Wolf and Orphan

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The mirrors

The female wolf wanted to know more of what and how all of this was even possible for an ordinary-looking, middle-aged man that looks completely human in her eyes. What she cared more to know was who is the soul that now owns her old body, the one that will be taking care of her child now. Giving a side, piercing glare back at the middle-aged man hoping it will be possible to answer all her questions.

The wolf shut her eyes, releasing a small sigh, and looked at her surrounding, remembering the rumors of the god the beast-folks talk about in stories. It was an ordinary-looking place with flowers, grassy trees, a small lake, a nice-looking walk path, and much more, there were even ordinary animals, beast-folks as well as humans here young and old, although they seem preoccupied with their own stuff to even notice a wolf.

The female wolf kinda felt relieved that no one cared she was there because she didn’t need to hide.

She looked up at the sky seeing more beasts happily enjoying the free wind hitting their feathers, no one to shoot them down with magic or any other weapons. She felt the warmth of the suns’ heat on her long gray fur, the wind on her face, and the grass on her feet. The weight that has always been on her shoulders vanished as it was never there, something the prince wasn’t able to fully remove from her, the sensation of finally feeling free from it all. The wolf loudly howled, leaping into the nearby lake with her arms wide open, something she wasn’t able to do for such a long time.

The freedom from what that world takes away, the middle-aged God has seen it all and the response from the wolf was the same as the others who have been residence here for a long time, the moment the beast and humans noticed that freedom and safely return. It makes them happy to get that feeling back, something the man is capable of giving them, in return for their damaged bodies back in that world.

The middle-aged man reached out his hand for the wolf that is still playing in the lake. He would never get tired of seeing the smiles he brings, it doesn’t matter if they’re human or beast, he will treat every last one of them as his children.

“Ms. Jayne, I’m going to assume that you thought this place was more like a raining fire. The dust of bones covering all the land, and meatless humans crawling around the place, didn’t you? With a touch of a masochist god.” ---The man flicked his fingers and a towel appeared draping the wolf from her head to her knees.--- “I’m sorry to disappoint you, Ms. Jayne, but that all rumors now, I live in a place like this. But! The masochist thing was never true though, so get that out of your head!”

The wolf tilted her head nodding. “I’ve never heard the story of a god of the beast-men being alleged as a masochist before. You are now adding ideas into my head. Also, how did you know my name?”

The man placed his left hand on his pale face and slowly raised his right hand, flicking his fingers, making a table set appear under the tree near the mirror. He slumped over towards the chair muttering a prayer under his breath that she doesn’t turn out like the last one he regrettably brought over, so many years ago. After a few deeps breaths of accidentally remembering the trauma, he dealt with in the past, with Her... He looked up at Jayne, gesturing her to sit down with him facing the mirror.

“Your time is up. Ms. Jayne, you agreed to give someone else a chance to live again making you into something greater than just a soul moving onto their next life as soon as they die. You get to see it all till their very end. Before that happens I want you to see the past life of the soul that has transmigrated to their new body.”

Jayne who was still dripping wet from her swim was kinda excited to see the character of the soul and the new guardian of her child. That she was unaware she was wagging her soggy tail at the man. She looked at the soaking wet middle-aged man, knowing full well what she has done. She quickly apologized, but he was too focused mumbling under his breath, protruding his arms while his hands are angled together making a shape. Just when his chanting stopped a bright light appears, following with a strong warmth coming towards the hands of the man and---

“Oh, and one more thing, a little warning, I can hear everything your thinking. I’m not a middle-aged man. My name is Dimitri. ---Just like that the small, warm, bright light was shot onto the wall next to the mirror and another mirror appeared--- call me Dimitri please, not a middle-aged man, even though I might be even older than what you assume.”

Jayne rubbed her eyes and blinked a few times, regretting looking at the light, it took her a few seconds to recover, but she knew not to look at it again. All Jayne can hear was Dimitri quietly trying his best to not let her hear his chucking. Dimitri apologized, telling Jayne he has gotten used to it and that he didn’t think about her getting blind for a sec. But Jayne believes it was payback for what she did to him.

Jayne looked up at the wall that is now holding a second mirror that randomly appeared after that light was shot. She got closer and noticed that the frame of the new mirror looked a bit more worn out and dull, unlike the old mirror that looks vibrant and has a shiny glaze on the frame, even the mirror themselves looked different, in the new mirror there’s a thin crack on the bottom left and there are some spots that can’t get her reflection while the old mirror she can see herself perfectly fine.

“What’s the point of having a mirror that doesn’t reflect?”

Jayne placed her hand on the dull mirror feeling the delicate wooden design of the frame. She noticed what was remaining of the paint was chipping off after each stroke she made. She placed the corner of her towel on the glass trying to wipe off the dirt, once she finished she looked up at the frame again there were weird-looking patterns on it. Jayne couldn’t tell what it says. It was something new to her. She walked back to sit next to Dimitri, who was holding a cup of. Something, while giving her a smug smile. Once again he raised his hand and flicked his fingers three times in the air, but nothing happened and everything around them still looks the same.

“Ms. Jayne, everything has a meaning, even the past has one, all you got to do is sit down and listen to the stories. Just like this mirror the paint, the glass, the pattern, it was once someone’s past, the damages this mirror show was the pain this soul suffered, in their old world. The good thing about this mirror is that it only has a thin crack on it.”

Feeling the warmth of the sun hit her fur, she felt too relaxed, she took deep breaths and looked back at the mirror, but the strange pattern she once saw was now understandable. How was this possible in any way? She didn’t know what it said at all, but now it clearly says Mia’s past.

“Ms. Jayne, I have the power to do anything at my disposal even change everything you were once taught as a pup, as in your language. ~~ That old language you knew has now been forgotten to something that will be easier for the new soul. ~~ As for everyone else they wouldn’t even notice a differeeence.”~~

Jayne blinked a few times, with her eyes wide open. Dimitri is right. She can’t even remember the language she grew up with but only this new one.

“Ah, Jayne this language is called English in her land. It’s very confusing and yet easy… I don’t know why such a language is even a thing, but oh well. We both can learn the language together if I made a mistake somewhere along the way, right.”

Jayne looked away, giving her back to Dimitri, it hasn’t been one whole day, and she’s now stuck with work. Not just any work, it’s a language she didn’t know even existed in the first place. Dimitri kept on babbling on and on about needing to help out the new main character, but it felt like too much of a hassle even if she’s now dead. Jayne quickly jumped back into the lake ignoring everything Dimitri was crying about.

She swam to the center of the lake and laid still in the water closing her eyes and letting the warmth of the sun sink onto her face. Everything around her was so calming, even the water itself didn’t dare scare her off, she hasn’t been able to feel this relaxed in years. She swam down to the bottom of the lake looking for some fish to catch and was amazed at the color and sizes of some of the fishes that were under the lake. They looked like ordinary fishes back in her world as well. She was fully determined to at least catch one with her own hands now, not relying on a fishing rod this time. After a couple of failed attempts and almost drowning she was finally able to catch a big bluish fish. But before she can even bring it to land the fish was fighting back trying to swim away from her clamps, Jayne used her dull nails and teeth to tug her food back onto land even if it means losing whatever air she’s been holding in. No matter how determined she was it all futile, a redfish much bigger than the bluefish arrived, head-butting Jayne as far away as possible making her release the remainder of the air she had. With no other choice she needed to swim back up before she suffocated thanks to the big redfish, but the fishes weren’t done with her. She turned around and saw a whole school of fishes swimming towards her. She knew she was going to die again, this time she wasn’t ok with dying because a bunch of school fishes are being bullies.

“If you were hungry you should have just said so. I don’t need a hangry wolf and fishes fighting under the lake.”

Not even given the chance to blink twice Jayne went from the lake, back onto the ground, right under the tree, next to Dimitri who is still drinking that unknown purple liquid in that small, clear mug. He laughed once again telling Jayne how fun it will be having her stay here while waving his hand in the air making the eight-foot redfish fly out of the water and onto the ground near her feet. Jayne got up and took the towel she left on the chair earlier before and wrapped herself up once again. She sat there quietly looking at the redfish struggling to jump back into the lake with his blue friend fish, who was frantically splashing around the top of the water.

Jayne was too focused on the fish she didn’t notice a man walking up towards the red fish holding a blade in his hand. She felt a shiver run up her spine and didn’t feel like eating the fish anymore after seeing how desperately the bluefish just wanted its buddy back. She wanted the man to stop before it’s too late.

“Jeffery! She changed her mind you can throw the fish back into the lake… Oh! But do bring back some snacks please and more Frosty butterscotch green plum peach tea please!”

Jayne looked at the tea Dimitri was drinking earlier and is now very concerned about where the heck the green plum ended up in that purple goop he calls a tea.

“Don’t question my tea, until you try it.” Taking another sip, Dimitri waved his hands and another towel appeared on top of Jayne, once again covering her.

“Where did the green go, Dimitri hmm !?”

Before Dimitri was able to take another sip from his mug he looked at Jayne and waved his hand in the air, threatening to throw her back into the water with the fishes, if she didn’t stop. After all, the settlement was finally out of the way and everyone got what they wanted, the topic of the past mirror was bought up again.

“Good, now it’s time that you see the soul’s past, more precisely, Mia’s past life until her very end. Mia and I didn’t get to talk, I just quickly zapped the poor soul into your old body because someone decided to die inside a burning building --Dimitri took a deep breath giving a lethal smile at Jayne, then proceeded to drink the green-less tea.-- While. Giving. Birth. I wasted more energy because of that thank you very much.”

Jayne slouched down onto the chair while looking at the dull mirror. Wondering if the soul is anything like her at all or is completely different.

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