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Life is just a little ball of sunshine. Whoever introduced this damned phrase must be cynically in love with life. Because her life right now is not at all a little ball of sunshine instead, it’s a huge fire ball that she can’t seem to diffuse.

“What do you mean?” Antalia hissed at her beta “that he is coming here” the news of the Council head coming in her territory at such a short notice drove to her edge. “Did we have some meeting with him that I forget?” she tries to recall it from her memory.

“No” Allen her beta informed her “I am afraid it’s not that we forget something. It’s more like the time is approaching.”

That took her attention and she hurriedly checked her phone to confirm the date and seemingly her beta is right about the time is approaching and it’s approaching fast, too fast for anyone’s liking. Antalia knew this day would come but, it seems in blink of an eye it knocked at their door too soon.

“When is he arriving, again?” Antalia asked this time more composed then before

Allen her beta checked his watch for time and informed her “in thirty minutes” and cringed too knowing fully well this meeting is more of a war than anything.

Antalia threw her hands up in the air literally, knowing well enough she don’t have enough time to prepare for the war she is going to have in a few short minutes. Sometimes it’s good to know what future holds, she thought to herself bitterly.

“And my dear Allen” Antalia sweetly asked “when did you came to know about this said joyful get together I am going to attend” she and her beta know there is nothing joyful about the said get together but, not to anger his alpha any further he quietly mumbled “an hour ago”

“An hour ago” Antalia repeated what she heard. “That bloody council head” she cursed him like a sailor “he played us” she though out loud “he bloody played us. I give him this one though, he knew if we were informed before I would try to get it out of the meeting but, fine if he wants war. I will grant him the wish.”

Antalia is no longer the teen with mouth without a lid. Time has taught her and it taught her well. But, it gained her reputation of not to mess with. Her name precedes her and her adventures follow her like a shadow. The abyss of darkness she came to love and the chase she fell in love with. These things became her passion to lead life with.

She has heard the stories, the names she earned for herself, the sin, the orphan, the reject and the weaker out of the both; her brother Alpha Jedrek. Surprisingly, none bothered her. If her mother could do fine without a mate and raise them herself, she could too lead her life at same way minus the kids.

But, to the more pressing matter at hand the jerk of council head and his stuck up minions are about to grace her lands with their unwanted welcome. That she is not looking forward to it.

“Have you informed the patrols to clear the path and to escort the jerk faces here, soundly” Antalia asked about the arrangements made or not.

“I have” Allen replied assertively “and before you ask I also arranged the conference room for them to meet us their” he informed her before she could ask him.

“Very well” Antalia nodded “make sure all the warriors are informed to stay on alert. Ask all the trackers to have an eye out on these council men and the surroundings too. They are coming here with an intention. You and I both know what they are coming for? What they want? It’s just the reminder of the storm before the calm.”

Allen too knows it quite well what his alpha is talking about “rest assured Antalia. When it comes to choose sides this pack knows very well where their loyalty lies?”

Antalia nodded at his reassuring words “I know” he quietly mumbled “but, I promised to look after them. I promised my mother and swore in front of moon goddess to hold the fort till the end.”

They both were well aware of the events seven years ago. In fact, Allen too witnessed the horror unfold in front of his eyes. Though, this pack accepted her with open arms. They might know the verdict of the council very well but, still she took them as her. She wanted to shield him as long as she can. No harm could be drawn to him. As long as she is breathing, he will have her as his alibi.

“You go take care of the arrangements” Antalia said in dismissive tone “inform me when they reach the pack house. After all I have to play the good host.”

“Yes alpha” Allen took his leave quietly.

There is no denying the fact that sooner or later this was bound to happen but, this early. There is still time. What is she missing? What are they hiding from her? Her fingers danced in rhythmic pattern on her desk. No matter what they have to go through her to have him. After all she is alpha of the third biggest, richest pack in America …’The Pozhar Pack’.

The pack earned its name centuries ago. It was rumoured to be the house of the ‘soul of fire’. Who will avenge the innocence and free them from the clutches of evil, death, a true heir of the moon goddess. In his veins fire, vengeance and runs the blood of goddess herself, the alpha of fire.

Antalia has spent this past seven years to solve the mysteries seem to surrounded her family so abruptly. Yet no answer impressed her so far. No clue leads her out of the maze she found herself in. she read thousands of books. Adorned the endless theories yet it always lead to one thing, him. No matter how much she wants to deny the fact. But, the truth never wavers from her eyes.

‘Alpha’ Allen voice buzzed through her ears ‘they are here’

Antalia closed the link without replying to her beta. Once closing her eyes, breathing through her mouth she supressed her chaotic emotions and cajoled her inner wolf spirit not to rip apart the council head at one glance.

To play the perfect host and not to give the jerk any more reason to hate her, she left the sanctuary of peace to meet the doom at her doorstep.

The warriors soon opened the front doors seeing their alpha is here. Antalia plastered the honey dripping smile on her face. If only her true intentions are revealed.

“Welcome” Antalia spoke “Ore Williamson”


Note: a little surprise for you. Tell me in the comments how you find the first chapter. Though, I confess I'm still on third chapter of this story. Sadly, i can't write anything this month due to my exams but, i plan to write it actively and give you regular updates. I hope you will love this work as much as others. In meantime you can read my other work here or on Wattpad profile or my blog or Instagram. Anywhere you want.



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