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A young woman in her final years got raped at a party and got pregnant but before she found out ot was already too late to abort it six years later she finds herself taking care of her six years old son and a part time worker at Linton hotel where she finds her prince charming

Fantasy / Action
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The beginning pt. 1

My name is Mariam Walter am nineteen and am in my final years at college today is the end of my final exam I was excited at the thought of finishing college not knowing this is the day I lose my pride and joy.
I was walking with my friends Maxwell and Nora talking about what we're gonna do for occupations when Nora brought up the topic about Nancy throwing a fancy party.

"Hey have you guys heard the news Nancy's inviting all the dweebs to her fancy party"

"She's up to no good"

"Common Maxwell she can't be that bad maybe she just had change of heart and wanted to you know us better before we all leave"

"No. She's up to no good as usual" said Nora

"Let's just give her a chance I mean we all have faults right?"

"Yes but her's is clearly a mental fault"

"MAXWELL! Let's just go to the party and see how it goes k ?"

"Fine. But you owe me for this"

"Yay Maxwell you in?"

" I will go but for 30 minutes only."

" pleaseeeeee"

"An hour and that's final"

"Yeahhh! Now that's the Maxwell I know always ready to give others a chance see u guys later."

I know this was a bad idea but I had to give Nancy a chance after all my mum always told me ots good to give others a chance Nancyi hope you use yours well.

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