The girl and the pendant

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A girl moves into her uncle's home after her mother had tragically passed and finds something unexpected (the cover is not mine, this is mostly a kid friendly story but I'll put warnings)

Fantasy / Horror
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A Fresh Start.

As the tiny moving truck pulled into the driveway Gwen's uncle comes outside and greets her. She starts getting the stuff inside and heads up to her bedroom. She sets up her cats bed and litter box and then let's him out of his crate, "There you go kitty boy" Gwen's says with a smile, a few hours later she starts finishing her unpacking as something falls out of her backpack. She picks it up and realizes it has a note attached to it "Happy 13th birthday! -love mom" She starts to cry as she snuggles her cat on the floor.
Weeks later she comes downstairs and greets her uncle as she walks to school. Later at school
Her friends come up to her and say "GWEEEEEN!!! Have you hear the news???" "No? What happened " Gwen respons "The creep kids are gonna perform in a week and I got us tickets!!!" Ell said with a big grin "I'm sorry I can't make it." Gwen said. At home she feeds her cat saying "Good boy soda"
A few hours later as she's getting in bed she finds the pendant under her covers she picks it up and puts it on her bedside table. In the morning as she's getting up she decided that she's gonna where the pendant to school today she puts on the emreld green crystal pendant gets her backpack on and walks to school, later in the day she noticed that the pendant started
glowing. she tucks it into her back as not to draw attention to it. When she gets home she takes it out of her bag and looks at it for a very long time, it started to glow again she didn't know what to do so she put it on thinking something would happen she closes her eyes and opens then to see a dark and stormy forest she looks around and pinches herself thinking it was a dream nothing at all she looks down at the pendant and t
akes it off as soon as she had it off she was back sitting on her bed.
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