Stuck In Between

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Keep in mind this story was made by me in Saamiah! She’s amazing and we’re working on this story together, she is posting this story on her profile as well I think and I hope you enjoy! Olivia Summers is a normal girl who loves to live in her own world of fantasy. Little does she know the secrets that lurk deep in the forest. Olivia’s life has always been difficult, from her parents splitting up and her new step mom. What will happen when she discovers the secrets of the other realm? Hunter Reynolds, the strongest alpha from all packs around. Strong, fearful and powerful. Alpha Hunter has been looking for his mate for decades, to the point where he has almost given up. What will happen when he finally meets her? Damon Black, leader of all vampires. Cocky, arrogant and selfish. His life is perfect. No problems. Perfect parents. What happens when he finds a perfect girl who he can’t have?

Fantasy / Romance
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I look out the window with very little interest, we have been driving for six hours now. The sun was setting by now as we near the entrance to the small town called Conchita, our new home. I pick myself up from the car seat leaning my head to the window a little more, the town we entered is known for many paranormal sightings that immediately caught my attention. I have always held an interest for mythology and fantasy. It just seemed so magical and amazing. Especially werewolves, the thought of soul mates made my heart flutter at finding a better half.

Just as my attention span diminished at looking at the boringly normal looking town, I catch sight of something in the woods. A guy that looked my age stood shirtless staring right back at me. I felt a jolt through my heart as I continue to stare at this gorgeous man. I could see the tattoo on his shoulder, a great big wolf face imprinted on his tan skin. Before I could get a better look at the guy we sped away. What just happened I think, as my mind is consumed with the guy, I made eye contact with.

“Is there something wrong sweetie?” My fake step mother asked me with a witchy voice. I despised her with a passion. She is the reason we had to move into this hick town as well as my cowardly father. Ignoring her stupid question, I don’t even acknowledge her presence as we keep driving to our new home. I see out of the corner of my eye my so-called father tightens his grip on the steering wheel. I knew he was angry with the way I treated his new sour candy, but I didn’t give a crap continuing to say nothing.

Finally having enough, dad pulls over his hands turning white with how tight he was holding onto the wheel. “Olivia Summers answer your mother now!!!” Dad shouts with anger and disappointment. I know he wanted to have his daughter back, but I wasn’t having it. He cheated on mom and instead of owning up to it, ran away with his new eye candy and with me. Part of me just wanted him to ditch me as well, but I knew he wouldn’t be able to leave without me, I meant too much to him. That is why I can’t bring myself to hate him entirely, but that did not mean I was going to bond with this new replacement.

“She. Is. Not. My. Mother.” I say, making sure to emphasize mother on purpose. I see the fake sulk a little at my wording, which made me cringe slightly. I am not that awful of a person to not feel bad for treating anybody like that. Though I stay silent, sticking to being the bratty stubborn child. Dad was having none of it though and unbuckles his seatbelt, opening the door with so much force it moved the car. That spiked my fear a lot and I scoot closer to the opposite side. Grabbing the door, he tries grabbing me to pull me out of the car. I scream out, feeling real fear at seeing my dad’s face. Anger that was being suppressed for months finally came out, and I was the focus of that anger.

“Hon she is just adjusting to the move,” The fake says with suppressed fear in her voice, and for once I was grateful for her. I have never seen this side of my dad and it frightened me.

“No, she needs to learn some respect right now, Olivia gets over here now you are being a brat!” Tears prick to my eyes as I hear my dad say that, was I that much of a brat? My dad hits the car door as I continue to squirm away, he manages to catch my wrist pulling me out with so much force I dropped face first into the road. I immediately feel the sting of pain as my hand instinctively touches the already forming bruise on my face. My step Mom has a horrified look on her face, as well as my father when he realized what he has done.

“Liv babe I’m so sorry it was an accident, sweetly come here let me see it,” Dad says concern and horror written on his face. He steps forward, and I immediately step back letting out a cry. I could feel nothing but shock, my mind was swimming as blood started trickling down my cheek. I felt delusional and, in a daze, but something in me told me to run, run far away from here, and so I did without thinking. I raced to the edge of the woods, desperate to get away from everyone. I didn’t know if it was the buzzing in my head, but I feel as if I was being chased. My body instantly panics and runs faster, running deeper and deeper into the woods. With the sun no longer up, I couldn’t see anything in the dark. I run in any direction desperate to leave my life behind. Maybe I could run away and live off the land on my own, Liv you sound crazy.

Tripping and falling I crash onto the forest floor, my heart beating a million miles an hour. This is it the end of Olivia Summers story, I well never be able to pet a werewolf now. My mind tricks me into hearing a chuckle right next to me, my eyes turn to the voice, to see the one and only shirtless wolf guy. His grey eyes twinkled with amusement, considering how horrible I felt I could only hope I didn’t look it as well. This guy is seriously a god!

“I wouldn’t say I was a god, but thank you for the compliment anyway love.” The hottie says in a baritone voice. My face immediately flushes, I said that out loud shoot! Before I could embarrass myself furthermore, I was hit with a wave of nauseousness. Holding my stomach, I knew I was going to pass out soon at the loss of blood. Before I could though, I see the cutie look at me with shock but then intense adoration that shook me to my core. Did I loose more blood than I thought, though I could not question it further as I passed out in the arms of this mysterious god.

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