The Immortals and I

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"You are right, Kobe, eternity doesn't exist. Even I don't live for an eternity. Like you, we need something to make us alive, We drink human blood. Humans keep us immortal through their blood, but without it, we will die." Kobe doesn't believe in forever until he meets Lucy, a mysterious woman who steals not only his innocence but also his heart. What happens if the mistake of the past repeats itself because of their unexpected mistake? Is forever still possible for the two of them?

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Bite One

'I don't know how I feel, her lips, her touch, it's as if I'm electrified. Her lips sniffing and nibbling at my neck like I was feverish with the sensation I had. I couldn't stop moaning. This lady is driving me crazy.'

"Are you sure about this, Kobe?" she whispers.

'I looked at her beautiful face, held her two arms hanging from my shoulders as she caressed my neck. '

"Certainly," I said.

"No, you're just overwhelmed by the feeling caused by..."

She never finished what she was going to say because I kissed her lips. I no longer need to think twice, I love her and I want to be with her forever.

She kissed my neck again, I tilted my head a bit so she could move properly. Gradually I felt the pain as her fang dug into my neck. She slightly pulled my hair and as she did so her fang sank even deeper and I could feel the heat of the liquid slightly flowing from my neck to her lips.

"Everything all right, Kobe?"

He looked at his friend, who was seated across the table.

"You look horrible," he said, looking at his face.

"I wasn't getting enough sleep. I spent several nights in the hospital after yesterday's incident. " Kobe says

"As I said, you don't have to stay awake like this. Daddy and I are here to keep an eye on him. You should get some rest. " Said, Kalvin. "Or if you like, I'll bring a woman here to relieve your stress. What can you say? "

Kobe pressed his head on the head support of the swivel chair. He could not understand that for several days he had been visited by the woman in his dream.

"Hey, can you hear me?" asked Kalvin.

He looked at his friend. "I don't want your bitch, Kalvin."

Kalvin laughed slightly. "Harsh words, dude. They're not sluts, man. They are just liberated .. "

"I won't be surprised if you ever have an STD.," said Kobe. "You don't even use protection."

Kalvin laughed. Kobe stood up and walked out of his study room.

"About what happened yesterday, you don't remember?" Kalvin asked.

They were already in the dining room, their dinner was already ready for them. Kalvin always went to his house just to spend a few hours with him and share a meal.

Kobe shook his head. "Even a little." He says.

They were seated opposite one another at the table. The housekeeper served them at once. She gave them a drink.

"Alex said that you were the only one he saw on the stairs," said Kalvin.

Kobe didn't talk, Kalvin ate a little rice first, then spoke again.

"Oh, I forgot, Alex said, a woman told him you were unconscious down the stairs." Said Kalvin.

"Woman?" demanded Kobe. "Did he talk about the look?"

"Hmmm, yes, she looks beautiful, sexy, smooth skin and," Kalvin said

Kobe raised an eyebrow. "You're describing your slut.." Kobe said with annoyance

"No! Of course not, that's Alex's description of the girl. " Said, Calvin

He glared at Calvin. "Okay, fine! How does she look? "

Kalvin smiled. "That's right, beautiful, sexy, smooth, red lips. I wonder how kissable those lips are, but."

"But what?" Kobe asked

"She was pale as if she was sick. She rarely talks either. " Said, Kalvin

Kobe stopped eating, reminded himself of everything that happened yesterday.

'Are you going to give some of your blood?'

"Hey dude, you're spacing out again," said Kalvin

"I seem to recall what happened that day!"

Flashback yesterday

Kobe was a little early. As soon as he drove into his car, the students were waiting for him in the parking lot and the hallway.

The moment he got out of the car, he was surrounded by students from different colleges.

'Hello, Kobe!'

"Good morning Kobe!" other people said.

He smiled and walked through the hall. When he was sure no student was following him, he quickly climbed the stairs until he reached the rooftop.

"Finally, I'm alone ..." he said

He walked over to the other side of the rooftop. He just goes to university early to hang out on the rooftop. That was the most beautiful spot for him in the whole university. The whole of their city can be seen here, and students are prohibited from rooftops except for him.

She smiled as she walked closer to her favourite spot. He was shocked to see a female student sitting on top of the thick cement.

"Excuse me, that's my seat." He says

The woman turned around, she looked at him.

"Hey won't you even talk? I am talking to you." Said Kobe.

Instead of answering, the woman turned her gaze back to the whole city.

This girl

He approached the woman. He was now standing behind it while it was still sitting and ignoring him.

"I said that's my spot." He says

The woman turned again. "You're too loud for a man."

"W-what?" he said with a frown.

The woman never spoke again. It stood up but suddenly it was out of balance, the woman would fall. He immediately climbed up and touched it.

Kobe was holding one of the lady's hands and one of his hands was on her waist. Their faces are nearly close together. He looked at the woman's face, she was beautiful, her lips were red, but her skin was soft, pale and cold.

The woman glanced away. She then removed Kobe's grip on her hand and waist. She jumped down, then quickly turned away from him.

"Hey won't you be thankful? I saved your life, you idiot! " he says

But the woman knelt, her long hair spread out before her, that covered her beautiful face. He immediately came down and approached the woman, but he did not help her to rise.

"What the.. what's the matter with you? " Kobe asked

As the woman still refused to answer, he sat down. He noticed that one of her hands was covering her mouth and nose, he forcefully took it off. The woman was surprised and looked at him.

"A-are you pregnant?" he suddenly asked

The woman did not reply, but pushed him, making him lie on the cement. The woman leaned over at him. "What are you going to do?" he demanded.

"I feel thirsty..." said the woman.

"What?" Kobe asked

The woman's face fell onto his neck. Kobe was even more confused, he immediately grasped the woman's head and lifted it a little until he saw her face.

And then she fainted.

On the stairs, he carried the woman on his back. He was confused before, the woman was pale, and unconscious, on top of that, when he checked her pulse earlier, She didn't have a pulse, so he ran out to lift her and bring her to the infirmary.

Ah, this stupid girl, they don't use protection .. and now she.

"Where are you taking me?" whispered the woman

Kobe was somewhat surprised, her voice was weak.

"I will take you to the infirmary." He says

"S-stop. Don't take me there. Put me down." Said the woman

She started to wander behind him, causing them both to fall. Fortunately, that was the last step of the stairs to the 8th floor.

"What the hell ..." he said

He was annoyed, so he turned to the woman. She was lying on the floor, her eyes were closed, but he knows the woman was awake.

"Hey, you're still alive?" he demanded.

"I need blood..." said the woman in softness.

"At the hospital, there's a lot of blood there, so you need to be taken to the hospital." Said Kobe.

He looked at the woman, but her eyes were closed and she repeatedly said "I needed blood". He touched her neck and back so she could sit properly. The woman has touched his other cheek. Her skin is still cold, as it used to be. The woman stared at him.

"Will you give me some of your blood?" the woman whispered, but enough to let him hear it.

Afterwards, his vision faded. He had no idea what had happened after that. He just woke up in the infirmary at their university.

"Really? So what happened there? " Calvin asked. You fainted because you're exhausted? I envious, I haven't done that wild stuff. You're too adventurous for your first time. "

"It's not that, stop saying rubbish..." he said.

Calvin had another laugh. "Such a serious one, man. I'm a little curious, you know. You lost consciousness there, you weren't this way before. "

"Go home," he said.

"What?" demanded Calvin.

"You're done with your food, aren't you? So go back to your house. " Said, Kobe

He went out of the dining area.

Kobe left his friend and went upstairs into his room. He wondered why he could not remember it until now.

And who's that girl?

He just stepped into bed. He was reminded of his dream. He could not remember the woman's face in his dream whenever he woke up.

'Aahh!' She moaned

This girl is sitting in his lap, smiling at him. A few moments later he kissed her, a very passionate kiss.

"I am so anxious..." he said. "I thought I was gonna lose you."

"That won't happen, I'll protect you with my life." She says

He looked at her. "I will protect you as well," he said.

The woman caressed his cheek, her lips on his neck.

"I know ..." she just said

The woman left his lap, instead, she stood up and pulled him upright as well. He was a few inches taller her.

The woman kissed him and even bit his lower lip, his lips were slightly injured, he also tasted the blood, but the girl sucked his blood on his lower lip. That makes him moan again.

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