The Guardians - Life and Death

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Chapter Four

East just watched Elize. They're having lunch together. He had known Elize for a long time. Elize's childhood didn't go as well as he did.

"Why are you watching me like that?" asked Elize seriously.

"With the speed of time, we no longer realise that many things have changed within us. You used to just cry all the time in a corner. " Said East

"Do you think I am supposed to be happy when they kidnapped me?" Elize asked.

East laughed about what Elize said and started eating again.

"What happened to your search? Have you located them? " Asked Elize.

East stopped eating and looked at Elize. "They don't live in the Philippines anymore. I put the question to one of their neighbours in Batangas and they told me that my family had emigrated to Australia after having given up hope of finding me. The only thing they know about me is I'm dead. "

After she and East left the camp, East started looking for his family. They were twelve years old when they left the secret camp, where they grew up with the difficulties of training each day just to survive. This month, after eight years of research, East found his family's home, but Elize's friend is still out of luck.

East chuckled a bit. "But I'm still happy, EL, they tried to find me. The people I interviewed said that as well. They searched all over for me. "

"The Dark Phoenix is really good because your family can't find you. You can't blame your family for giving up on you and thinking that you're dead. " Said Elize

"I'm happy. I discovered they were searching for me. " Said East. "There's always a chance for us to meet again."

Elize didn't talk anymore. "You? You're not planning on reuniting with your family? " East asked

Elize just got a glimpse of East. "Aren't you going to invite them to our wedding?" asked East again.

"And why would I marry you?" Elize asked with raised eyebrows.

"Well, you know I like you, don't you? " East said

"Don't count me as your sex slave, East," said Elize. "I am not your affair, I am your friend, I presume."

"Who said I would make you my woman? I want to marry you, El. " Said East. "I want you to be my wife, mom to my kids."

"Why?" Elize asked

"I love you, Elize," told East.

"I don't have time for that sort of stuff, East. Find someone else you can marry. " Said Elize

"Ouch! You're rejecting me now, aren't you? You didn't feel any romantic feelings for me during the 13 years we were together as friends and partners? " East asked. "What about having a crush on me?"

Elize never answered because her phone rang. She answered it immediately.

"Hey, Lindsey, what's up?" told Elize.

Elize stood up and left East at the table. East just stared her off.


Elize was sound asleep. Lucian was seated on the sofa beside the bed. He was holding the folder with all Elize's information on it.

'There are people who don't know how to value life.' - Lucian thought

Lucian learns that since the abduction of Vanessa, Elize's real name, her father has not even searched for her. Elize mother died while giving birth to her. Elize grew up with her father who never loved her, he is blaming Elize for the death of Amida, Vanessa's mom (Elize). Until his father decided to get married again and on his father's wedding day, Vanessa (Elize) was kidnapped.

Lucian got up and drew near to the woman. He looked into her face. He laughed a little because Elize was like a soft sheep in sleep, but a ferocious dragon when she is awakened.

'I will introduce myself later when it is necessary. I could be thrown out of our lot if I ran out of patience with you. ' - Lucian thought

Lucian touched Elize's cheek, but the girl was quick, sharp senses even in her sleep. Fortunately, Elize can't see him. Lucian was almost caught by her.

Elize got up and looked around. She carefully took the dagger out of the pillow.

'Why does she keep a knife under her pillow? ' - Lucian thought.

"Who's here?" asked Elize.

Elize stood up and Lucian stood up as well. They walk beside one another.

'I can feel him, but why can't I see him? ' - Elize thought

She came off the balcony, the cold wind welcomed her. She looked around, all quiet and secure. She also checked her phone that's connected to the surveillance footage around the house.

Lucian watched all of Elize's movements.

'She's always a female. She is very agile and quick. The Black Phoenix has greatly influenced Elize's personality. ' - Lucian thought

Lucian noticed the scar on Elize's side. It appears the wound was deep and required stitches.

Elize sat in bed and lay down, but she never slept. She just looked up to the ceiling.

'What does she think? ' - Lucian thought.

Lucian sat on the sofa holding the folder he had read while watching Elize. Lucian watches Elize as if she was on a TV show. It shows Elize thought

'She's still looking back at her sad memories.' - Lucian thought

Elize was thinking about her childhood. Moments where she was still with her dad. There was not a day that her father did not torture her. Elize suffered hunger and hardship with her father, but this did not make her hate her father, but rather she loved her father more.

'Do you still want to see him?' - Lucian thought

"My tears have gone out. What would I do if I see you again? Father? " Elize laughs faintly.

Elize took her mobile phone. Lucian always kept an eye on the woman.


Lucian never realized he was asleep on the couch. He woke up when he overheard someone speaking. Lucian noticed a man standing at Elize's room door. The guy leaned over and stared at Elize. Lucian approached the man.

'He looks at Elize differently,' - thought Lucian.

Elize didn't have a towel covering her body, circling the room while Eastern was watching her. Elize just had a brassiere and panties.

"It truly cannot be removed." Said East.

The East saw Elize's scar on the side. Elize turned to him after wearing the trousers. Elize approached the East while still holding the T-shirt she would wear. East was staring down Elize's body.

"Don't you have anything to do today? Why are you here at such an early hour? " Elize asked

Elize put on her shirt right in front of East. East even helped her out with the shirt.

"You shouldn't put on your clothes in front of me, El," said East. "Despite being friends, I'm still a man."

Elize smirked. "Why? Are you aroused now? "

"And if I say yes, I am aroused?" said East.

Elize walked away with him. "I told you, East, turn your feelings to others. You will get nothing from me."

"I can look at others, but my feelings, what you're asking me to do is impossible, you're the only one I want." Said East.

Lucian spotted Elize's I.D. He laughed slightly. The lace looks familiar.

" You don't need to send me, East. I shall take my car. " Elize replied.

"I know. I'm here because I want to tell you something. I'll make you happy here. " Said East

"Good news? What do you get there? " Elize asked

East smiled and moved towards Elize. Using East's finger on Elize's chin, he lifted her head lightly. East stared into Elize's eyes.

"We're going on a big mission." Says East.

Elize furrowed. "Is that the case DP1890A5?"

East smiled and nodded. "Yes, Hawk puts us in charge. He knows we can do it. " East added

He showed two cards to Elize and their code name is embossed with it.

Mission card, that's how they call it. He had all the money they needed for a successful mission. They have a little bit of information and they just need to add some and complete the mission.

"It's a great deal of money and promotion, El. If we are successful, we shall be sent abroad. This is a dream of yours, isn't it? " Said East

Elize couldn't say anything and was surprised at the sudden news. East handed a card to Elize. She looked up her code name.


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