Wolf and Orphan

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--Wouldn’t it be great to be able to get a second chance in life? To redeem that pathetic past for a magical new role. --Let’s just hope you’re not chosen to enter into the “One-star world”. Some wouldn’t recommend it. --It was meant to be a magical world…. Literally, but Dimitri (A God) decided to throw in humans who are more moderately advanced in life. --War was inevitable. Although centuries have passed by, magical and non-magical beings coexisted. Very few still remain hating on one another. --Will the male wolf and his family of orphans be able to keep up in this world, all while the royal family is pursuing them? --Will Dimitri just sit it out and watch from afar, or will he intervene to right the wrong deeds he made long ago? --Will two worlds finally become one, or will it just cause more havoc in the “new” modern life of magic? “A bullet has always been faster than magic. “

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End to a new beginning

The female wolf had a good life. Even though she had no friends or family keeping her tied down to one location, getting caught or into trouble with any snobby human was one thing she never had to worry about. During her travels to a nearby Twain village for both human and beast folks. She encountered a brassy cry of a fallen human, injured, on the bottom of a dirt path hill. Although she was a wolf, she had a strange feeling to just leave the crying human to the beast in the forest to finish him off, but his cries also made her want to help the sad thing. Hesitant, she started to pace in a circle, stuck on her cloud of persuasion, uncertain of what to do. She ruffled her fur near her ears, hastily. She immediately lost balance after stepping on a loose rock and tumbled downwards the hill straight on top of the human. Now she had no choice but to help the human as well as herself. Although, her injury was just small bumps and scratches, the human on the other hand had a swollen leg and a broken rib, but that wasn’t the first thing the wolf noticed, it was his eyes that got her attention. He looked shocked at the first glance of the wolf, but it wasn’t fear that was shown in his eyes.

She dragged him to a small vacated hut she rarely used and help the human onto the bed, treating his injuries. He never took his eyes off of the wolf, but never spoke to her the entire time. She thought it was kinda off, she assumed he was also heading to the Twain village before his fall, but maybe he might be one of those humans, the kind that hates beast folks or just hates wolves in general. She wasn’t going to take any chances. Carefully and quickly, she used up all the puny magic she conjured up that early morning and bandaged him up, then gathered her belonging to rush out of the hut. As soon as she made it to the entrance door, she again heard the brassy voice, this time with a frail tug on her sleeve. The moment she turned around, he collapsed onto the floor with a grunt following after. She carefully kneeled, hearing the pled of the fallen man who fell for her to stay and help him fully recover. She tried to keep a straight face for so long, but right from the start of hearing a grown human cry and then fall to the floor like a child because he wanted her to stay, she had no choice but to give a small chuckled laugh it was all too cute to her.

Furthermore, she promised to stay until he was fully recovered after that they will part ways, but fate was too cruel. She stayed longer than intended, in weeks they quickly became friends, then a year they became lovers with one another in that small hut. It was all but an unfortunate encounter set up by no other than the king. The father of the same man she fell for. After hearing this, she stopped visiting the hut, avoiding the man who hid the fact that he was a prince, the son of the king that has always wanted to go to war and terminate all the beast folk.

She knew the prince still visited the hut and waited till sundown for the wolf to come back, hoping they will be reunited once again. So she hid for a month, never setting foot outside Twain village, she made sure to avoid the prince when he visited the village, but during the second month she figured out she was pregnant. For a female wolf to grow up with no pack, it’s a hard life, living alone in the woods or in vacated huts was always the best solution. Once a greedy person sees an egg-producing wolf, they will try to catch them to exchange them in the slave market for a full bag of tokens.

She had only one choice, to go back to the city of the beast and look for a pack that will take her and her child in with them. It was funny how once she and the prince both dreamt of a life with no war, but she knew that if anyone found out who the father of her unborn child is, then war will come sooner to torment them both. The wolf packed up everything she would need for the long road ahead of her to Beast city, early morning. She knew the prince is waiting for her at the hut and that she will no longer be able to see the prince. Her chest compressed with sorrow at the thought of never saying goodbye to the prince, but the frustration of falling for a man who hid the fact he was the son of a king who wants to kill her species and keeping it a secret for so long boiled her blood. She had to at least see him from afar one last time before leaving for good.

She gathered everything she could carry and ventured out of the village to the hut she knew the prince is waiting. On the way there she thought of what to say and how to make sure not to fall for anything, he says that will make her not want to leave and thinking of giving back the crystal necklace he gave her as a thank you for healing him the first time they met. When arriving up the hill she saw the light of the hut lit up she knew he was still there waiting for her, just the thought of it made her happy he didn’t give up on her, she quickly rushed closer to the hut and slammed the door open with a big smile in her heart. The things she wanted to say to the prince vanished instantly the moment she saw the king’s personal guards.

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