Wolf and Orphan

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A thing in between

Crouching down, trying to make sense of it all, but couldn’t come up with any possibility as to why she might still be alive, unharmed, and holding a smaller child. She assumed it might be something similar to what she saw on T.V. once, but no one is physically incapable to switch the mind and bodies of any living creature… “Right?”

She tore small amounts of fur right off her forearm, even pinching herself various times. Assuming that she might be lucky and just say it was just a fur suit or a dream. Dreading the idea that this might just be one of her father’s chilling stories. Just a weird government abduction, a failed experiment, of some sort, that was thrown right out into the wilderness.

Exhausted she tried to find other solutions but couldn’t come up with anything else at the moment, she was soon interrupted by a noise, a snap of a branch as if someone was near them. She realized that being in the woods was suspicious enough, but not being able to hear any other creature for a while, was scarier. She slowly peeked her head out from the bushes, looking below she saw a few silhouettes shaped like men, a few were fighting other shaped silhouettes while others were fighting men just like themselves. Not wanting to stick around the bloodbath, she swiftly inched away, making sure she wouldn’t be spotted by anyone.

Surprisingly enough, she spotted a hollowed-out tree, from the base of the roots, it was a perfect place to hide for the night. Placing the child inside, she left and began to gather a few nearby items, before returning. She gathered a few branches that still had a bit of green on them and using them to cover up the entrance. She rested her head on her arm, bringing the child still wrapped up closer to her chest. Staring out through the thin gaps from the branch of grass, out onto the open field, she was mesmerized by the light of the moon coming from the swiftness from the trees. She closed her eyes and rolled herself into the ball, calling it a restless good night.

Thanks to her old habits, she now hates that she was physically able to exert herself to a morning wake-up call from the crying child. Luckily for her, she found something that can quiet the crying time bomb can chew on why she has a look around the woods. Looking back at the blanket, she realized that she hasn’t once checked on the child injuries yesterday. Inching closer, she unraveled the blanket and just tried to pretend to be shocked, but there were just too many weird things happening that anything might be possible at this moment. The child is a newborn now, it looked like a mixture of a human and some sort of grey wolf, ears, and tail included. Still, she needed to check to make sure that there were no injuries to worry about in the future.

Standing up, she looked around, noticing the area was safe enough to leave the baby alone, before leaving she placed an item for the baby to nibble on before she returns. Looking back at the path she came from, she recalled passing a lake at night when running from the strange shadow fight. Deciding to stop by the river first, then check out the area where she woke up, might be a good idea to do at the moment. Hoping that there might be a few items that were meant to be for her.

Once getting to the river, she quickly scouted the area before taking a look into the reflection of the standstill water and noticed that her appearance really did change, but it wasn’t any small matter. She didn’t even look like herself anymore, she was completely unrecognizable to herself. She for sure was not even human anymore. Silently panicking, she placed her furry hands all over her long face. “New ears.”, noticing they now resembled that of a wolf, just like the newborn back at the tree.

Turning her arms to her back, she slowly lowered her hands down holding a bump, quickly she turned, yanking her tail including herself onto the floor. Laying on the floor, she only wondered if she was at least a female. Closing her eyes, she slowly placed her hands onto her chest, firmly grasping… at nothing. “ Their non-existent.” One thing was most certainly more important now. Keeping her breath in check, she elongated her legs towards the sky and stuck them right to the ground, making her sit up. Looking at her crotch, she now noticed that she feels something odd down below. Reaching for her pant, she lifted them, revealing something she has never seen in her life before. She was no longer a female.

Trying to find a solution, she again tried to process the idea that some government did this. Putting her in some unknown land.

“Experimental drugs might be the actual cause of this, making it all a hallucination illusion of some sort or shifting of my DNA into some sort of genetic wolf thing.”

Not knowing what to do at this point. She tried pulling the tail and ears off, even the fur, but tugging it any further just ended up hurting her. Even trying to yank that ominous new thing was out of the question. Searching around the spot where she woke up, she noticed a small bag with a knife tucked right under some bushes, not knowing if it belongs to anyone else or not, she gathered the items for survival is the best thing to do now.


“Dimitri. Why did you just poof that bag there? Anyway, if the gender changed, does that mean Mia identifies as a male beast now, even though both of us were females in our past life, or does she, uh he… Does Mia get to decide what to be called now? How does that work? This has never happened before when I was alive. It’s unheard of.”

Dimitri, sipping a cup of his fake tea, while looking in the mirror he cast a few chapters ago, also wonders what to do. He recalls seeing a few souls who had a similar situation who bravely wears the opposite gender attire in a crowd, on multiple occasions. Placing the tea down onto the table, he combed his lightly strawberry blonde grey beard and questioned himself, he doesn’t recall souls he put in that world having a gender problem, since they were allowed to keep their original role. He stood up from his chair. Hoisting Jayne up. Flicking his fingers towards the only mirror that shows Mia in the present time.

“Jayne, can you tell me how you will feel if I changed your genders right now? Will you still feel like Jayne or someone else? I’m also curious.”

Upon hearing what Dimitri said, she quickly hid behind Jeffery, who was quietly observing the mirror and the conversation. Requesting Dimitri to try it on Jeffery first. So just like that, the trio that contains two idiots and a Jeffery ended up messing around with Dimitri’s god-like power. Ignoring what Dimitri cast onto the mirror a minute ago.


As she walked further out of the forest, Mia felt a warm sensation all over her body, then a random curiosity crawled into her head, one that she didn’t think about before. What would happen if she met someone and asks for some solid personal information. Pausing, she squats near a tree, pondering on the thought. If she talks about her past will it make her sound insane to them, she really needs to understand her situation right now. Even though she hasn’t met other people or if this really is some sort of DNA mutation. Does she still have the ability to give birth? Worried, she started to chew her nails, looking down back at her crotch, now questioning if changing names is a must. “I’m not dying in a wolf-witch hunt because this thing appeared out of nowhere.”

Determined not to die or get chased again, she was now sure that starting today, her old life, as Mia, is no more. Remembering that her father always wanted a son to take his name, but had trouble having another child. Determined to live out this new life, she decided to adopt her father’s name, with a confident future.

Towards the path located deep in the woods past the river, right at the roots of a tall tree, holds a newborn that will now be named after her, to always remember where she came from.

“To never forget what I was taught.” Whispered the wolf who will now and forever be called Adrian.

Clutching the side of his pants, he felt the warm morning breeze of wind move against his fur. For once, everything kinda felt ok, as if everything was going in a direction he would want to eagerly follow into. It didn’t last long before he heard and felt sudden movement on the ground from behind, unaware of what to do, he froze up in fear. Slowly, he turned and noticed a very calm yet very huge rabbit, at least the size of a Labrador. Weak in his knees, Adrian fell, gasping for air while petting the giant dog-sized rabbit. “Kinda impressed how far they are willing to make this world more messed up.” Feeling movement near his butt, he noticed his tail was actually acting up from just a sudden change of strong energy. He couldn’t help but chuckle a little, it was kinda cute. A wonderful yet scary feeling of the unknown.

He picked up his bag and knife, ready to head back towards the tree where the newborn is, but from some distance away he heard chattering. Searching around, he tried to spot anyone near him, but was alone, no soul, anywhere in the forest. Besides the rabbit. Baffled, he followed the sound, heading further and further out near into the open field.

There he was met with a freshly burnt building. Wondering why he couldn’t smell the smoke of the flames last night or this morning. If his tail was able to react, why didn’t his nose do the same? Is his wolf abilities slowly kicking in? Glazing back at the building, he noticed the frame of what didn’t collapse still stands on its own. “One strong breeze might be able to knock it down for good, though.”

Staying hidden, he stealthily moved around the building, being cautious of whatever or whoever is out there that is capable to do such thing as to burn down a building in the middle of a forest. Once getting to what seems like the front of the building, he noticed men in somewhat of a modern uniform and in armor carrying and covering burnt bodies of humans and other creatures that almost resemble animals, out of the rubble. Placing them in a line. Adrian felt his fur spike up. A chill, just from the sight of all this. He has never seen something like this before, not even in his last life when he lived during the war.

He squatted down and peeked through some nearby bushes. Seeing what else the men would do, planning to stay a little longer, he then noticed a man in uniform sitting near a rock, away from the group. Holding something wrapped in cloth, his gut was telling Adrian to retrieve whatever that man was holding, but he knew that would be impossible with that many men around, he would be overthrown in a matter of seconds. It wasn’t going to stop him from getting a little closer to that man, though, he wanted to see what was so intriguing, that he needed to get it.

Once he slightly stood up, a rumble of heavy footsteps was coming from behind him. The same path he took coming here. He quickly fell back down, grasping his tail from spiking up in the air, trying his best not to make any sound that would alert the others. Once the noise passed him, he quietly peeked back into the bushes and saw the man he was watching, quickly stood up. Not noticing before, since he was slouching, both he and the cloth were engulfed in blood. “Thank goodness I didn’t get close to any of them.”

The noise of heavy footstep were from a horse that was heard a few seconds ago has a shiny-looking man. Along with a few others that tagged behind him in tow. Adrian looked back at the shiny man and felt a sensation that he might have known him. Troubled about that idea, since he looks like he has lived here longer. Wanting to quietly move in closer to get a better look at him, was an even terrible idea, but that wasn’t going to stop Adrian. Once getting a better view, he was able to eavesdrop better than he intended to.

Adrian sees the same soldier handing the shiny man the cloth object, but was unexpectedly caught by surprise that the shiny man was a prince. A little handsome as well. The so-called prince unclothed the object and revealed a baby the same one as the one left in the tree, same ears, and tail. Frighten, he got on his hands ready to pounced to get the child back but fought back the urge to do so. He knew that even if he did fight them, he will still be outnumbered, but also because he didn’t know how to fight very well.

He wasn’t sure if it’s a wolf thing or just out of desperation, but his gut was telling him that was also his child. It wasn’t possible he left Mia at the tree, and he never passed anyone in the path. Still fighting the urge to pounce at them, he felt another new odd thing happening to his body, he felt a small vibration in his throat and a small sound emanating from it. He was quietly growling at him! Praying that they won’t hear him, he clutched his throat from making the noise any louder. He slowly crawled away from the bushes to return to the tree. From beyond the bottom of the building, he heard men yelling out.

Adrian shoved his head back into the bushes to take a peek and saw two men transporting another dirty white cloth, with a motionless body. They both slowly laid it right in front of the prince, who was in dismay, for whoever was in that cloth, brought the prince to his knees. Still holding the child. He started bawling his eyes out. Everyone held their eyes low, towards the prince, trying not to disrespect him and the one he lost.

In one swift moment, they all kneeled on one knee, bowling their head towards the earth with both their hands openly covering their chest. As, if paying respect to whomever that prince just lost. “That person must have been really special to you if you’ll loudly bawl your eyes out in front of your workers.” Out of pure respect, Adrian mimics the same pose as the soldiers for a minute or two before heading back to the tree. Unaware to whom he paid his tribute to, was a dead ringer of the late female wolf.

“Dimitri, I don’t want to look! Especially him! Not now anyway. Let’s call it a day. Show me around the place, ok?”

Dimitri has been observing Jayne ever since her prince showed up in the mirror. At first, she relived that her baby is alive, but her attitude turned the moment he held her child. Now she’s avoiding looking in a mirror. She also wanted to cry. Dimitri stood up, doing his signature finger, making a handkerchief appear. He has always hated seeing others cry, it almost makes him feel bad.

“Jeffery. Let’s call it a night. Get the bath ready for this smelly little fish.”

Dimitri urges Jayne closer to Jeffery. Looking back at the mirror, unaware that making an Inanimate clone was a bad idea. With another flick of his finger, he made the mirror disappears from within the wall, taking its places were vines and shrubs.

“Let us three leave the protagonist to deal with their new situation on their own. Once you finish your bath, let us introduce you to everyone. Ok.”

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