The Guardians - Life and Death

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Chapter Two

"Finally, you are here!" said Trans without life.

Trans's appearance has remained the same since. Dark sat on Trans' desk with a bunch of paper. Dark barely gets to see Trans when he's sitting there with all the paperwork.

"I'm comfortable with your new look, Trans." Dark was kidding with serious facial expressions.

"You still have time to laugh at me. See those papers over there? I have to complete it before the end of the year, but it seems impossible to do so. ” Trans complaints

Dark stood up and took a thick folder from Trans's table, he brought it to his table. Dark was already sitting in his chair and busy reading the contents of the folder.

"Troubled souls are like viruses, it multiplies every day." Said Dark.

"I told you, it was tripling every day," Trans said.

All of a sudden, the office door opened, Trans looked through the door.

"You have a visitor, Dark." Said, Trans

Dark ignored what Trans said. A bowl of soup was placed on top of his table. Dark look up, the woman smiling while standing before his table. Dark saw Trans facial expressions while looking at Auie.

"I know you haven't eaten yet, so I brought soup." Said Auie, smiling

"Thank you!" Dark simply said

Auie smiles at Dark. She's a big fan of Dark.

"I haven't eaten yet, too," Trans said.

Auie looked at Trans. "Maybe you got some more hot soup, I'm hungry," said Trans.

Auie's eyebrows rose. “Why should I care if you're hungry? Why aren't you having lunch? ”

Trans furrowed. "Haven't you had your meal yet, Trans?" asked Dark.

Trans nodded. "Why didn't you tell me to bring you food," Dark said.

Dark stood up and took the bowl off the table.

"Hey, Dark what are you going to do with the soup?" Auie asked

"Trans hadn't eaten yet, so I'm going to give it to him," said Dark.

Dark immediately put the bowl on Trans' table.

"I gave it to you, though," said Auie pouted her lips

"Well, that means it's mine, doesn't it? So as the new owner, I want to give it to Trans.” Dark said.

Auie furrowed. "You can eat now, Trans." Dark command Trans.

Trans immediately grabbed the spoon and sipped the soup.

"Delicious! Thank you, Dark, you are indeed the best! " Trans said with a large smile on his face.

Dark was back at his table. Auie looked at Trans badly.

"Thanks to Auie, she has the golden heart," said Dark.

Trans looked at Auie. Trans shows a move so she can approach him. The woman raised her eyebrows as she approached him. As she approached Trans, she bowed slightly, although hesitant, the woman followed Trans.

"What will you say?" asked Auie, irritating.

"You're fond of Dark, aren't you?" asked Trans.

“Isn't that quite obvious yet?” Auie said she was rolling her eyes over him.

"I'll take care of you, I'll act as your bridge to him.," said Trans.

Auie frowned. She is unconvinced.

"What in return?" Auie asked

"Just be nice to me," Smiling Trans said.

Auie moved slightly away from Trans. Her eyes were staring at him. As she looks at Trans, she thinks that Trans is a bit of a good-looking guy, but he doesn't seem to be taking a bath, maybe because of the stress of the backlog. They also have a lot of backlogs, so if she's not careful about how she looks, she could look like Trans.

“That’s all? There's nothing you can ask for in exchange? ” Auie asked

“That's all. So, do we have a deal? ” asked Trans

Auie smiled. "All right."

Trans smiled. "Thank you for the soup."


"She seems reprehensible." Lucian's commentary.

Lucian was with Andra as they were at the top of the power pole in front of the house that Elize had bought. The birds were there with them.

"I've been with Elize since she was a kid and, man, she's running out of my patience," Andra said he laughed uncontrollably.

They looked at Elize cleaning her gun out of the backyard. Looks like a young woman. In the world in which they now live, they are teenagers, but in the realm above Andra and Lucian are a thousand years old but their appearance remains young.

"Are you kidding me? You got the longest patience on our lot,” says Lucian

“Well, man, that one's different. Maybe you should know her first. You need a great amount of patience. ” Says Andra.

Lucian looked at Elize who was then looking at them while the weapon was aimed at Lucian.


It was only a few days ago that Elize bought the house and the land where she now lives. This is the second of its successful missions. She raised her hand holding the weapon and pointed it to the top of the post where there were birds perched.

"That's odd, why are there so many birds over there?" Elize wondered, frowning.

Her phone rang. She took a look at her cell phone on the table, the name East was visible on the screen. East has been accompanying her in all her missions since the age of twelve. They became partners in all the missions that are assigned to them until now.

Elize picked up her phone and answered East's call.

"East, why?" She asked

"You don't feel a lot of tenderness in me. Let's eat together. ” Said East

East walks closer to Elize as they talk on the phone.

"Do you want us to have an endearing name?" Elize asked.

Before East could answer East quickly avoided Elize's successive punches. East laughed as he avoided every kick and punch of Elize.

"Geez, I brought your favourite, it's a pity if it's just thrown away." East's complaint

Elize then stopped attacking and placed both hands on her waist.

"My favourite?" Elize asked

"Yes." Said East. "Where are we going to eat?" East asked smiling

Elize smiled.


Lucian was sitting on the couch reading the file Andra gave him earlier when they met. From what Lucian has read, he cannot blame Elize for having such bad records and for actually breaking some of the Ten Commandments of God. Lucian put the folder on his lap, then placed his head on the back of the sofa and closed his eyes.

‘I see this woman as a great challenge. If Andra gives up and insists on Meta expelling her as Elize's guardian, will I be able to deal with it? Boss G, help me with my new assignment, Elize has great potential for change and I know you have a reason why you chose me as her guardian. ’ - Lucian thought

"What brother, do you believe me now?"

Lucian felt Alexa sitting beside him. Alexa rubbed his brother's head, which caused Lucian to smile.

“Yes, Andra gave up on this woman. She might be a headache, but she can change. ” Said, Lucian

Lucian had been always hooked and enjoyed Alexa's soothing massage on his head. He was reading Elize's file when his head hurt, what if he was with her the whole time? He's probably suffering from migraines.

"It doesn't matter brother, I'll always massage your head after you are guarding her," Alexa said

"It seems you have to do this every day, Alexa," said Lucian to his sister with a laugh.


When Dark reached the office, he immediately sat on his chair and closed his eyes while pressing his head on the headrest.

"You seem tired," said Trans.

“A lot of judgment from those I picked up. Only two went up. ” Dark says not looking at Trans

"It's a very different time now. Humans are challenging death, they are not afraid to die. They never think where they're going when they die. '' Trans said.

Dark never said a word. He just relaxed while sitting. Dark's eyes opened within seconds. Trans knocked a big box over his table.

"Let me rest first, Trans," said Dark, looking back and close his eyes.

"They're not backlogs, they're your love letters," said Trans.

"It doesn't make any difference. Just get rid of it. ” Said Dark

Trans seated himself on Dark's table.

"Why don't you read it first, the contents of that letter are funny." Says Trans with a laugh.

"You've already read it, why would I have to read it again?" Dark asked.

Dark sat back and pushed Trans off the table.

"Don't sit at my desk," said Dark.

Trans walked away from that table. "You sit at my table and I don't complain."

Dark looked at Trans. He was a little surprised by his appearance. He has a new haircut, his face is also newly shaved. There was no trace of dark circles under his eyes. He looks very different from what Dark is used to seeing.

"What happened to you?" Dark asked

"Why do you ask like that?" Trans asked furrowed.

Trans walked back to his table while carrying a large box full of love letters for Dark. Dark followed him with a stare.

“All right, I'll change the question. Why are you like that? " Asked Dark

Trans chuckled. “That question seems worse. You have no appreciation for other reapers, Dark. ”

"Just answer my question," Dark said annoyed

“I want Auie to notice me. Isn't it obvious yet? ” Trans replied, he’s annoyed as well

"Do you like Auie?" Dark asked. "Why do you like a brat...."

"Because he's my dream." Said, Trans

Dark fell silent. "She’s the most beautiful reaper I’ve ever met. Kind, thoughtful and attentive. ” Trans added

"Yes, she does all that to me." Said Dark

Trans furrowed. "You're the only one she noticed, you're the only one handsome in her eyes."

Dark could see the frustration on Trans's face as he looked at the picture of Auie holding him. Dark had already seen Auie's picture in Trans's cabinet which surprised him. Dark just noticed the strange twinkle in Trans's eyes every time Auie came to their office.

Dark did not respond to what Trans said. He just let his sentiments at Auie’s picture. Auie will be shocked when he sees Trans.

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