The Demon of Angels (Bk. 2)

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❝Welcome to Hell on Earth❞

Fantasy / Romance
Emily Harvey
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The Demon of Angels

Secrets are out, and no one is who they say they are.
Lines are drawn, sides are taken, and the Death Scythe is coming.

In this second installment of Death’s Trilogy, no soul is safe from the High Demon of Hell until he gets what he wants: Celeste.

A war is brewing beneath the surface, and everyone’s life is on the line. The prophecy is finally beginning to unravel, and differences must be put aside to keep everything and everyone they hold dear, safe. To win, they have to give it all, some even more than others.

The Death Scythe is bringing Hell to them, whether they’re ready or not- here he comes.

Welcome to Hell on Earth.

Not suited for anyone under 16.
Trigger warnings and adult content. If you don’t like alpha male a-holes, this book isn’t for you. I write about assholes who get knocked down by strong, sassy females that earn and demand respect from men. This is a dark fantasy contemporary romance featuring one girl and three sexy, dangerous and wild bad boys, but this is not a reverse harem.

Explicit scenes of blood and violence.

This is BOOK TWO in a TRILOGY.
This book contain scenes that may be triggering for some readers. Blood, gore, sexual situations and scenes included.
Read at your own advisory, mature audiences only.

This is an un-professionally edited book, so please excuse any grammar mistakes.
Also, please take into account how long each chapter is(2k-7k words). This book took a lot of time to write, so please appreciate the hard work put into it and keep any negative, non-constructive comments to yourself.

Bk. 1 - The Daughter of Demons
Bk. 2 - The Demon of Angels
Bk. 3 - The Shadows of Hell

DEATH’S SPINOFF: Lucifer’s Torment

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