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The Bet: Part 2 (why the fuck am I falling)

I was about to start staring at his gorgeous face like a freaking psycho, he is literally kidnapping you I remind myself, when he swoops me into his arms and jumps.
He jumped...Into a portal. A freaking portal! I always pictured portals like the ones you see in the movies. The ones you step through and then you are somewhere else. Well, this was NOTHING like that. When he jumped I felt scorching hot instantly and we were still in the air. I thought can this dude fucking fly? Is that what's going on? Nope! We were falling. Falling towards the ground from God knows how high. I bury my head in his chest and I can hear him chuckle over the sounds of the wind slamming into us. Falling is not fun. When I started having a panic attack, we suddenly stopped. I was scared to lift my head and look so I didn’t.
“You were scared,” my son said mockingly. I scowled at him and roared, “Do you wanna hear the story or not!” He nodded with a smug smile. I chuckled and continued on…

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