Cruelly tied together

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A girl who wants an ordinary life with stability, but her future is far from ordinary..all her life ever know she just an orphan who had been left behind. Without any guidance or love, she had to go on her life event if her life is full of misery..she is tied to a person who is no ordinary person as she is the last descendant of greater beings.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

' leave me! Lexi!. The boy whose kneeling on the ground keep screaming and screaming till the shadow of the person is no more..gone to somewhere.. the boy keep crying and crying till his heart is having a hard time to breath...the tears wouldn't stop...his whole body keep shaking despite its summer season...the scene of pool of blood keep replaying itself infront of the boy..he try to sweep his tears but then...he saw it again...his hands is full of red color that seems like real blood and infront of him there is the pool of red blood in front of him and the girl that lying few meters away from him and also a red eye that keeps taunting him while slurping the girls blood..

Its like the creature was thinking of something while planning something thats related to him..the boy whose scared can't think of anything except away from this madness..away from the that what was his doing.. away.. and keep running...he went through the thick of forest that eerily sound of animal or event creatures..its like there is no living things here..but the boy still keep running despite the snort of tears that keep him from breathing and the the torn cloths, the blood that seeping out of his skin, keep flowing down his skin making his aware of his condition. The boys mind is nowhere but full of though of how its became like this..he does not know where or when the fault or lies even start...

Then, he felt it.. its felt there an eyes whose keep taunting and seemingly curious at hime at the back of his..the creatures was really near but then its like the creature is playing the hide and seek with second its there and and then no...its not there but in front of him..while tilting its head sideway and smirking to him..the boy halt suddenly and makes mistake by fall down flat to the ground and his head had been kiss by a stone that makes the blood keep pouring out and seep down to his eyes..makes everything blur in second.

The creature who saw it walk in front of him and kneel down to him..stare his face for a few second before saying..' and why there is a human who is not a human in my territory' ..the creatures was thinking that there is something that prevented from killing the boy and pull his life brutally. But before its get the answer..unaware of whats the boy hand was doing..his eye felt sting and his head felt the is someone just beat him with sharp stone to his head..' wait..there is someone who hit me..the audacity of this dare him to hurt me'. Such ungrateful boy..while the creatures try to make it. The boy felt urgently need to get up and run away from it..he push it to the ground and keep running again while looking back for a few times to make sure it doesn't follow him..after a while the boy hear water or accurately a river..'it must near..' the boy whose making a gulp as his throat already exhausted and his entire body felt like that he been crush by a boulder..

But the boy hope is crushed by reality when it is not a river but a waterfall which was so high and he was at end of it carefully try to not fall or he will be dead in a second..and the creature is back, it is really just at the end of his sight with angrily red eyes watching him or more accurate try to run and catch him.' Oh sure i gonna die this time..back or front?' The boy keep thinking what to do that the creatures already catch up to him and when the it try to grab him, the boy flatly avoid him and run to front through the waterfalls panickly and does not realise the stone is slick, twist his anckle and fall down.." argggggh...."

The creature stunned to see the boy slip his hand and fall down. It doesn't know what to feel..the beast inside him seem anxiously worried about the boy and he does not know why..the beast keep trying to get a hold of him. At first he just want to finish his job by killing the human but then the beast inside him was making a frantics inside of his head that he just want to know why..that is why he keeps taunting the boy and play him. Now that the boy dead or might be alive, if his survive this ordeal and successfully run away from him, the beast was relax and seamingly asleep?..what the heck?.. the creatures just turn back and went home as he though it just might be the beast just crazy for second.

But what the creature does not know was that the boy is related to his future that might not near.
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