Lucifer wants an Angel

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The heaven and hell were not at their best terms. Though god tried his best to keep everything at peace, some of his near ones did not like Lucifer's behaviour which was getting cruel day by day. They wanted to permanently erase his existence. But they knew it wasn't possible. Because now Lucifer was not someone whom God could tame and control. He had become more powerful now and his powers were increasing day by day. God decided to call Lucifer to the heaven for a meeting so that he could try and convince him. And then, in the heavens, he saw her. She was created by all gods and goddesses coming together. She was made to be the purest soul ever. All the love and kindness of the gods and the whole universe was within her because God wanted to see what will the purest soul be like. And so they had created her. An immortal. Pure. Beautiful. Innocent soul. She was the most precious thing to God and the heavens. Everyone loved her. But, HE WANTED HER. AND HE ALWAYS GETS WHAT HE WANTS. THE LUCIFER WANTED AN ANGEL. THE AUTHOR DOES NOT WANT TO HURT ANY RELIGION OR FAITH. THIS BOOK IS A WORK OF FICTION AND IMAGINATION. ALL THE NAMES USED IN THE BOOK HAVE NO RELATION WITH THE ACTUAL PERSONALITIES AND IF FOUND THEN PLEASE CONSIDER IT AS COINCIDENCE.

Fantasy / Romance
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The Creation

There was chaos everywhere in heaven. Every god, angel and soul wanted to please their creator. The supreme power in the universe. The God had arranged a grand ball and everyone was invited; even the demons. The angels and other gods had always been grateful to their creator for everything they were and had. And today they all wanted to thank him in their own way. So all of them were busy arranging for the best of gifts.

God watched everything from the balcony. He knew that everyone was planning on giving him the best gift but only he knew what he wanted. He had always wanted that but everything he created had some or the other minute faults. Everyone, once in their lives possesed feelings of greed, and hatred, even the best of his angels. But he had always wanted to see what a pure soul would be like. He had always wanted to create something that would be a pure, innocent being with no stains on its heart. And today he was going to ask for it.

At the time of ball, everyone gathered in the huge ball room where God sat on his throne in pride.

Zoles came forwards and bowed down.

"My Lord, today I, the god of power have brought you the most powerful weapon in this whole universe. It can-" He was cut off by god raising his palm as a sign to stop. The room fell dead silent as the god stood up from his gold throne.

"I know you all have brought me the best of everything. But today I want you all to create something for me, as a gift. I want to see what a pure soul is like. Everything I created has its own flaws but I want an innocent soul with no taint on its heart. A girl so pure and kind that even the Devil falls for her. I want you all to invest your powers and make her happen. Gift me, Atara."

For a minute nobody spoke as they tried to cope up with the new found demand. God wanted the purest soul. And he wanted them to make him. How could they make her when they themselves were tainted. But they had to. It was not only about God's demand but also about their prestige.

All of them started thinking about what abilities and power they would give the pure soul that was to come into existence.

After months and months of discussions and failed experiments, the gods and angels were finally able to make her.

They had added their qualities that included beauty, brain, innocence, purity and kindness. She was going to be a child of all of them because she had all their qualities. In this whole process of making her she had became the most precious thing for them. They all wanted her.

They presented her to the God, exactly one year later from the grand ball.

Athena went to god with the baby in her arms, wrapped in white silk clothes. The baby's glow radiated the whole room.

God was astonished as he took in her features. She was just what he wanted. A precious little soul.

His wishes and desires were completed as he stared at the baby who truly was so pure that one day, even the devil was going to fall for her.

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