Grim, Son of Annihil

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Ten more years until the next grim reaper is appointed for the next forty-two thousand years. Grim is almost one-hundred years old, but he wasn’t sure if he was ready to be the grim reaper and live its name to the fullest. Annihil did the most sensible thing for the future grim reaper and sent him to the surface. This is the story of him becoming the best reaper and his friends becoming the best beings of death from their families as well as helping Grim out.

Fantasy / Adventure
J.S. Golden
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Grim is the three thousandth reaper and his father expects him to be one of the best reapers. Almost every fifth hundredth reaper goes into netherworld history as the greatest reapers. Every fifth hundredth reaper has the ghost of the first reaper as a mentor. So far the ghost has not appeared before Grim. Grim is young, slender, pale, tall, and has hair that is black as coal. As usual, he is reading a book in his room. Grim is reading “A thousand ways to kill a human with a spoon” in his dungeon. He hears a knock on his chained iron door. “Who is it.” Grim asks. No one answered, so Grim went back to reading. Around his room, it was slowly getting consumed by a dark mist. In just a couple of seconds, the room was filled with the mist. Grim opened his mouth and consumed the mist. “Thanks, Anuba, I was getting hungry. . . mhm, next time can you make it a little sweeter? It still tastes a bit bland.” Grim speaks to his door. Anuba opens the door with a face rippling with anger. “It was not supposed to be eaten, it was supposed to be a warning for you. Why didn’t you answer me when I was calling your name?” Anuba angrily asks Grim. Grim chuckled. “Warning for what? You can’t kill me cousin and the thing is I’m trying to read so can you go? Plus you didn’t answer me.” Grim calmly responds to Anuba. Anuba’s face started to flush. She shapeshifts her mist into twin katanas. “Seems like y-” Grim barely got to finish his sentence. Grim is floating in the air and looks down. His bed was cut in half in a quick slice by Anuba’s katanas. “Hey hey hey why so hostile?” Grim chuckles. After he finished his sentence, Grim got slammed in the back. At the last second, Grim looked back and saw Anuba’s mist in the shape of a fist behind him. “Wow, you’re getting better at this.” Grim sarcastically taunts Anuba. Anuba turns around and tries to stab him. “Guess you are still not fast enough to stab me, but nice sneak attack.” Grim’s voice echoes in the room. Anuba couldn’t see him. Grim was moving at the speed of light. Anuba screamed. The room was filled with more mist. “PUNCTURE!” Anuba yelled. The mist in the room changed into gigantic spikes all around. Anuba sliced the air behind her. Grim looks down and notices a long gash on his chest. He fell on the floor right behind Anuba. Anuba turned around and looked at the body. She went down to feel his pulse but wished she didn’t. “If you were going to check if I have a pulse you should remember that I’m undead” Grim whispered in her ear. The body on the floor was not actually Grim, but his shadow. Shadow animation is only one of Grim’s many skills as a reaper. Anuba slowly stands up, then walks out of the room. She stopped at the door. “Your father called. He said if you skip school, he’ll have to use the soul separation technique on you.” Anuba quietly told Grim and went to her room. Grim thought to himself. Did he play around a little too much with her? Regardless, he knew he had to go to school now with the threat of the soul separation technique. The soul separation technique was created eons ago by the Council of Death. It was created to put reapers and any other creatures of the undead in line. The soul separation technique can only be used by the council, Annihil, Anubis, and a few others of high importance. The soul separation technique temporarily separates the soul out of the body giving the one who uses the soul agonizing pain. Grim recalls the time his sister went around Hellville with father’s scythe, cutting down anyone who looked her in the eye. Annihil quickly received word of this and used the technique on her. Even though she was only in her thirties around that time, Annihil gives mercy to no one. Grim can still hear the screams of agony from years ago. Grim shook his head to take the thought out of his head. Grim focused all his energy into his hand and touched his door. The door turned into a portal, then he walked through. Grim appears in the school’s bathroom. Grim attended Annihil’s School of the Living. Grim thought to himself, could his father be any more ironic? Grim looks down and sees a small sign. The sign says, “Grim, go live a good life on the surface.” The sign slowly started to inflate. Grim slowly backed up. The words changed. “You are going to be late.” Next thing that happened was the sign popping, but the thing was. . . it was not a popping sound. It was a very loud flatulence noise. No smell, but still bad. Grim walks out of the stall and there are three guys looking at him. “Say a word and I’ll slit your throat.” Grim calmly tells them with a nightmarish smile. One guy decided to be a wise guy and open his mouth. Before he even said a word, he was on the ground with a black eye. Grim shook his head. “That was a warning.” Grim told the other two guys. Grim walked a few steps toward the door, then the two guys blocked his path. The two guys lunged at Grim. Grim did the thing that anyone in this kind of situation and threw both guys at the door. The guys were in the middle of a hallway with concussions. Everyone in the hallway stopped talking and stared at the guys on the floor with horror. Grim took a stroll out of the bathroom and everyone looked up at him. Grim was confused why everyone had horrified looks. “What? They attacked me first.” Grim gives the plea of self defense. As Grim walks down the hallway, people start to back up against the lockers. A funny thought comes to mind. “Ahhhhhh!!!” Grim yells and lunges at some people against the lockers. They all screamed. A couple of them fainted and one person started having a grand-mal seizure. Grim burst out laughing and walked away. He went into his classroom and everyone looked at him. The teacher has a stern look on his face. “You’re late. . . go take a seat.” sternly orders Grim. Grim heads to the back of the classroom. History class is a breeze for Grim. Since he was forty years old, his father has been telling him stories of human civilization and before human civilization. He was a know-it-all that barely wanted to use his knowledge about it. Grim was offered to tutor some of the students in the school, but didn’t feel like it and declined all the offers. Grim mostly likes to spend his time reading his books. When he’s not, he is practicing every single form of combat ever created. It was the end of the day and it was like usual with Grim walking home alone. Anuba could be going to school, but chooses to stay home. Anubis sent her down to help Grim become the grim reaper. So far she has been nothing, but a nuisance for Grim he believes. It was around five when Grim made it home. Anuba was sitting in a chair in front of the door waiting. “Where have you been? “You were supposed to be home about two hours ago.” Anuba scolds Grim. “Look Anuba you’re not my -”Grim quickly cuts off. Anuba noticed his quick silence and closed her eyes. “What, not your mother. Of course not because if I was your mother you would have been raised better than how you are now. I mean just look at you, scruffy hair, disrespectful, and I could go on about -” Anuba would have kept going on, but cut off when she opened her eyes. Around Grim was a crimson red aura. Anuba got out of the chair and slowly backed away. What she was seeing was just a small portion of the uncontrolled power of the future grim reaper. The grim reaper’s powers are divided into different powerful sections. Some are emotions, physical strength, mentality, and spiritual strength. There are more to come, but he has to unlock it in the future when he reaches his full potential. “DON’T TALK ABOUT HER EVER! YOU DON’T KNOW ANYTHING!!” Grim yells angrily. The world started to shake. All around the world, news stations were talking about sudden armageddon. Geologists and other scientists could not make a statement about the sudden shocks around the world. Anuba totally forgot one of the first rules that her father gave her. One, don’t let Grim have extreme emotions, so don’t bring up his family or anyone he has strong feelings for. Two, never say the word cremate around him. Every grim reaper has an unspeakable evil in them. The only way they come out is if the word they are bound to be said. Most of the grim reapers were lucky and had a word that is practically never said or barely spoken. . . Others were not so lucky and had words that were spoken on a daily basis. Another rule is don’t let anyone find out his real identity. She stopped thinking about the rules when she felt a sharp pain in her side. She looked down and Grim stabbed her with his hand. She could feel his hand slowly getting closer to her traeh. “Grim stop! What are you doing?!?! Stooop! You hurting me!” Anuba screams out in pain. For a second, Grim stopped moving his hand. Grim suddenly started having flashbacks. “Hey Grim, wanna play a game? Come on.” A little girl grabs Grim’s hand. Another flashback comes in. “Grim stop! You’re hurting me! Grim looks down at his hands. Blood all over them. Annabelle I... I didn’t mean to.” Grim’s hand came out of Anuba’s chest and he fainted. Anuba backs herself into a corner on the floor and stares at her cousin. She winces at the stings as she gets her mist to stitch herself. “Wow, the future grim reaper has family problems.” Anuba taunts him from her corner. Grim shook a little. Anuba gets scared and puts him in a cage made out of her mist, but she knew when he wakes up he will take that out with or without an emotional enhancement. After a couple of hours, Grim finally wakes up. “Hey what’s with the artillery.” Grim asks. Surrounding Grim are a bunch of sniper rifles, machine guns, and other weapons of destruction made out of Anuba’s mist. “Oh good. . . you’re normal.” Anuba nervously chuckles. Grim gets up and proceeds to mess with Anuba again. He changed his eyes to flaming red and his hair stood up. “Normal hahaha! I’m just getting started.” Grim cackled. Grim waves the mist cage away. Anuba leads the full barrage of all her weapons on him. Grim’s body absorbs all the bullets, then proceeds to walk towards her. “Ha, you believe that will do anything to me.” Grim laughs maniacally. Grim shifts closer to Anuba. Grim pulls his scythe out. The scythe has three words on it. Death is near. Anuba had nothing, but fear in her eyes. This is it for her. She knew what happened to people who are killed by the reapers’ scythes. The person’s soul will not be allowed to roam the world they are from, but trapped in the scythe for eternity. Anuba’s eyes full of fear started to tear up. She closed her eyes and accepted her fate. “This is how you kill someone.” Grim told Anuba as he raised his scythe over her head. Grim took a quick slash at her neck. Swish. Grim froze. Anuba opened her eyes and is wondering why she isn’t dead yet. She looks at Grim and sees that his scythe is not close to her neck to inflict any damage. Anger bubbled inside of her once again. Anuba hardened her mist into steel swords and aimed them at Grim. “Stop!” a voice booms in the room. Anuba backed up and knew who that voice belonged to. “... Hello Father.”Anuba greets the voice of Anubis. “Grim, I know you can hear me too. You two are almost in your hundreds and you act like you’re in your forties” Anubis bellows. Grim and Anuba were about to protest but were cut off. “Shut it! I don’t want to hear your pleas. “You two were sent to the surface to help with your training as a reaper Grim and as a guardian of the dead Anuba.” Anubis projects a vociferation of his anger. Grim and Anuba look at each other, then nod in agreement. “From now on you two are done with your petty vendettas since you two are going to be partners in training starting tomorrow.”Anubis told them. “But.” Grim and Anuba said in unison. They stopped as they felt despair heavily in the air and their faces were full of dread. “You have already angered your father Grim, DO NOT anger me. “And you Anuba I expected better from you. Still, you don’t have full control of the mist and can’t even afflict a scratch with it on Grim. “If only you were as strong as your brother. . . It’s a shame that he didn’t have the soul of the first guardian to choose him.” Anubis lectures Anuba. “Regardless of what just happened, you two are going to Grim’s school around midnight tomorrow for your first trial.” Anubis ordered them. The cousins nod in agreement. The atmosphere loses the despair feeling in it. Anubis has left. Grim sets a mental note of putting Anubis on his list of people not to mess with. Grim then takes a look at Anuba. He wondered if she is going to be alright after her father’s outburst of her and her brother. How was her brother better suited to be the next guardian of death and not her? Grim recalls her being stronger than her brother. Grim tried to ask her about it, but she shook her head and was heading towards her room. Before she closed her door she told Grim. “I’ll be alright, don’t worry. This isn’t the first time he has said this.” She closed the door behind her, leaving Grim alone

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