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CHAPTER 5 - New Life and Love


I hear someone say something softly to me but I can't make out what is said over the pain running through me, I then feel two arms wrap around me and lift, I feel like I'm floating. I know that they are not the Alpha's as they are not cold like his have been since I was 7, these arms are warm and then I am surrounded by this divine scent of chocolate and rain. That is when I realize that I am being carried in a pair of strong arms belonging to someone that I don't know. I feel sparks everywhere his arms touch my body even through the thin layer of clothes I was wearing but now instead of feeling scared I relax as I feel comfortable and safe like nothing can touch or hurt me. I snuggle closer to the warmth, inhale deep and fall back into darkness.

I jolt up with the sun in my eyes, looking at the time to see that it is 11 am and panic. I go to jump out of bed but get caught up in the sheets. I hear laughing coming from the door.

"What's so funny?" I question before I can stop myself and look up at the unknown man in the door frame, his divine smell of chocolate and rain entered the room and he had a powerful aurora coming off of him. He was an Alpha, Oh no! I thought, once I was able to get myself untangled from the sheets, I got to my feet, backed up to the wall slowly and lowered my head and eyes as a show of submission to him. Whispering "Sorry Sir! It won't happen again."

"MATE! MATE!" Alice was screaming in my head, but I didn't believe her. Nothing good has ever happened to me since that day mum died.

"Alice! He can't be, he's an Alpha"

He slowly walked up to me, putting his fingers just under my chin, I flinch a little expecting him to slap me for speaking without permission, being in a room that's not mine, for sleeping in and not doing my chores. I hoped he don't notice it, but he does. I felt the sparks again as he slowly put pressure on his fingers to make me look up at him. He had gorgeous sapphire blue eyes, that I could get lost in all day.

"You never have to hide your face or anything from me sweetheart and I would never hurt you. Now would you like some lunch?" he dropped his hand from my chin with a smile, then started to walk to the door.

I nodded silently blushing, as I couldn't seem to form any sort of reply. I followed him quietly to the kitchen, where we came across another male. Again I lowered my head out of respect.

"Hey, Max!? What's for lunch?" The Alpha asks

"Sandwiches!" Max smiles and continues "So Cole who is this lovely lady?"

So his name is Cole and the other guy is Max, I smile to myself.

"Max this is Skyler my mate and Skyler this is our Beta Max Fight," Cole states with a big grin. "Come sit at the counter, Max makes the best sandwiches ever."

"Gee thanks man," Max says blushing

I sit quietly and just listen to the two guys bantering back and forth while Max is making lunch. Next thing I know another male walks into the kitchen. I smell another wonderful smell of mint and sage and hear a low growl coming from the door.


"MATE!" Alice says again.

My giggles die and my head snaps towards the door, I can't help the fear that passes through me as I look wide-eyed at the male that is standing in the door. He looks stiff as if he is fighting himself to stay in the doorway. I see his eyes flash as he loses the battle and slowly walks over to me, he moves behind me, leans down and wraps his big arms around my waist while breathing in my scent.

I freeze, flinch, tense and whimper all at the same time, not knowing what to expect from this male, he doesn't seem to notice like Cole did in the bedroom. As I take a breath and smell his intoxicating scent of mint and sage, I relax a little allowing me to feel tingles spread out from where his arms touch my skin, they are just as nice as the sparks I get from Cole touching me, but I don't know him so this still doesn't stop me from being terrified of him, as he could do anything to me and I couldn't stop him, I then wonder as I flick my eyes to Alpha Cole if he would do anything to stop him if he did try anything.

Cole must have heard my whimper as turns his attention from Max, looks over to me and then eyes the new male growling.

"Elijah? What are you doing with your arms around my mate?"

The male holding me lifts his head from my neck and growls in reply "She is my MATE!"

He then tightens his arms around me, I whimper again as he hits and starts to put too much pressure on my still healing ribs, the fractured ones are now nearly fully healed thanks to Alice. I just hope he doesn't cause them to break again or make the ones still broken worse.

When the male with his arms wrapped around me finally noticed my soft whimpering he loosens his hold on me, allowing me to breathe and move just a little but he doesn't let me go completely. As they continue to growl at each other I turn inward to Alice,

"Alice? How is this possible we have two mates?"

"I'm not sure but they are both our mates and I have a restless feeling that there is still more to come."

"What do you mean? Alice? What more to come?"

After her comment, she doesn't answer me again as she disappears to the back of my mind again. I then tune back into what is happening in the kitchen around me. Elijah, I worked out still has his arms firmly around my waist, while Cole and he kept exchanging growls. This was starting to really scare me as to what they would both do to me or to each other.

Their growls were getting louder and louder and more and more threatening towards each other. I try to get to my feet from off the stool but I don't get to move too far as Elijah tightens his hold around me again stopping me from moving. Now I really start to panic and begin to struggle needing to get out of his arms.

I jump and stop struggling as Max sighs and yells "ELIJAH! COLE! ENOUGH!"

He then continues in a normal voice "Calm down, both of you! Look at her, you guys are scaring the shit out of her. Elijah? Can you please let her go so she can at least calm down?"

Elijah sighs and lets me go, as he then sat down on the stool next to me, he then lent across and grabbed one of my hands from my lap and held it in his. Cole then walked around the counter and sat on the stool on my other side, lacing his fingers with mine and then moving my hand onto his lap. I relax a little having both of them touching me, as the tingles and sparks spread from my hands up my arms and mix when they reach the middle of my body. Even though I am still extremely scared, I now feel a little safe.

"Thank you, Max..." Alpha Cole looks towards Max who has gone back to making the sandwiches, he then looks past me at Elijah and says

"Now that we are not scaring the hell out of our mate, how about I introduce you to her!?!"

"Skyler, my dear!" He brings his hand up and kisses the back of my hand, making me shiver as more intense sparks race up my arm,

"This here is Elijah Mason one of my brothers. Elijah this is Skyler Jackson. I found her and brought her back with me from my visit to the Midnight Lake Pack yesterday."

"Oh! How did that go? Was the Alliance and protection diameters updated and resigned?"

I don't listen to them talk as I try and think, Mason!?! Mason!?! Where have I heard that name before... James had said that Alpha was having a very important Alpha coming yesterday, and that is why everything had to be perfect. I keep thinking trying to remember where I had heard that name and why a shiver of fear keeps wanting to run through me, I puzzle this information over and over for a little while until it hits me and I start to shake with fear again, we had learnt about them in school in the last few weeks as our alliance with them was coming up for renewal.

We were taught that 'The Mason Alpha's' are the most feared Alpha's in the country, next to the Werewolf king himself. They were three brothers all Alpha's, they are known across the country for their ruthlessness, cruelty, cunning and that they kill any who wanders onto their territory without permission from one of the three. They run the Royal Blood Moon Pack with an iron fist, which gives them the best warriors that are feared by all. Which is what allows them to protect all the packs under their alliances and protection, even the King. They are also known for taking and using any and all females they want whether the female wants to or not.

I pale and whimper slightly as I come to this realisation, I then slowly move and get up off my stool, backing away from the males sitting at the counter. They look at me with curious and confused expressions on their faces as I manage to softly pull my hands out of theirs, once my hands are free I turn and run out of the kitchen. I have no idea where I am and I am not sure where to run because from what I learnt it wouldn't matter if I run upstairs or out the door, if they wanted me they will catch me. I make a quick decision and decide that maybe running upstairs and hiding in one of the empty rooms would be the best idea to start with, that might make my punishment a little less when they find me and I know they will. I run to the first room that I find that is unlocked and has no one in it, I quickly move inside, close and lock the door behind me, I lean on the door for a few seconds and then run over into one of the dark corners of the room that is the furthest from the door. I push my back into the wall and then slowly slide down it until I can curl up into a ball on the floor. I allow my tears to slowly run down my cheeks and soft sobs to escape my lips, as I realise that I have not only just run away from an Alpha or two I just ran from two of the most feared Alpha's around, I am sure to be punished badly from both of them for doing so.

I whimper slightly as I hear the door being unlocked and open I also hear a couple of male voices so I curl more into myself and I then don't move. That way if I don't move they won't find me because if they find me they might just kill me and not even think twice about it. I hold my breath as I feel someone next to me and then slowly put their arms around me, carefully picking me up, from the warmth and the sparks I know it is Cole. I whimper and whisper

"I'm sorry Alpha! I won't run again!! Please don't hurt me!"

I feel as a low growl runs through his chest but he doesn't say anything as I curl up more into his hold while he carries me back to his room, he lays me on the bed and covers me with the blankets saying

"It is okay Skyler. You have been through a lot, just rest and we can work it out later!"

He then places a soft kiss on my forehead and he leaves the room. I let a couple more tears fall as the last person to put me to bed and kiss me like he just did was my mum the night before my birthday, I then fall into the darkness of sleep but it doesn't last long.

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