My personal hell

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I have been wandering the woods for a few hours, it’s starting to get dark and I will need to find somewhere to camp for the night soon. I only have two bottles of water so I’ll have to try and make them last as long as possible before I can find a clean stream which is scarce around this dead land. I drink half of one of my bottles before setting up camp. It doesn’t take a lot of work to set up. All I have is a blanket and some matches for a fire so I just have to collect some wood for a small fire to keep warm. I set down my backpack and go to collect wood. I hate this forest. It's full of mud and it’s hard to find enough sticks that are dry enough to last the whole night. I give up after gathering enough to last a little over half the night and head back to where I set up camp. As I’m getting closer I hear rustling where I set down my blanket and backpack. I walk up as quietly as I can to peek at what the noise is. I gasp as soon as I see what the noise is coming from. A hellhound in the overworld! Hellhounds never leave hell, he must be tracking me. I back up to escape but with my fanatic luck I trip over a root and fall to the ground with a thump. My heart is beating out of my chest as the hellhound turns his head to look at me showing off his teeth in a happy smile. Probably happy to get a snack before returning to hell. He starts stalking towards me as I’m trying to crawl backwards as fast as I can but just a few strides from the hellhound and he’s right in my face. I close my eyes expecting to be ripped apart but instead I get a big wet lick from the hellhound. I open my eyes to stare at the beast in front of me and he just still has that happy grin on his face and is curling up beside me. What is going on, why is this hellhound not ripping me to shreds. I guess I shouldn’t be too concerned about why he’s not ripping me to shreds right now but when he will be. I take a moment to study the animal. He’s got black fur, red eyes, and sharp fangs that stick out. He is as big as me and could easily kill me at any point. As if the hound is reading my thoughts about how he could kill me he puts his head in my lap and lets out a little whine. He nudges my hand for a pet. I cautiously pet his head very slowly. Petting over his neck I realize he’s wearing a collar that was hidden under his fur. There’s a tag on the collar Blaze. “Blaze huh? What are you doing here and why are you being so friendly?” He just looks at me with his big red eyes and gives me another lick on the face. “I guess since you aren’t a threat yet I’ll try getting the fire started for the night.” I gathered the sticks I dropped earlier trying to get away from the hound and put them in a teepee shape. I go to grab a match to start the fire and realize that my box of matches had gotten wet from my fall and is useless now. My best bet was to try and make sparks with rocks. I grab a pair of rocks close to me and hit them together. The sound causes Blaze to perk up his ears and glance at what I was doing. I keep hitting the rocks together and not a single spark is coming off of them. “I’ve seen other people in the village do this plenty of times, why is it so hard to do now!” I bang the rocks together one more time before just throwing them in frustration. Blaze lets out a little sigh before stalking towards my teepee set up and letting out a breath of fire.
“Well that works” I said, a little surprised. I didn’t even know hellhounds could breathe fire. Blaze just curled up in a ball next to my blanket and nodded towards it gesturing me to come lay on my blanket. I wrapped myself up and dozed off.

Please leave a comment or review this is my first book and I am always looking for ways to improve:)
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