My personal hell

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A demon from hell has been terrorizing a town for 14 years and has finally been challenged by a girl who has grown up under his cruel reign. Will she regain the freedom of her people or be just another tortured soul trapped in hell after challenging a demon.

Fantasy / Romance
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Since I was five the towns around us have been ruined and tormented by a demon called Cayden. He rose up from hell and somehow landed here of all places. He’s ruined the land so any crops we try to grow come up poorly if they even come up at all. No one can escape the town unless they want a one way ticket to hell where Cayden personally tortures them. There’s barely any food for the families here and with sargs coming up from hell whenever Cayden feels we haven’t suffered enough the creatures burn down buildings and crops and attack any people they see. They’re only the size of a lab but with their razor teeth and claws and fur that’s always on fire they cause a lot of damage. Today is no exception as we watch Mrs. Parker, our elderly neighbor, lose her house and one of her pigs to a sarg. We had been producing more grain than usual so the snarg was sent here to take care of it and set our fields on fire before he had gotten side tracked. Cayden has been sending them more often since the land around us has started to come back to life a little and no matter how hard he has been trying he can’t seem to kill it off again. It all started from our house and has been spreading all over. I remember the first day it happened, I walked out of my house and in the yard full of dead grass was one of those little yellow flowers that used to cover the yard when I was little. It was the first time anyone has seen one since the demon. At first the townspeople had accused my parents of selling their souls to receive better treatment but as life started to grow around the town everyone began to believe we had finally been blessed. Who would’ve guessed the small blessing would give us more trouble than we had before.
Our family is the most well off in town since our crops seem to do better than everyone else’s. They started to improve after I took over caring for them so my parents could focus on caring for the livestock. I can bring almost any plant back from the dead and it drives the demon mad. He hasn’t figured out who has been able to revive plants on our town yet and the town keeps the secret so we can continue to have good crops throughout the town. I help everyone equally with their crops so everyone has food and so my cover is never blown otherwise I would probably die by that demon's hands for bringing a small bit of joy to this town over not having to starve this month.
After the sarg is gone from Mrs. Parker’s property and went back to hell I head over to help her get some crops growing again so she can have food for the year. She lives by herself so she doesn’t need a lot of food to get by. Hopefully in a few months her crops will be full of food again but she was smart enough to hide a stash of food in an underground storage area that wasn't touched. That should help hold her off and the townspeople will try to help as much as they can. She is thrilled to see me as I approach her despite what just happened. “Scarlet! You must be here to help me with my crops.” “Of course I came as soon as I could” she led me to the area where she wants to work on planting her crops and we get to work. We tilled the land and started to plant the seeds and as soon as I covered one of the corn seeds it started to sprout! I turn to Mrs. Parker to share my excitement and just see a look of horror on her face. I turn to see what she’s looking at and am met with the eyes of the demon that ruined our lives. “So, you’re the one that has been bringing the land back to life. Where did you even get the magic to do this?” Just my luck, the one time Cayden makes an appearance and a plant by me starts to magically grow. “I’m not performing any magic, I'm just trying to help regrow crops, '' I said, trying to stand my ground. If I was going to die I might as well do it with my pride. “Oh really? Because crops don’t just grow that big in seconds and my curses don’t break that easy. This land isn’t supposed to grow good crops, and no one has ever been able to break my curses this far so where did you get this magic!” By this point he's inches from my face. “Who did you steal this magic from? Or did someone take pity on you and give it to you.” He snarled out. “No one I don’t have magi-“ he went to choke me before I could even finish my sentence. As soon as he grabbed my throat to strangle me he was thrown back. This only pissed him off even more. “ So you don’t have magic huh? What was that! You must be pretty skilled to have a protection spell against me. If I can’t touch you then I’ll just have to come up with another plan to torture you.” With that he disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

Please leave a comment or review this is my first book and I am always looking for ways to improve:)
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