Wolf and Orphan

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Coin Flip

She noticed the men have been holding lanterns that release smoke to cover the tracks of fleeting, injured, or hidden humans. Her entire life she did well to stay hidden and near the beast border away from any royal snob who had any ill intent, now her life will have the eyes of that human-king on her head. Shaken by the thought that the prince might have ratted her out, crushed her heart. Clenching her palm to the handle of the door, she slowly backs away from the unidentified knights. The wolf trying her best to get a whiff of the prince, but to no avail, she hoped to find the prince resting on the bed or was at least nearby to explain the situation, but he was nowhere to be. At least she couldn’t identify if he was here, because of the lanterns. Her fur spiked up for the idea that the prince never loved her and just toyed with her for his amusement.

She slammed the door and barricaded the entrance with a wet, slender log that was meant to be cast out for firewood once it dried. She took a few steps back and made a run for it back to Twain village dropping the idea that the prince will ever be there to save her. Furthermore, she grew alongside no one, she fended for herself when the famine season came each year, she hid from all sorts of dangerous beings, surely she also didn’t need a prince to save her now. Especially if he was involved in all of this mess. The only mistake she ever did was fall for him; she should have just left him there to die, or better yet she should have eaten him when he was down and weak.

The wolf’s chest tightens from the thought of killing the prince, or because she has mostly been running for a while and needed to rest. She perked up her ears and fixed her breathing while slowing down a bit to be sure that she made a far distance with the knights of the human kingdom. She halted to a stop once she knew it was safe enough for a break. She threw her bag and satchel near a rounded rock and lumped herself onto the rock. Trying her best to catch her breath. She looked up between the trees of the forest and noticed the morning light finally illuminating through the leaves. She took a whiff of the air again to be able to see if she was truly alone but the smoke that came from the lanterns and the thin mist of the fog didn’t help much at the moment. Her sense of smell is still clogged. The wolf tried to plan out the best solution to fully escape from those retched humans, but the only thing she can think of was to reach the border or the Twain village. In both scenarios, there might be the knights hiding out.

She took out a token and used her claw to scratch out a bit of the silver to make a shallow mark. She immediately flipped the coin and hoped for the best outcome for her and her pup growing in Her belly. So she was putting hers and her pup’s life on merely just a flip of a coin. Through the thin fog, the coin was able to catch a few specks of light for each turn that was made in the air, the coin felt as though it has made time slowed down. It looked dazzling, but it felt as it was telling her to continue, not to look back. To. Run. The wolf was memorized but finally knew the decision needed to be made quickly, there was no time to play with a coin for long. She instantly caught the coin and place it on her arm, but she has already made up her mind she wasn’t going back to the village at all. The shallow mark was meant for her to go to the village and wait it out, while the other half was to run to the border; where she knows that there will be beast men shielding the border gates. She lifted her hand and saw no shallow mark she already knew the path she needed to take. From all the stuff that happened, so early she was grateful she made a good decision at least.

She picked up her belonging and quickly made haste towards the border. Leaving her past and the prince behind for good. Even though she wasn’t caring much she knew that it wouldn’t be an easy task for a pregnant wolf to be walking for four days straight but at the moment the king is someone she can’t get off her head. He knows where she’ll be heading and might already have his knights set up near the border, Even if she wanted to take the long path it will be too difficult to travel alone up the mountain. She would consider the coin again, it’s just that she doesn’t want to slow down any longer, she needs to be moving at all times and once she gets there she can rest once a pack accepts her and her pup.

By the fourth day, saw a stream of water headed towards one of the mountains, the wolf needed to stop and soak her sore, aching feet in the cold water. Luckily for her, she was a few minutes away from the border and her only break was when she ran away from the knights near Twain village. She earned it. Even though her feet felt refreshed in the water she was dead tired, but knew she couldn’t stop for long she quickly threw water on her face and arms and rapidly stood up to continue her never-ending pain of walking with no breaks. She shuffled inside her satchel and grabbed an apple But the moment she took a bite, hands have covered her face and she felt rope being tightened around her wrist. She turned back and saw the king’s knights. They really did follow her, out of fear she kicked one of the knights as far as she could and took a chunk of flesh from the other. She made a run for it, leaving one of the bags behind. She tried to free her hands from the rope, but it was no use the rope was dosed in magic she had no choice but to leave it as is until she can get near the border, but first, she needed to get out of the forest and into open view where she can be seen or heard. Unlike humans’ beast folks who have better vision and hearing and a good nose, all she needs to do is get close enough until someone can hear her. She ran as fast as her aching feet can take her but soon learned that the rope bonded around her wrist was taking all the energy she used up and slowing her down much faster. She was able to see the border and a few beast-men headed towards and out of the border, she was relieved in tears, she turned around, and saw the knights weren’t far behind her. Scared once again, she had no choice she stopped long enough to catch her breath and gather as much energy as she could before the knights could lay their hands on her. She took a deep breath a howled as loud as she could to alert the beast folk. It was no joke when I say everyone in the village near the border can hear the howling cry of the female wolf. Even the knights needed to stop from the fright coming from the wolf. Once again the wolf took another deep breath and loudly howled towards the border, alerting all the beast folk of the human knights who is too close and trying to take her away.

Soon after the wolf has to collapse out of exhaustion that the ropes have taken from her, she was caught by the humans who were petrified by what they have just perceived by the wolf.

She was taken to a slave-dungeon where the captured beast men were put, and at times tormented, day in and day out. On the day of her arrival, the king only once visited her and sneered at her pathetic attempt to outrun from the kings personal guards.

With an order he can have the wolf killed where she stood, but he wanted the children that the pathetic she-wolf will soon have, he dares not ever call the thing his grandchild, he planned on making the horrendous, half-breed work for him in the castle as his slaves for the rest of its life, tormenting them for being the biggest fault his eldest son has ever made.

Ever since the king’s visit, the life of the wolf has only gotten worse than the other beast folk, mostly because she was a female wolf, the humans thought she was abandoned, that’s why she was so easy to capture, and so they mocked and tortured her for it, also because she was hated by the king making it ok for the humans to torment her even worse than the others. On the third day she still hasn’t been given any food and on the six day, she was going to be forced to take another cold night bath near the exist door. The wolf was fed up with it all, she wanted to run away before her child gets here. She remembers the last time, only one guard took her to the bathing area so if she was fortunate enough again, she might be able to make a run and climb the gates. The wolf nervously waited in her locked cell. Her ears alerted for the guard that will be in charge of her that night. Her tail swaying side to side to the same rhythm as her heart, she couldn’t take it any longer, she anxiously stood up and tried to wedge her head between the bars as far as she could.

She tried her best to see if anyone was outside her caged room, but couldn’t see much to her sides. She used her nose again but all she can smell are the other beast men that are trapped in here she couldn’t make out where the humans might be at. Remembering early that day, she heard a huge commotion upstairs, maybe the king died or might be coming to see the wolf again. The thought of that made her upset because the king only reminds her of the bastard that sold her out. The wolf sat back down on to the little hay that is meant to be her bed and slept a bit longer, assuming she wouldn’t be getting that cold night bath or freedom.

The day she dreaded has finally come. Even though she planned on escaping the security of the place doubled, but the wolf now had four humans keeping an eye on the wolf her bathing routine outside was now done inside with hot water and her food increased in size as well. Even though she was given a decent amount, she had an odd feeling about it all, and she only wished she paid more attention. The bath water and food was cast with magic. Making her deliver earlier than expected. She knew that it must have been done under the kings order, that’s what the commotion was about. As much as she wanted to be angry at the moment she was too preoccupied by the pain, her body was forced to endure. The first few minutes was a blur all she can remember was her howling from the pain and after that all the humans she despises so much all ran upstairs and out the back to exist, screaming like lunatics with their swords flinging around in the air. She didn’t care she was mostly worried about her pups, she knew they were going to be taken away by the king who will make her pup into their servant. The wolf tried to stand up, but the pain was too much for her.

Moments later a female came in, wearing the royal infirmary clothing. She helped the female wolf deliver her first pup, soon after she cleaned and wrapped the pup in a blanket, got up and walked out leaving the wolf in the cold cell alone. Devastated the wolf cried, not because of the unbearable pain but because she was never able to hold her first pup. She laid on the floor for a solid two minutes crying to herself, then looked up after hearing the beast folks screaming and hollering about a fire that broke out upstairs. She didn’t care, she didn’t have enough energy to get up.

Thankfully some beast prisoners were out of their cells doing their nightly duty and some of them were able to helped out the beast men that was trapped downstairs to escape. One noticed the female wolf laying on the floor bleeding, but still moving. He carefully made his way avoiding everything that has fallen close to them both. Resting the wolf on his shoulder and again trying to avoid more debris that was ferociously falling. It was all to no use, the whole upper building cave in, falling onto the both of them killing the male beast instantly on the spot, even though she was able to crawl through the rubble, all the little strength she had while giving birth has been depleted and was unable to go on.

She accepted that she was going to die today. Just than she felt another pain, as shocked and scared as she was she knew she had another pup coming, and it wasn’t going to wait any longer. Ignoring everything around her, the wolf took a huge huff of foggy grey smoke that came from the unknown fire and howled on the ceiling of the collapsed building. Unaware that her howls was louder than the fire and the screams of the victims still trapped inside the building.

Her vision was getting fuzzy, and it was getting harder to breath. She closed her eyes and rested her head on the ground, noticing she couldn’t hear her little pup cries over the loud song of the fire. She recalled having a dream where she saw a happy future, she and her mate playing in the meadow with their children, but fate took her dream away, tears started streaming down her cheeks until they evaporated away from the heat. Resting her arms on her stomach ready to accept death with her unborn child.

Her ears perked up after hearing a calming voice of a man.She listens carefully and hears the voice now laughing in delight. She opened her eyes, but she wasn’t in the burning facility anymore, her child wasn’t anywhere to be seen either. She noticed the pain she had was long gone, she knew exactly where she was. Thinking about it made her hairs puff up. The man again talked this time in a clear tone, asking what she wanted for her children. Just then she crawled to her knees and begged the man clinging onto his linen clothing. Pleading to be reunited with her children.

Although the man does agree there was just one problematic condition. Her body has already rejected her soul, the only way to make them all united again if he transmigrated a lost soul into her body. In total shocked the wolf already knew the answer she needed to say, for her second child is still in the burning facility, she had no time to waste. Nodding in agreement to his condition she asked to add another condition. She wanted to see them grow up. The man smiled and reached out his hand, reassuring the wolf that her condition was just perfect for him. He ushered the wolf to turn around to see the mirror that she had her back towards the entire time.

She was speechless. She saw her own body walking out of the burning facility avoiding everything in her path with a protection spell, all while holding the second pup in her arms. The wolf was curious on how the man was able to do any of this but what shocked her the most was how her previous body transformed into a male wolf the moment he walked into the woods. She heard stories but always assumed it was all just an urban legend. This man who saved her child was known as a God to beast folk from around the world.

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