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A Journal of the Past

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This is a work in progress book, the idea of the book I came up with years ago and decided I would try my hand in writing it for once. I am not calling myself an author; this is the first book I have actually done at all so please don't be too hard on me if things might not make sense or is grammatically incorrect as I am not very good at writing. This is a work of fiction that holds some truth to how I would see somethings in my own life and struggles I went through in the past though none of this is real it still holds deep feelings for me so if please don't come in and bash on how it's done, suggestions on how to possible fix something is fine. Lily's life was never an easy one, from the day she was born it seemed that the world was out to get her and destroy any happiness she might have. Her town hated her, would try to end her for something she didn't even do. The only one who loved her there was her father, but he passed away long ago. She was taken in by vampire brothers and left that place, but she still is haunted by her past as the scars are deep. Join Lily in her journey through her past in her journal and with her new family as she slowly heals from things that have hurt her.

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Chapter 1 (Lily)

(I will usually have the entries in italics and have the entry number before it. The entries are what she is writing in a journal.)
Lily POV

Entry 1
"My name is Lily, I'm sixteen years old, have white hair that goes to the middle of my back, it's always out of control so I usually keep it braided if you ever saw me, though I can almost guarantee you have never seen me before. I am a little strange with how my eyes look, I have a genetic mutation called 'Heterochromia iridium' (try saying that to someone fast and see their faces go blank and trust me I tried it. But let's get back to what I was saying, Heterochromia iridium is just a fancy name for saying I have two different eyes colors, I know right why anyone would want to use a name like that to just say you have different colored eyes is beyond me. I don't mind it though, yeah sometimes I get looks like I'm a freak but that's the least of the reasons as to why I'm a freak. I'm getting off topic again here so let's just continue. My one eye is dark blue while the other one is half light blue and dark blue, which face it makes me look weird. Mine isn't just from a genetic mutation though, it really showed up after an accident I had when I was 12, but I will get to that soon enough. I am a human but here is the kicker of my life, I live with 4 vampires which I of course think of as brothers. Yes, you heard correctly I live with vampires but that isn't the strangest thing yet and yes this keeps getting weirder I known. But it isn't my eyes or that my brothers being vampires that is the strangest thing about this story, no it's that I am not just a normal human. I am able to control and make ice. Yes, I'm serious, I can control and make ice like a freaking witch, which at this point I wonder if I am. I mean I could be since I never knew my mother, she died giving birth to me and my father never really talked about her besides that she was the sweetest and most caring person he ever knew."

I would sigh as I sit back, looking out the window as I set down the pen that goes with my new journal. I was told it would help me get closer or get past the bad in my past. I honestly don't think this is even going to work, I mean how does writing down my past going to help me at all; but I promised Thomas, I would try it before knocking it down and destroy this stupid journal he got me. I honestly just want to burn the stupid thing but he will know and then I will be in trouble for doing that so I can't, and I just have to try writing in
Someone would try to sneak into the room, they always try to be so quiet, but I know who it is right away but don't react since I know he will be over soon enough. A boy with jet black hair seems to never be taken care of, is as messy as mine, seemingly stays in his eyes, and yet never bothers him. His chocolate-colored eyes look at me with concern as he walks over and sits down by me. Kaden, the youngest of my "brothers" as I have come to call them over the years. He has always been the one I can trust the most to talk to, it's almost like there is a part of me that says I should trust him so it's so easy to talk with him. He would look at me, seeming to hesitate on what he plans to ask before he does. "Hey Lil, you doing okay here? You look upset and well you know sad."

I would smile at him as I leaned into him "I'm okay Kaden, I just...I don't care to write this all down, I don't see the point in it. like what am I supposed to accomplish by this? I already know I am messed up; I don't need to write it all down to know that. We both know that the only one to really care for me was my father and look where that got him."

He would look down at me before kissing my head and answering me. "I know you don't like this Lil, but you need to write this stuff down and talk about your past. Even if it is just talking to a piece of paper where no one can read it or only the people you want to read it. You know Thomas is right when he told you to do this, it could really help you come to terms with what happened to you in the past in your home and then with us."

I would sign as I close my eyes. "Why does it have to be so hard to recount what I went through? I just wish I could forget all the bad that happened to me. Wipes clean all the scars and blemishes that I have both physically and mentally."

"Hey, come on now, if you forgot everything you would forget about your dad, and I know you don't want to forget about him. He was everything to you, Lil. Plus, you would forget about us and how could you wish to forget about your loving brothers. You wouldn't want to do that Lil no matter how much hurt you went through as a kid you know that." He would smile at me as he ruffles my hair, he always has treated me like a kid, but there is always something else as well, and underlining care for me. "I know you hate having to do this, but think of it as a way to remember your dad okay?"

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