My personal hell

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The sound of clapping filled my ears. “Great job getting out of the barrier, but maybe next time you shouldn’t leave a trail of living plants to find you. Really you just made yourself a target that was easy to find.” I froze at the sound of Cayden’s voice. Chills ran down my spine. “Oh you thought that getting out of the barrier meant you were safe from me? That I couldn’t find you if you got out?” He laughed humorlessly. Blaze got in a protective stance in front of me. “I was wondering where you went Blaze. Good job finding her, come here” Blaze stayed where he was and started giving warning growls. “Blaze, I said come!” Cayden’s teeth were clenched so tight that you thought his teeth would break. “Fine if you really want to suffer with her! You were my best hound too, what a shame.” He ran towards us to attack and I put my arms up to protect my face and a bubble formed around me and Blaze. Cayden hits the barrier. He keeps banging on it hoping for it to break. Did I do this? How come I had never been able to do this kind of magic before if I have always had it. I almost forgot about the demon outside. I was so deep in thought until I heard him scream out “fine I’ll just take you and your whole bubble!” Suddenly the ground under us starts to open up and we are dropping down towards the one place I was hoping to avoid, Hell. As soon as we hit the bottom my barrier breaks. Cayden stalks around me before he starts to talk again.
“I might not be able to personally hurt you but I can make you suffer in other ways. While you were pulling your little running away stunt I came up with a brilliant idea to fix our little problem. I have some tasks for you to complete. If you make it to the end maybe I’ll even let you live.”
By this point I’m shaking with anger. A ball of energy starts to form in my hand. “What gives you the right to treat people like this!” I threw the ball of energy right at him. He leans to the side to dodge it but it grazes his cheek and creates a small cut. He wipes the blood away and grins. “Oh so we think we’re all mighty with the power we stole. You’re really cocky for a person who won’t even survive the first 2 tasks. I’ll make you an even better deal. If you can complete all your tasks and find a way out of hell and back to the surface you can have your little village.” He stuck his hand out towards me. “Why don’t we shake on it?” The evil look in his eyes told me that it was a bad idea but the thought of freedom had me thinking I could beat his little game and be free of this demon for the rest of my life. “Deal” I grabbed his hand and tingles started to run up my arm making us both let go quickly. He looked shocked before disappearing in an instant. I thought he was supposed to give me my tasks.
Blaze nudged me and started walking wanting me to follow. There’s nothing better to do and Blaze knows this place better than I do so I just trail behind him until he leads me to a cave. Inside the cave I hear high pitched barks. Walking farther in the cave I see puppies! They’re hellhound puppies, their mom is laying with them paying me no mind but getting up as soon as she sees Blaze and she greets him licking his face. These must be Blaze's puppies! “Blaze you’re a dad! They are so cute!” I said picking one up. The puppy is so excited she’s trying to lick my face and waving her tail so fast it might just fall off. All the other puppies start crowding me hoping to get attention too.
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