My personal hell

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I woke up warm with black fur in my face making it hard to breathe. “What the heck” I said, pushing the fur ball away from me. It looks like Blaze had wrapped himself around me as I was sleeping. Blaze let out a little grunt and got up. I started packing up my bag as Blaze waited patiently for me to finish. As soon as I finished packing I started to continue on the path I was going before but Blaze had other plans. He kept pushing me to go in a different direction and eventually started pulling on my clothes when I kept trying to follow my previous path. “Ugh fine Blaze where are you trying to lead me. I’m kinda on the run here.” Blaze started walking in front of me checking back every once in a while to make sure I was following. We were walking for maybe 40 minutes before Blaze stopped in front of a dirty polluted stream and whined. “I’m sorry buddy that water is bad. There’s not a lot of places where the water is clean anymore.” I knelt down to pet him and when I got down on the ground the dead vegetation where I touched the earth started to come to life. Blaze started whining and nodding his head towards the stream. “You think I could fix that? I’ve only ever been good at growing plants but I can try. No promises.” I put my hands in the stream and where I touched the water ran clear. It was only a small patch where I touched that cleared. “You’ll have to only drink out of this small patch that’s all I can clean.” Blaze just kept whining and stomped his paws in the river. “I don’t know what you want Blaze, this is the best I can do.” He just kept putting on his act until I closed my eyes with my hands in the river and poured all my energy into the river, envisioning it running clear. I opened my eyes when I heard happy yelps coming from Blaze. The whole river was clean! All the vegetation around the river area was coming back to life too! Blaze started prancing around and splashing in the water excited before he started taking big gulps of water. I filled up my water bottle since I’m not sure when we will run into another stream again. After our quick break Blaze starts leading me through the forest again.
We’ve been talking for about 4 hours now and the sole of my shoe fell off. This is just great. I'm not sure how much we have left to walk but we’d be going at an even slower pace now. Blaze stopped as soon as he saw what was wrong and watched me take off my trashed shoes and stuff them in my backpack before starting to walk slowly wincing everytime a rock or twig stabbed my soles. After a while of this Blaze crouched down in front of me to let me jump on his back. As soon as I got on his back and grabbed on he took off faster than any animal I have ever seen. I guess I was really slowing him down before walking. It only took 15 minutes and he was at the magic border. “Blaze no! Stop running! The border will kill us as soon as we touch it!” He just kept running at full speed “Blaze please!!” I guess the hellhound's ultimate goal was to kill me. Why did he drag it out so long. We cross the border and nothing happens. What is going on. The border usually kills anyone who touches it. Maybe it was because the hellhound took me out and he has the ability to come and go as he pleases. I hugged Blaze “thank you, thank you so much” I’m safe I actually got out of that place and Cayden can’t reach me anymore.
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