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Elsie Mae Williams is...well in the simple term, a nerd. With her nose buried all the time in the books and an unhealthy obsession with nature, it wasn't a surprise she ended up in the middle of the forest as a scientist. Her job was simple, she had to discover new plants that can help the government discover the new, powerful drug. She was happy with her job as she didn't have to step out of her research lab, until one day her partner was found dead near the research station. Her request for a new partner was declined by the government and due to being the only researcher left, she set out in the wild to finish the mission herself. It wouldn't be that difficult to achieve, right? Wrong... She should end up finding the damn plant, instead, she found herself getting captured by the bunch of psychos calling themselves... Lycans? Throw in two sexy, walking sex gods and a sex goddess? With these three involved Elsie knew she is in trouble, pleasurable trouble, that is. Brandon, Calvin and Destiny were having their time of life but with responsibilities falling on their shoulder, they need to find their Luna but nothing can prepare them for the little, sexy fireball human mate. *this is a stand-alone novel so you don't have to read the first one to understand everything, though it is preferred you read the first one before.* โš ๏ธ ๐—ช๐—ฎ๐—ฟ๐—ป๐—ถ๐—ป๐—ด โš ๏ธ: there are lots and I kid y

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"What in the...," I cursed as I failed for the umpteenth time. Murphy whimpered, nibbling on my cheeks to comfort me.

"You're the only companion that soothes my worry, Murphy," I sighed softly to my little, fluffy ferret. In reply, he squealed. I scratched behind his ears then looked down at the mess on the table.

I was so sure I'll succeed this time but boy was I wrong.

I pushed my glasses up my nose and walked to the wall to floor bookshelves which contain the information about the plants I want to find out.

I took out the book that contains every piece of information about purple nightshade. I put a cross mark on the cover of the book before putting it in its place.

My eyes roamed all over the shelf, not knowing from where to start again.

"This is so hard," I groaned. I walked back to my table and pulled out my notes. I had made a list of poisonous plants as poison can be used to make drugs. I had succeeded to make drugs that can be used as a medication but they don't want medication, they want a destructive drug. For what... I don't know. I just know they are leading some secret mission and they need it for that mission, other than that I have no information about it. I had sent them numerous samples of drugs made by the poison but each time my project got rejected.

I looked down at the email sent by my mentor. She is really disappointed in me. She said she had high expectation from me, she thought I would be successful in creating that drug but each time I failed pathetically.

"I don't know what to do anymore," I muttered under my breath. I know my little ferret buddy heard the sadness in my voice as he started whimpering.

"It's sad, I know," I mumbled throwing away the drug I had created. If this continues I know it won't be long before the project gets snatched away from me. I had worked too hard to give up now. I had to do something.

I looked at the list of the poisonous plants, most of them had a red cross sign below them, signalling they are incapable of making the drugs the government want.

I looked at the name of the next poisonous plant; Nerium oleander, the plant with the beautiful flowers yet the deadliest one. From root to tip this plant screams poison.

I printed out the details of the flower and a picture on paper before I rushed to the book section and pulled out the book which contains every piece of information regarding this plant.

I didn't bother to drag my body to the couch or the study table, I slumped down on the floor and started taking as much information as I can about it. For hours I read about the tiniest details about the plant, storing it all in my brain. I wasn't called the nerd for no reason.

Straight A's, glasses and my ability to keep my head down in the books all the time had earned me that name, not that I care about that. It never bothered me whenever anyone called me a nerd as I knew that it is the truth. I fit in the description of a nerd so it was obvious I'll be called that. Even before I went to high school I knew what they will call me.

I shook the thoughts away and focused back on the book. After another hour of reading and gaining information, I shouted, "Dan, you've got a new location to go" before realising I don't have Dan with me anymore. My mood dampened as I remembered my co-worker. His death has hit me hard and left me vulnerable and alone in this wide forest.

I sighed before getting up. After Dan's death, I had asked for a new co-worker that can help me around but they denied my request. Asshats.

"It seems we have to go ourselves, Murphy," I complained to Murphy who acknowledged me by squeaking. He sounded excited.

"At least one of us is excited about it," I commented sarcastically as I tried to search where I can find these plants. I live about 30 miles away from civilisation and google says I have to go about 39 miles north from the nearest town. As I'm to the north from the town I'll have to travel about 9 miles and damn it'll take me months.

"Impossible," I groaned, feeling my legs giving away already. I'm confident I can survive in the wild but travelling that much on feet is just too much for my little, plump body. I'd be dead out of exhaustion before I even reach the destination and if by any miracle I survived I'll come out looking like a skeleton.

Murphy made an odd sound in the back of the throat which sounded like he is tsking at me.

"It's easy for you to tsk, fluffy fluff because you'll be travelling in my hood," I scoffed at him. Murphy hissed at me, not liking the nickname I had for him. Take that, Murphy, I smirked.

"Now the packing," I said as I ran around the place, collecting the things I'll need like a compass, two knives, one big and one small, some energy bar, a water bottles, a lighter, a rope, just in case, two booty short and sports bra, my contact lenses, a sleeping bag and food worth five days. A girl got to pack everything that will help her survive.

The bag got a little heavier than I expected but it was okay as I can easily carry it.

I changed out of my jeans and t-shirt to comfy sweatpants and a sweatshirt with a hoodie. I had packed my things in two backpacks, I tied them around my shoulders and waist, one in front and one in the back.

"Hope on, buddy," I called out to Murphy who excitedly jumped into my hoodie with a squeak.

"Let the journey begin," I commented before I stepped out of the research centre for the first time after three years.

Ah, good to feel some fresh air again.

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