My personal hell

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After the demon disappeared I ran home to my parents. As soon as I got in the door I yelled for my parents, “Mom! Dad! The demon has accused me of stealing magic!” My mother ran to me and hugged me crying. “What did he do to you?” “ nothing yet mom he couldn’t touch me magic protected me but he’s coming back to torture me once he’s figured out how to go around the protection spell.” My mother slowly let go of me looking at my father. My father just sighed and pulled out a backpack out of the closet. “We figured at some point the good things you do for the village would be discovered so we prepared a pack for you to start a new life if you were ever discovered. When you were born a woman had blessed you. We never knew the extent of the blessing other than you could bring back our dead crops.” I couldn’t believe what I had just heard. I was blessed and they never felt they should tell me. “How could you keep this from me!” “Honey we didn’t think she actually did anything and that she was just being sweet trying to give us a piece of mind. How could we have guessed she gave you powers. We tried to ignore how the earth you touched would come back to life because we didn’t want to admit that the old lady had truly blessed you. It might have been a great gift before the demon took over but now it just makes you a target.” My dad shoves the backpack in my arms and pulls me in for a hug. “We love you so much and we were hoping this day would never come but we need you to run before the demon kills you. Never look back, just keep running. He can’t hurt you now so take advantage of this time before he finds out how to break the spell.” My parents are basically pushing me out the door after my father finishes telling me to run their faces damn and red from crying. “I love you mom and dad.” I said before putting the backpack on and walking to the dead woods in hopes of finding a place to hide.

Please leave a comment or review this is my first book and I am always looking for ways to improve:)
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