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His human Luna

By lunavirgo All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy


Evelyn Murphy is a quiet, shy girl with no expectations in her life. All the girls of her age dreams about getting into college or hooking up with some 'Prince Charming', whereas Evelyn prefers to stay taking care of her over protective 'Old man'. What happens when a possessive, overly protective, werewolf claims her as his mate?

Chapter 1

I sat tightly on the library desk finishing my homework. I am not a nerd, I just don’t waste my time. So I was doing my homework in school, in order to kill the time that I had to wait for my father instead of gossiping with some girlfriends. Truth was, I didn’t have any friends in school, consequence of being daughter of the English teacher.

My father worked in my school as our English teacher. Being a worker’s daughter means you constantly have attention from others which I didn’t like. I am a quiet person, just like my father,I like being cornered than to be the center of attention. Today dad had a meeting with other faculties & I had a free period so the waiting was longer than expected.

I could go home on my own. I mean, I was seventeen, I could go home alone right? My father thought it wrong. He was over protective & I didn’t complain about it. Everyday he drove me to school & took me home. He never taught me driving. I was allowed to go places apart from school only when someone had enough free time to accompany me. Yes, this was my life. But I was happy with it.

I was solving a serious calculus problem which I despised, when dad called me,“Evelyn dear, get in the car now, we are done for today”. Hearing this, I shoved all my books & copies in my book bag & went outside. When I reached the school parking lot, I hissed. It was tremendous cold outside, the temperature might be what -5? The wind was howling, there was snow everywhere, the sky covered with clouds, gesturing the upcoming calamity. I saw dad waiting in the car so I ran there. Then we drove home.

We lived in small hill town with little necessities. Farmhill is situated in a vally with all high & mighty mountains hanging on it. Mountains, rocks, snow, blizzard & thick forests are surrounding the town, or more efficiently the village. Life is mundane here, people like me, the youngsters always run out of this monotonous life.That is why school graduation is important.

When we reached home it was almost 6 o’ clock in the evening. Our small yellow house was more near to the forest than to the civilization. My mum always liked green, plus dad found it cheap, so he bought it. I liked that anyway, after all it was my home.

I hurriedly changed into my pajama dress & went to kitchen. Tonight was storm night, so dad would like to sleep early. I cooked pasta for dinner. Me & dad sat down to eat. My father thanked me for cooking. “Oh it is nothing dad.” I blushed in reply. We continued to eat.

“So honey. how is study? Do you find it easy?” he asked me with real concern. I nodded in reply.
" Yes dad, study is good.”
“Did you think anything about college?” he was coming to the topic now. I stayed silent.

This was the main problem. I was doing very hard to get good grades yet I could not decide what to do in future. I could apply for college, any sane people would do that, but I didn’t do that. My father was convincing me to go to the big city to study further, But I just couldn’t make my mind about it.

“At least marry an eligible boy!” he started his share of bargaining. “Dad!” that I managed to speak.

Marriage? Me?I didn’t put any thinking about it. I never dated, never talked much with a boy. Spending life with one was dreadful to me. Not that I am lesbian or something, I loved being alone & doing my usual chores.

We finished eating. I cleaned the kitchen & dishes while dad went to his room to read some books or something before going to sleep. I went to my room & sat down to read. I finished my due assignments but I had tests so I needed to study.

Far away distant wolf howls echoed through the forest.......…

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