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The Bet: Part one (I just wanna sleep!)

“How did you and dad meet?” my son asked. I looked at him and sighed because this is not a tale for the faint of heart. I could lie, I thought.
“Are you sure you want to know?” I ask quietly, I am barely audible. When he nodded yes I realized,I had to tell him. He is 15 and deserves to know the truth, not some sugar coated version. So reluctantly I begin:
I had just got home from dance class. It was already nine and I had a big project due the next morning.
“This is gonna be another all nighter.” I sighed as I plopped on my bed and opened my laptop. I snuggled into my blankets and started working on my outline.
~6 hours later~
“Finally done,” I say, the exhaustion creeping into my voice. I curl up in my blankets and immediately drift off to sleep. I feel a tugging on my ankle and pull the covers tighter around me thinking it's my mom. I mumble, “5 more minutes” as I slam onto the floor opening my eyes in shock at the pain.
That's when I see HIM.
“My dad?” he asked, pulling me away from memory lane. I smirk and give him an idk expression and get back into the story.
He is huge, then again I am looking up at him from the floor, but I assume he is at least 6 foot. I was about to scream when he put a hand over my mouth and roughly pulled me up.
He then whispered in my ear, “Don’t scream,” his voice a mixture of amusement and annoyance “I need your help to win a bet”. Then he leaned back with a grin.
“Is this a dream?” I thought.You know those dreams where you get kidnapped by a hot guy? Yeah those. I thought I was having one. He was absolutely gorgeous! He had jet black hair and deep crimson eyes. Wait, Crimson? I was about to start staring at his gorgeous face like a freaking psycho, he is literally kidnapping you I remind myself, when he swoops me into his arms and jumps.

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