My Name is Simon

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"Life and Death are like green and red: you can't be both but you can be neither. " If you will be given the chance to live forever, will you accept it? Or would you rather live with the fact that life ends with death? For Simon, there is no other choice than to live until everyone dies. All he wants is to be dead, but how?

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Chapter One

Present Time

Seth is standing at the 20th step of their staircase feeling exhausted when his phone rang. He picked up the call instantly,

"Dad, I can't see him. He could be out." Seth said with a sigh to the person on the other line

He's been going up and down at the staircase and circling around the house since 4'oclock in the morning, like a mad man looking for his lost cat.

"He will not leave the house, as I have said. Just try to find him. Perhaps he's doing something stupid again," said Seth's caller, and even before he respond Seth heard some sort of a crash at the storage room. He quickly canceled the call and slowly approached the storage room door with his heart almost pumping out of his chest. He got hold of the doorknob and slowly opened the door.

"Waaah!" screamed Seth in disbelief.

The wooden chair fell off the floor and found a man with a good body built squiggling his feet while his body is hanging from the ceiling. But he wasn't dead. He looks more furious than that.

"Geez, uncle, what are you doing here?" Seth snarled his uncle with his hand in his chest trying to calm himself from shock at the scene he witnessed.

It is his uncle Simon, wearin' all black which made him look like a ninja without a mask. He also has long, shoulder-length hair like a teen girl, a mustache, and a beard that hasn't been trimmed for ages.

"What do think I'm doing? Playing?" said Simon, annoyed by Seth's sudden appearance. "Go pick up that chair, put it under me. I'm going to get off."

Without further ado Seth immediately put the seat under Simon's feet while removing the cord from his neck. The trace of the tight rope is noticeable on Simon's neck, leaving a trace that he committed suicide that fails. Irritated, Simon left the storage room, and Seth following his footsteps.

"Uncle, for the nth time why are you trying to get yourself killed again?" asked Seth to the back of his uncle.

Simon turned and raised his brow towards Seth. "Why are you asking? Are you upset because I haven't managed to die yet? No worries, we both feel the same way."

"It's not like that, Uncle. Aren't you tired yet? I mean, you're sure you'll prove the saying, try and try until you die? Well, for your information nobody knows that motto anymore! " Seth said with a chuckle

With a blank expression on his face, Simon started walking again and Seth went to follow him again.

Simon's on his way to the kitchen to get some water.

"It is easy for you to say because you don't know the feeling of someone like me watching the people around me die, while I'm still strong as a bison." Simon paused to drink some water then continued "No matter what I do, I'll never die."

Seth approached Simon and put his arm on his uncle's shoulder trying to console him. "Isn't it a little bit weird Uncle?Come to think of it, everybody wants to live and you, you want to die, that's what I'm talking about."

"Why wouldn't I want to jerk? At my age now, I should be in heaven already wintering .." Simon said without expression on his face.

"But uncle! are you even sure you're going to heaven if you die?" Seth asked with a laugh.

"Silly!" Simon glared at Seth. And knock the boy on his head.

"It hurts uncle," Seth complains while caressing his head.

Simon turned the pitcher over to the refrigerator and washed the glass, then put it into the cabinet.

"Why don't you try marrying someone, Uncle? Maybe when you're a parent you'll be able to spend some quality time with your kids," says Seth in a serious face. "So you won't kill yourself multiple times again, because you're busy with them."

"Aha!, If I can't help you die, then maybe that's what I need to do, find you some maiden that will be bewitched by your charms. " Seth said with a grin on his face.

Simon was bemused. He didn't say anything and turned his back on Seth. The latter watched Simon walk away calmly.


At the rooftop, Simon was there like a bird admiring the view from above. His skin is absorbing the coldness of the air. Nobody was outside the village because of the curfew. And that's what he wants, the feeling of being alone.

The year 1500s.

In the mountains where Simon's family lives. It wasn't easy living in those days. Except for hot weather, plants and crops dry up. There's been no rain for several months. And since there were no good crops, it became a period of starvation. Simon's father owned a large lot that he has run since they died of uncurable disease. As an only child, Simon had no companion in the little lodge in which he grew up. Simon collected firewood that he used for cooking and heater every night. It was a different day, though. The sky was dark and the wind was whispering strangely. A lot of people rejoice at the thought that Bathala had heard their prayer that it would rain so that the crops would live and the harvest would be good.

A few hours later, the sky was getting darker, people thought it would be a great storm, which is why climate change and animals are being disrupted. During this period, nobody is aware of the existence of a very big and dangerous asteroid that would strike the earth. This happens every thousand years and, unfortunately, it happens on that day. The rays of the sun have vanished in half the earth, people have begun to unleash themselves because of the supposed end of the world. However, a luminous object suddenly appeared in heaven. There seems to be a major blast in space. Gradually, the sunlight returned, but a portion of the darkness was visible. Then came the fall of many asteroids on Earth.

Simon looked up into the sky and noticed something which seemed to fall out of his place. He can't see much because the sunlight hits his eyes. As the object approached, it became clear that a fire was surrounding it. Simon came out and ran. The shadow of the flaming object is wide. Simon stumbled several times to hurry. He dropped the sticks and felt the hot object behind him, he couldn't resist turning around. His eyes widened when he saw that the hot rock was coming down on him.

And whole mountains shook when this thing came down. He made a deep pit, Simon holds a plant so that he did not fall on the burning stone under him. Simon felt his foot slowly dull to the waist by the extreme heat. The plant he was holding also began to pull out. Its roots have become visible on the ground.

"Aahhhh!" screamed Simon.

In the end, the soil that holds the root of the plant yielded and Simon fell into a burning rock.

Simon awoke when the sunlight from the window struck him in the face. He opened his eyes and turned around. He looked around, he was in a room in the house made of bamboo and the roof was made of coconut leaves. He looked at his body as well, and there were no wounds or scars.

"Is everything only a dream?" asked Simon.

He walked out of the room at once. In the kitchen, using the wood-burning stove, there is a woman who turns around and is busy cooking. At first, he thought it was his mother, but then he looked at her and realized it was someone else.

"Love, is our lunch ready?" A man asked.

As he looked at the woman, he realized she was pregnant.

"Yes, my love. I will prepare the table." said the lady.

"Let me give you a hand," said the man.

The man looked back and noticed that he was standing in front of the room. The guy smiled at him.

"You have woken up. You've been asleep in the past few days. How are you feeling?" he asked.

Simon froze. "How long have I been asleep?"

The man laid his hand on his shoulder and placed him on the chair in front of the dining table.

"About four days. We saw you in the woods, unconscious, probably exhausted, but not injured," the man said.

"What happened to you?" the woman asked.

Simon looked at the table and tried to remember everything that had happened, but remembered nothing.

"By the way, I am Helena, and here is my husband Lando. And your name?" asked Helena.

"My name is Simon." He says

"What are you doing in that place? Did that big rock hit you from the ground?" Lando asked.

Simon nodded. "In my memory, I fell into the huge crater that that thing did."

Both of them stared at each other. "But doesn't that fireball fall on the hill?" said Lando.

"I saw a burning stone," said Helena.

"It was on fire and it made a huge crater that I fell into." Said, Simon.

"But you have no bruises," said Helena.

A few days later, Simon felt better. He remained at the couple's house. This couple is several years older than he is. They considered him their younger sibling.

Lando went to a farm that day. Simon wanted to help but Lando wouldn't let him go, Helena has to give birth within a month and she could give birth at any time.

Simon was stacking wood when Helena called him.

"Is there something you need, Helena?" asked Simon.

Helena came down when he got to her. He's supporting her until she gets closer to the chair.

"My abdomen hurts, Simon." Helena moans as she holds her stomach.

Simon got a little jumpy. "I'm going to pick up Lando," said Simon.

Simon was leaving the house when Helena complained.

"Don't go, Simon," said Helena. She just started lying on the chair. "I think my child is coming out, help me."

"Huh? The baby is coming out? Are you going to give birth already? What am I supposed to do?" Simon asked.

He started to panic. Simon came in and stood by Helena's side.

"Have a seat," said Helena.

Helena is gasping for air. Helena's hand was placed on the back of the chair on her left side above her head. Simon took a seat in the other chair.

"Simon, what are you doing there? Sit here at my feet. Hurry up!" Helena's voice was kind of hard.

Confused, Simon was sitting under Helena and began to put both her legs wide open in front of Simon.

"What are you doing, Helena?" asked Simon.

"What else? Deliver the baby, of course. I'm going to give birth, Simon." Helena said she was nearly crying.

"What do you want me to do? I'm going to call Lando." Simon said

"Take off my panties," said Helena.

Simon's eyes grew larger. "Take off your panty, Helena? Lando will be furious."

"Stupid, the baby is coming out, take off my panties, Simon!" Helena was almost unable to shout.

Simon closed his eyes and took off his underwear. Helena's breathing came along.

"You're nuts, Simon, why are you closing your eyes?" asked Helena.

"You said I'd remove your panties," said Simon.

"Oh my goodness, you don't even know how to take off your panties? Hurry, my baby is coming out!" cried Helena.

When Simon finally took off Helena's underwear, she spoke again.

"You take the white linen in our room. Be quick," said Helena.

Simon rushed towards the room for the white cloth. He ran down and seated himself at Helena's feet again.

"Catch my baby with a cloth, Simon," Helena shouted

"What?" Shockingly said, Simon.

"Geez, Simon. What happened to you? You suddenly become deaf?" Helena said while breathing in and out.

"Aaaaahhhh!" Helena screams while she pushes.

Helena firmly held onto the seat. Afterward, Simon felt that something had landed on his hand from Helena's v*****. That was followed by a loud baby cry.


Simon was surprised when beer in a can caught his eye. He took it and turned his back.

"Why are you killing yourself again? Seth's a little nervous about not finding you earlier."

Samuel was the second in Rafaelo's generation. He is 60 years old and is the president of the company Simon owned.

"Is that because Lucia is dead?" Samuel asked. "We expect that right. She has cancer," he said.

Simon had some beer. At 544, Simon seems to be only 23 years old.

"She's been a good housekeeper ever since you were a kid. She's your nanny." Simon said

"We can do nothing. This is really how life is. Some die and some will not die no matter what. We need to just accept the truth and enjoy life." Samuel said after drinking beer.

"Tomorrow I'll call Mikel to make you look in shape," said Samuel. "You looked like some young terrorist if you haven't noticed." Samuel laughed

Simon's still not saying anything. Simon filed a vacation leave to his work just to plan a suicide but nothing happened. A Suicide attempt is just such another failure.

"Were you offended by what Seth said a little while ago?" Samuel asked.

Simon wasn't saying a word. Instead, he consumed the contents of the can. And so did Samuel.

Simon truly wants to have a family. But he fears that his child-to-be will inherit his fate. He knows how difficult it is to live long and he still sees those who are close to his heart die, while he is alive. Some women have also made his heart beat and get his attention, but he avoids it in the first place.

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