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Sunnie doesn't know if she's dreaming or not. When she encounter a strange naked man who chained up in a tree, with her compass who don't function properly and her hand feels empty without her precious pepper spray. How will she succeed to escape from the deal she and him made. The fact that she can't contain her excitement when they interact, and his gazes made her fall for him but she must accept his only condition. You can love me but I can't.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

"Are you sure that we are safe in here?"

Sunnie doesn't know how many complaints has Cherry said in their bunny hunting.

"Why do you come along in the first place then!" she replied.

"I thought you invite me for a sleepover, but why would we search that in the middle of the night?"

"Just stay alert. Remember if we caught that moon rabbit, we will have extra points."

It's once in a lifetime opportunity. Her grades are failing in Literature, if they will catch an extraordinary animal like moon rabbit her name will definitely be in the graduation list.
''Can we continue this tomorrow? I'm tired."
Sunnie groan out of frustration. She looked at her watch, it says 12:20 am. "You may go now I will search a little bit more.''

"Okay, message me if you're home."

She continue to find that moon rabbit. The book she read says that it will came down to the moon by exactly 12:30 am. After 15 minutes of walking she doesn't know where she is, her phone died and the compass she have is acting strangely.

She notice the tree that has an X sign, out of curiosity she headed in the unknown path without any weapon or mint spray.

"What is this place?''

Sunnie slap her face, twice.

It hurts.

Her surrounding change, the entire forest is gone. The only thing that stays is the moon... full moon. There is a tree in her front and a man tied up with chains.

Sunnie felt goose bumps while looking at the naked man swimming in it's own blood. There is no way out in their location. Fear surrounds her, quickly she finds a huge rock who can hide her small figure to the stranger.

Two hours have passed and she feel her stomach growl. Sunnie just finish her last chocolate bar, but she feel hungry. Somehow she felt guilty eating all her chocolates and letting the man starve in death. Her jacket is doing it's job to protect her from the chilly air.
Sunnie made her mind to help the naked man by unchained him atleast. She slowly approach, her boots made a sound while stepping to the dried leaves.

"Don't come near me human."

She flinch by the sound of the man's voice, it's deep and as if it came all the way to the hell.

''I just want to help." she said.

"I don't need your help human."

Sunnie doesn't have any idea why is he mad at her. She swallow hard. "Don't you need any help at all?" she still convince him while she offers her help.

"Just get out of here human."

"Okay I will get out if you will tell me, how am I suppose to know the exit or what."

The man smirks. "There is no exit or what in here human."

No exit!

She laughed hard as if it's joke. "Who are you to tell that there's no exit in here?" she lift one of her eyebrows.

"You don't want to here my name human."

"What's with the human? Just tell me your name and I will not bother you.'' she look at him, but got no answer. "Pinky swear."

"I'm the Devil."

"Okay I sense your a nice guy. Just let me help you." she walked towards him.


"Why are you shouting?"

"See that red line?" she saw a thick line five inches away in the man's feet. "If you crossed that line, you will die human."

"I don't think so."

Sunnie ignore his warning and walk towards him. She crossed the red line without any sweat. The chains around him is so thick and big, she give all her strength but it's too tangled, her arms are tired.

"You definitely crossed that line, but you can't free me at all, it will take several years for you to unchained me human."

Sunnie look at him. "You think so?"

If only her phone is up, she can search it up or ask an advice to her brother who runs a chain store, she spent her day so long that she feel sleepy and exhausted.


Sunnie wakes up in a soft mattress. "I knew it, it's all in my dream." she stretch her arms.

"I don't think so, human."

Sunnie flinch. She looks at the man with her eyes wide open. "You scared the hell out of me."

She scan the whole area, it's the same as before. She notice the soft blanket around her and checked her watch and it says 8:00 am.

"It's 8 am and it still dark." she look up to the moon. "The moon is so bright."

"This is normal human. Whether it's morning or midnight, the moon will never leave."

Such weird atmosphere, it's so cold.

"Do you give me this?" she pointed the blanket around her body.

"It's an award."

"Oh so you have super powers."

The man just gave her a stare like he doesn't believe her saying that to him.

Am I offending him?

"Okay change topic. Why do you give me an award? Am I trippin'?"

"You just crossed the death line so be thankful that I am being thoughtful here."

"Death line? I thought it's called red line?"

He closed his eyes. "You're the 100th living thing who suddenly appear here, but you are the only one who crossed that damn line and the first human who got this close distance to me."

"Do you have any friend?" she asked.

"I will never have a friend human."

Sunnie sense the sarcasm in his voice. She looked at him.

He doesn't look bad, in my opinion.

"I can be your friend." she said while smiling.

"You can't, at the end you will leave me behind and I will be chained here forever."

Sunnie feel bad to the man. She have so many questions in her mind but can't find the guts to ask him.

"Earlier what do you mean by living thing?"

"The first living thing I met is a mad warewolf, he is in pain like me but the difference between us is he shows to everyone his emotions unlike me and in the end he can't contain it anymore, he died and the last one before you, there's this little elf who seems to have all the problems in the galaxy, we became friends but he died."

"Why did he die?" she ask while munching all the fruits that fell from the tree behind her, she asked him if he wants, but he declined her offer.

"I told him my name."

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