. When he saw her for the first time, he looked stunned, but not terrified.

She brought him to some little vacated hut she rarely used and helped the human onto the bed, where she tended his injuries. He never pulled his gaze away from her, yet he never spoke to her. She feared that was strange since she assumed he was also on his way to the Twain village before his fall, but he may be one of those who despises beast folk or just wolves in general.

She wasn’t going to take any chances. She carefully and quickly burned all the meager magic she had gathered that mid-morning. Rushing out of the hut with her possessions, after bandaging him and herself. As soon as she reached the entrance door, she heard the brassy voice again, this time with a delicate tug on her sleeve. He dropped onto the floor with a groan the instant she turned around.

She cautiously kneeled, observing the wounded man, pleading her to keep assisting him until he fully recovered. She had been trying to keep a neutral expression for a while now. But upon hearing a mature adult groan, then fall to the floor as a child. Because he wanted her to stay, she couldn’t help but giggle; it was just too sweet for her.

She initially agreed to stay until he has made a full recovery, after which they would part ways, but life was too cruel. She remained longer than she had anticipated, and by weeks they had become friends, and within a year they had become lovers in that little hut. It was nothing more than a fortuitous encounter staged by none other than the king. The father of the same man she fell in love with. Since hearing this, she avoided the hut and the man who concealed the truth from her. He was the firstborn prince, the son of the king, who has intended to go to war and annihilate all the beast folk.

She knew the prince still came to the hut and waited until dusk for the wolf to return, yearning to be joined once again. So she hid for a month, never leaving Twain’s village, and avoided the prince when he visited, but she discovered she was pregnant during the following month. It’s a difficult life for a wolf to grow up without a pack; living alone in the woods or empty huts was always the safest choice. When a greedy bastard spots an egg-laying wolf, they will strive to capture it and sell it in the slave market for an entire bag of tokens.

She had just one option: return to the city of the beast and search for a pack willing to accept her and her child in with them. It was amusing how she and the prince had both fantasized about a life without bloodshed. A life of only harmony. If anybody found out who the father of her developing fetus is, the war would come sooner to torment them both.

The wolf prepared everything she would need for the long journey to Beast City in the early morning. She was sure that the prince is waiting for her at the hut, but she’d no longer be able to see him. Her heart swelled with grief at the idea of never bidding farewell to the prince. The frustration of falling for a man who kept this knowledge that he was the son of a king who threatens to kill her race concealed for so long fueled her blood. Yet, she had to see him from a distance one last time before departing for good.

She bundled all she could carry and left the village and toward the hut where she knew the prince was waiting. On the walk there, she prepared what to say and how to avoid falling for anything, she believes, will make her want to stay. She’s considering having to return the crystal necklace he gave her as a thank you for treating him the first time they met.

When she reached the top of the hill and saw the light of the hut illuminating, she knew he was still waiting for her. He didn’t give up on her. Just that, the possibility of it, made her happy. With a sizable smile on her face, she hurried closer to the hut and threw open the door. Her blood sank and the words she intended to say to the prince faded, as she saw the king’s private guards huddled inside. She finally understood that the prince wasn’t the one waiting for her in this hut all those nights ago.

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