The Guardians - Life and Death

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In a world where mankind lives between good and bad, there are hidden secrets that can neither be explained nor understood. Unbeknownst to human, there are strange creatures who live in the world they live in. To socialize and live normally like a normal human. They are on a mission with the people. Help and protect humanity, and keep the balance of nature by reclaiming the souls of the deceased. Elize, a cool undercover woman will cause them headaches and test their patience. How can Lucian, the Guardian Angel, protect Elize if she is not afraid to die? What must Dark, an Angel of Death, do to stop her from being added to the list of troubled souls who have caused them to suffer for thousands of years. What happens if, Aza, one of the fallen angels, the Angel of Mischief, intervenes. How can both Guardians fulfil their mission if Elize is obstinate and Aza meddle?

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"Life is precious, as is death. Death is a very important part of life. Humans have many different phases and those who live with an acceptance of death die with less regret. If only humans pay attention, they learn not to waste time."

Death is a fundamental part of life and it is the duty of the Reaper to claim the souls of the deceased in order to preserve the balance of nature. The Reaper does not "kill" mortals, but merely guides their spirits to the next realm and it is not their place to judge souls or determine what will become of them.

"I am a Guardian of Death, neither evil nor good. We do not kill the "mortals", we lead their souls into the next realm."

Life is the experience of being alive and being attached to it is a life full of battles and dangers, physical as well as spiritual. In God's love for us, He placed an angel to protect the physical, moral and spiritual danger, to watch, pray without ceasing and guide every human beings.

"I am a Guardian Keeper, we can give comfort and offer guidance into your life. But genuine faith in God and obedience to His holy word will give a man an opportunity to be with Him in His kingdom.

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