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Meet Skyler Jackson, she is the Alpha's 17yr old daughter but is also the pack slave and punching bag. She dreamed of a mate when she was younger but doesn't believe anymore. Meet the Mason brothers, Cole, Elijah and Nathan. They are the Alpha's of the most feared pack in the country. They are said to be ruthless and cruel to whoever crosses them, but they will also protect packs and loved ones with their lives. What will happen when Skyler meets these three brothers? What will happen when one commits the ultimate betrayal? Will she be able to forgive? Will his brothers? What will be in Skyler's future? * Warning contains some abuse and mature content * A/N This is my first book, I use to write when I was younger and this is the first time I have felt like I could write again. I know this story wont be to everyone's liking but I hope at least some of you like it. Please vote or comment or whatever, so I know if I at least some of it interesting.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1 - INTRO



I woke up to yelling and the sun shining in my eyes. I stretched my sore muscles that are slowly recovering from my punishment last night. I look at the clock and a shiver of fear runs through my body, its after 8 in the morning and I should have been up at 5:30 to make enough breakfast for the entire pack.

I ran into my small bathroom, did my morning routine as quickly as I could. I throw on a pair of black skinny jeans, a long sleeved t-shirt and my oversized hoody. I then ran down the stairs and was tripped on the last step and landed face first on the floor. I turned to see my brother.

"Serves you right bitch," James said smirking "You should have already had breakfast made and we are all starving. Don't just lay there, get up and make something quick and then clean the pack house until its spotless as we have another Alpha coming for lunch tomorrow."

James leans down pulled me up by my hair and slaps my face, then drops me back to the floor laughing.

I get up holding my cheek and run into the kitchen and gape at the mess that's there, but I quickly come out of my shock and pull out the eggs and bacon from the fridge and make as much bacon and scrambled eggs as I can before everyone has to leave.

So while I'm cooking here I will introduce myself. My name is Skyler Jackson, of the Midnight Lake Pack, I'm the only daughter of Alpha David Jackson and I'm sister to James Jackson who will take over being Alpha when he turns 20yrs in a couple of months. I'll be 17 tomorrow, so I will be able to shift, and yes I'm a werewolf. I am known as the packs slave and the punching bag for the Alpha and my brother. I have been since my 7th birthday, 1 year after my mum the Luna Catherine Jackson was killed protecting me from a rogue. I use to dream of a mate, loving, handsome, gentle and protective but now I don't believe I will ever have one.

I served up all the scrambled eggs and all the bacon I cooked, I went back into the kitchen to clean. Once I was finished I grabbed an apple from the fruit basket and then ran to school.

I walked into class with my hoody hiding my face and went to my seat at the back near the window.

I work my way though the school day with everyone staring and whispering calling me bitch, slut, ugly, worthless waste of space. But this was nothing new to me.

When the last bell for the day rang out, I ran to my locker, put all my books in except for the ones I needed for homework, I then ran back to the pack house so that I could get a head start on the cleaning for tomorrows guest and then start dinner.

After dinner everyone went and did their normal stuff, while I went back to cleaning. Just as I had finally finished Alpha Jackson aka Dad called me into his office.

"Skyler!!! Bitch get in here."

With fear running down my spine I walked to dad's office and slowly opened the door.

'SMACK' My head flew to the side as he slapped my face. I put my hand up to my cheek while he grabbed me by my hair and pulled me further into the office.

"I hear that you didn't make breakfast this morning..."

"Y-y-yes, ss-ss-ssorry Alpha, I-I-I accidentally s-s-sslept through m-my alarm" I hate it when I stutter in front of him.

"Well you know this means you need a punishment don't you?"

"Y-yyess" I whimper

Alpha then proceeds to punch me in the stomach and when I fall to the floor he then kicks me in the ribs. I hear a couple of cracks and just know that he has broken a couple of my ribs. He continues his assault for another 10 minutes punching and kicking me, he then walked back over to his desk and sat down to continue his paperwork.

"Get your ass up off my floor and get out of my office" Alpha yelled at me.

I slowly and carefully pull myself up and off the floor, I make my way out of the office and up the stairs to my room. I go into my bathroom and clean up as much of the damage as I can before I crawl under my very thin blanket and pass out from the pain in my ribs.

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