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The weaver's maiden

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EPIGRAPH "Everytime i close my eyes I see the oak tree, And beneath that us; you reading out vows to me. Hush now, Hush to sleep, wait for me but don't you sleep, wait for me but don't you weep and do wake up and you shall find me. As I come down tearing the fabrics of time. As I come down to take what is mine." ~ Time travel | the cheesy engineer Please take note, this story is a greek mythology fantasy. You can plot this story's time period in the early 1900's. I want to make it as modern as possible. I have always had a strong affinity for greek mythology and I have created the character of a time weaving god. I hope you enjoy it.

Fantasy / Erotica
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Chapter 1

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Soyebi is a over zealous twenty summers old lady. Is she beautiful? Well if you asked her, she would most likely say yes. After all she is beautiful in her own eyes and that's what matters.

She wanted to learn the act of sculpting. so her mother took her to a friend that knows a friend . The Norm in the society soyebi was born into. Mr Parise was a socialite and soyebi would be staying with him until she could ultimately stand on her own. In an attempt to learn sculpturing at least that's what she wheedled her mother into thinking.
Of course this was not done for free as her mother had given Me Parise all of their life savings alongside a promise of servitude from soyebi for a year.


Mr soyebi's house was that of a typical parsimonious but deep-pocketed individual's house. He and his wife lived in a six roomed bungalow this including the living room and kitchen and servant quarter.

My work was to clean, cook, wash well more like scrub, because his evil witch of the west wife wants her floors wiped with a towel rather than a mop and her cloakroom scrubbed from top to bottom with a sponge. My other duties was to feed her children and make sure the baby wasn't crying.

I have been working in this minimally styled hellhole for two weeks, four days and fifteen hours and I hate every minute of it.

In all of this, baby Ian has been the light at the end of the tunnel for me. One smile from him and I would feel better. I miss my mum and I was counting down the days till I started sculpting.

Mr Parise unexpectedly decided to take me to a party one month and six days after I got here to see art at its prime. The party was to hold at the prestigious home of senator Ernst whom Mr Parise hadn't stopped talking about. Not that I knew him or had seen his home but Mr Parise attested to that fact.


The overly decorative structure of the house made it appear like a greek gods abode/ temple. The convertible that conveyed both her and Mr Parise drove into the exorbitantly big drive way. I was stupified by the amount of exotic cars in one place. I looked at Mr Parise who seems to be deep in thought before he cleared his throat and called me over.

"Soyebi you are to explore but not touch anything , each and everything in there is more expensive than your family's worth combined do you understand." He says sternly while eyeing my outfit keenly.

I instantly decided to touch everything that she could in the damn house. "Yes sir" I say rather too docilely.

"I won't be around to escort you but I would be in the hall if you find yourself at need of my presence." Mr Parise says as he scans my outfit with distain apparent on his face.

I looks down at my outfit, it's black long chiffon dress with a string at the waist that she tied very elegantly if I must say so myself. My ugly slippers are hidden by the ends of the dress I just need to walk very gently and everything will be fine.

"Come let me introduce you." He says quickly claiming my attention.I walk inside side by side with him. Immediately we get inside I instantly feel underdressed. I crower slightly into Mr Parise.

He stops Infront of a hourglass shaped woman wearing a white con dress with subtle ruffles that reminds me of the waves of the sea, pearl earrings and chains adorns her neck. She is unnaturally beautiful like those women I see in portraits. She smiles and hugs Mr Parise before turning her attention to me. "Who do we have here." The beautiful woman asks with her perfect set of white teeth on display.

"This is my cousin, soyebi." Mr Parise lies.
This is senator Ernst's wife. Mrs Hannah she is a painter.

"Hello soyebi," she says smiling rather too widely. "Hello Mrs Ernst, your home is very ... Erm elegant." I say not knowing what to say.

Come she says and I quickly follow only glancing back after a few seconds to see my supposed uncle retreating the other way.

"Mr Parise said you want to learn how to sculpture right."
I nod my head in reply.
" Why sculpturing soyebi," she asks whilst giving me a one over. I see a evil sparkle in her eyes that goes as quickly as it came.

Here she says as she gives me a glass of champagne she picked from a waiters tray.
"I don't know, to be honest I feel really entranced when I see sculptures. I'm interested in the process of craving our something from the proverbial nothing." I say as I sip a little of the bubbly golden coloured liquid. To hide my nervousness.

"She opens a room and walks in. "Oh my.' I say as soon I walk in it's humongous and it looks like an art Exhibition centre. "Wow!"

She smiles again, before replying "I will leave you to it then." She starts floating away. Wait that doesn't sound right did she just dispense into moon dust like particles right before my eyes.

I hold my throbbing head with my free hand. I as try to focus on my surroundings as I feel myself drifting, my vision becomes hazy as I stare at a painting of the moon reflected on the surface of a lake.

My legs buckle under me and I hear the shatter of glass on the marble floor before everything goes dark.


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