Lucifer wants an Angel

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The Destruction

A loud laughter echoed the dark room as the king of hell watched his soldiers chop off the Angel's head. The Angel had managed to enter in the hell to meet his so called love who happened to be a lady demon. And there was no place for feelings like love, affection and kindness in the hell. His hell.

"You see Darius, these angels always create such problems for themselves by involving in feelings like love. It is all a myth. There is nothing important in this world more than power and authority. I know its importance and thats why I am the king of hell." Lucifer said to his trusted man who was now smirking. Not just they both but almost everyone in hell had same thoughts. Except a few who loved someone deeply.

Lucifer had started to become more powerful day by day. And with power came his cruelty which too, had started to increase at such levels that his deeds which once were not even known in the heavens were starting to have debates on. He knew very well that soon the gods will start to raise their voices against him and he also knew that how The God, the supreme creator was still going to remain silent because he knew very well, what would happen if Lucifer's demons break out. A killing spree would be started and in no time everything will be turned into ashes. So the God could do nothing but keep silence on that matter.

"I have heard that the gods have created the purest soul in the universe ever. It happened on the God's demands." Darius said.

Lucifer did not care much about what the gods were doing inside those golden gates of heaven.
But this matter caught his attention. The purest soul on Earth? It was like complete opposite of him. Because he was the most tainted one among Gods all creations.

"Thats something interesting. Lets see what this new creation does then."

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