The Snow Frost

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It isn't easy to move on from the loss of a loved one. At least it could become less painful with time. But how do you move on when you are the reason for this loss? I'm Crystal, a sixteen years old teenager in a small town named Snow Frost. Ten years have passed since I lost my sister. When she was around, she was the favorite daughter of my parents. I wished that I could take her place. And now that she is gone and all the affection falls on me, her younger sister, all I could feel is sorrow and regret. But now my parents are dead set to help me to move on and be happy. They don't know that they lost their daughter because of me. Now that I'm trying to live my life, or rather, pretending to, the town seems odd, or should I say, I never really paid any attention before. All I can say is there are secrets, deep dark secrets. But they say, "Secrets are better left in the dark." Then again, when was the last time I followed a rule? Umm...I don't remember?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Calculus is a pretty tough subject. Don't you think so? What I think is that if you want to make it a bit bearable you need to focus fully in the class. But as I see around in my class, all I could think is either my classmates are geniuses or they couldn't wait for the class to end. Because every now and then at least one of the students would glance at the wall clock above the massive blackboard as if whole half an hour will pass in just one single second.
At least you could pretend to pay attention. Well, who am I to judge them when I too am bored out of my mind?
And oblivious to our lack of interest, the teacher is busy scribbling on the board with his back turned to us, solving some sort of question using lord knows what formulae.

Before you decide to judge my studies, let me tell you that I somehow manage to get good grades, and don't ask me how. And the reason that I am not paying attention now is...well it's a bit complicated.
Unlike most people, the Christmas season dulls my mood, actually no, completely ruins it.
As I was pondering on these thoughts, I felt someone poke my left arm and I immediately knew who it is.
I turned back in my seat with a glare."What?"
Hailey is my best friend. Well, she is my only friend in the whole school.
"What are you daydreaming about, girl? Please tell me you're taking notes?"
I think even she was surprised by my lack of interest today.
Her eyes got wide by the blank look I gave her.
"Come on, I thought I could take notes from you." Oh! She forgot to mention that she always takes notes from me, not that she would ever mention that.
"Don't worry. I'll start writing it now."
And on the cue, the bell rang. Couldn't have worse timing.
"Sorry" I mouthed her.
We quickly gathered our things and left the class.
"I think we can solve the question by ourselves. We just need to try." She tried to assure me.
That's how she is, always optimistic. I wonder if she ever loses hope in anything. She sometimes reminds me of my elder sister, protective, caring, and of course, cheerful.
"We could, only if either of us knew the question," I said, ruining her futile attempt of cheering me up.
"Whatever. Forget it. Do you have any plans for new year's eve?" She asked in her usual cheerful tone, walking at her usual pace and not even bothering to look back at me.
But wait! Did she just ask about my plans? Now, that can't be good. Knowing her, there is already some sort of 'plan' going on in her devious mind.
Before I could even open my mouth, she spoke up quickly, "I knew you had no plans. Now you're coming with me to the party."
"What party?" I asked in a series voice.
"Come on, Crystal, I'm not asking you to come, I'm telling you. Besides, I've got everything planned out. And before you start on your excuses, I've already talked to your parents and they've agreed, so you've nothing to worry about. I've even selected a dress for you."
She kept on babbling about this and that, not that I was listening to her.
I was in my world as she kept talking, but my attention was only on one line. My parents agreed to send me to the party that too, without even consulting me. How could they do this to me? I can't believe it. But again, they are practically forcing me to behave like a normal teenager, and I think they believe partying is one of their 'hobbies 'right now.
"Did you even hear anything I just said?"
"Huh?" So I zoned out again.
"I asked if you don't recognize your home anymore or you simply don't want to leave me?" She asked teasing me.
I was totally confused now. "What do you mean?"
Instead of answering, she steered me by my shoulders and now I knew what she meant.
In front of me, there stood my very own home. I must admit, I don't remember walking this far. Was I that lost in my thoughts?
"Oh! I...I need to go. See you later, Hailey!"
I quickly bolted towards the house before she could speak a word.
As I entered the living room, I was dumbfounded. I began doubting whether I entered the wrong house.
Every inch of the tiled floor was covered with colorful ribbons, sparkling bells, garlands, fairy lights, and lord knows what. It was as if I accidentally bumped into Santa's house, at least I think someone tried hard to make it look like that, even though that 'someone' failed miserably.
The walls were decorated with artificial flowers and fairy lights. But apart from that, the place looked like it had recently been hit by a tsunami, everything was scattered here and there. Maybe it just needed a bit of organization and it would look beautiful. Okay, a lot of organizing.
As I was gawking around, I saw my father holding bells and entangled with fairy lights, trying to decorate... "Wait, is that a...

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