The Guardians - Life and Death

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Chapter One

The crowd screamed through the arena. The game would end in seconds, with West Oaks University leading the way. Lucian has the ball, and he has to shoot to let the opponent down. The deafening sound suddenly vanished as Lucian's movement seemed to be in slow motion. He lifted both hands, jumped slightly, and tossed the ball closer to the basket until it gently entered the ring.

The sound was heard all over the arena when Lucian inserted the ball into the last three seconds. Lucian was approached by his teammates and then lifted. The entire team enjoyed themselves with the fans and classmates who watched the match.

Alexa immediately hugged her big brother as she entered their locker room. Alexa was very happy.

"Brother, you are great! You won the game again. " Alexa's happy comment

"Not only because of me Alexa, because of the entire team," Lucian stated.

"I agree with Alexa, Lucian. Since you joined the team three years ago, we always win and we are at the top. " Says, Coach Ben.

Lucian looked at Coach. "For all I know, this will never happen. I wanted to resign at that time, I lost hope that this would happen again. " Coach Ben continued.

"Coach, there's still hope, but if your first thought is weakness, you'll never see the hopes that Boss G always gives," Lucian says you can wipe your sweat with a towel.

Coach Ben furrowed. "Boss G? Who is he, anyway?"

Alexa smiled and stared at Coach Ben. "Boss G, who created heaven and earth. The only God that all creatures in the world should praise and worship. "

Coach Ben laughed at what Alexa said. "Your siblings are truly figurative in talking. Either way, I already know Boss G, and I'm thankful for him. "

"If you do, coach, go to church and listen to the words of the speakers. He can do more for you, have faith in him. " Lucian said

"You're right, the truth is, we've become an active family at church each week because I think of everything you say." According to the Coach.

"It's a good thing, then. It would be preferable that it could also be practiced in daily life not only on Sunday and inside the church. " Says Lucian.

Coach Ben smiled. "If you think I'm lost, give me a tap on my shoulder so I can get back."

Lucian placed his hand over the coach's shoulder. "Someone else will do that for you, just don't close your eyes to see him, cover your ears so you can hear him and be sharp in your senses so you can feel him."

"Thank you, Lucian." The coach said while smiling. "Are you going to the party?"

Alexa looked at Lucian. "Brother, can we be at the party?"

Lucian smiled. "Alright, because you're nice today."

Alexa hugs her older brother's arm while smiling.


The game was just finished. Dark's team leads against their fierce rival university in the soccer match. From outside the locker room, Dark can hear the fun and jokes inside. When Dark opened the door as if a naked woman appeared to be crossing due to extreme silence. Everybody was staring at him.

He just walked over to the locker to get his towel. His whole body was filthy from the dust and sweat.

"Dark, your facial reaction the same as ever. Don't you feel good that we won? " Said Karlo, one of Dark's teammates.

Simon hit Karlo right beside him. Karlo turned to Simon and laughed. Dark cast a stare over Simon and Karlo.

"I'm happy. I don't have to smile just to let you know I'm happy. " Dark says he then turned his back to everyone and went into the bathroom.

"Is he really happy that he looks that way?" said Karlo. "He seems to have more grief than happiness. Can't that guy smile?"

"Leave Dark, he said he's happy, believed him." Loel said, "It's important that he still wins the game."

"Dark is truly envious even if he does not smile, many women are chasing him, even from another college, he has many admirers. And that Lucian from the basketball team, he has lots of admirers from other universities. What is happening with these two and the women are chasing them? " Said, Simon.

Dark heard their conversation but ignored them. When Dark entered the shower room, he immediately opened the shower and let the cold water flow over his body. He stayed up many days because of office work. There are many backlogs and he is quite upset. Instead of reducing them, they have doubled daily.

Dark felt Jahmar enter the shower room and it went directly to Dark's adjoining shower.

"Will you attend the party later?" Jahmar asked.

"No." Dark's simple answer

"What a waste. It's a big party because we beat our opponent for the third time. " Says Jahmar

Dark didn't answer. There were also a few minutes of silence between the two of them. Dark felt Jahmar looking at him, so he barely looked around. Jahmar instantly turned around when Dark suddenly turned around.

"Don't stare like that because you won't like what you see." Said Dark

Jahmar laughed. "Why, dude, is your p**** small? "

Dark furrowed and approached Jahmar at a rapid pace. He shoved him up against the wall in the shower room. Dark put his hand on the wall beside Jahmar's head.

"I know your personality Jahmar, and I tell you what you are doing will not be good to you. I don't want to drop you off at your destination. " Dark said then left in front of Jahmar and went back to the shower.

"What are you saying you know about me?" asked Jahmar. "And why do I have to be dropped off?"

Dark looked towards Jahmar. "He's just after you for money. And you're teaching your boyfriend to be a bummer and slacker. Stay away from him. Find a sensible woman. "

After saying this, Dark left the bathroom and left Jahmar in confusion.


On one table were Alexa and Lucian. They drink the same juice and everybody drinks liquor. One of the cheerleaders approached the siblings.

"How come you don't drink Lucian?" asked Meiko.

Meiko sat next to Lucian and even pressed Lucian's strong arm.

"I don't drink liquor, Meiko." Lucian just said.

"How can you enjoy the party when all you drink is juice?" says Meiko.

"You don't need alcohol to enjoy an occasion like this." Said Lucian

Meiko frowned and gazed upon Alexa, who simply sat and looked around.

"You know you're beautiful, do you have a boyfriend yet?" asked Meiko to Alexa.

Alexa turned to Meiko. "Nothing."

"I can introduce you..." said Meiko, but she hasn't finished what she was going to say because Lucian came in.

"Meiko, she doesn't need a boyfriend. She was busy with church work. It's a good thing you come with us sometimes. " says Lucian

"What?" Meiko said. "I don't want to do that! It's a dull place. How can your sister appreciate such a tedious job? That was a waste of her youth. "

Lucian smiled. "Alexa's work is not wasted, trust me, Meiko."

There was no way Meiko's face could be painted. Meiko fondled Lucian's cheek with a finger.

"You are handsome, Lucian. You're not dating, are you? If you are looking. I'm available. " Meiko added

"So far, it's not my priority to have a relationship, Meiko," says Lucian.

A member of the team, Troy, approached them. He went straight to Alexa.

"Missy, let's dance!" said Troy.

Lucian looked at the man and seemed drunken.

"I won't dance, I'm sorry," said Alexa.

"Let's dance. You've been sitting there for an hour. Doesn't your ass hurt at all? " Troy asked

"I'm so sorry, but you can't force me," said Alexa.

Meiko was a little surprised that Lucian carefully pulled her hand out of Lucian's arm. Lucian got up and went towards Troy.

"Dude, my sister doesn't want to dance at all. You better get someone else you can dance with," says Lucian

Troy looked at Lucian. "I'll just want to dance her. I don't see anything wrong with that. " Troy replied.

"She told you she didn't want to dance, but you force her and that's your mistake. "Said, Lucian

"You two are such a nuisance!" Troy's voice went up that turned everyone. "You shouldn't be here if you just want to drink milk! "

Lucian and Alexa gazed upon each other. Lucian nodded a little and Alexa got up quickly and approached Lucian.

"I agree with you. All right, Alexa, we'll say goodbye," says Lucian

Lucian held his sister's hand and then turned to Meiko.

"Don't be drunk, Meiko. Take care when you get home. " Said, Lucian

The siblings immediately left Meiko and Troy. Meiko hit Troy slightly in the arm.

"What you did was an embarrassment!" said Meiko.

They both got surprised when Coach Ben approached them.

"You're drunk, Troy. What you did was an embarrassment. There's a party going on today because we won basketball and Lucian did it, then you scolded him just because his sister doesn't want to dance with you? Embarrassing! I should call Kristof about it, you need some discipline. " Coach Ben said

Troy just smiled at what the coach said. Meiko furrowed.

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