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The Crown Prince. Adam's Story

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This is a prequel that can be found on Dreame by the name of The Shifters Of Vargulfr. Before there was A Beth, a Queen there was a King. He did not want to be King, in fact the very Idea made his stomach sick. He loved being an Alpha. He was the Son of the Current king, the grandson of the very Goddess who created them. But all Adam wanted in his Life was to have that one Single person who completes him. After more than a 150 years he finally Finds her. Will she love him for who he is. Rose. is an 18 year old only child to the Alpha couple of her pack, in a small town in southern Oregon, her life has been anything but normal or even happy. Her Parents blame her for something she had no control of. See when Rose was born the labor was anything but good, resulting in the Luna having to have a hysterectomy, the Alpha did not believe that a female could lead his pack so he blamed his daughter for no Heir. The Luna hated her because she lost the ability to have anymore children. Now you might be wondering how her pack treated her, if the Alpha and Luna are bad how would the pack be. Well fear not, to the pack Rose is not just the Next Alpha but the Apple of their eyes'. They do whatever they can to protect her, but with more and more pack members' leaving or disappearing what can they do to protect their Princess. Join Adam and Rose, as they both learn to come together.

Fantasy / Erotica
Aloura LaFay
Age Rating:

Chapter 1. The Start of Something New.

The Crown Prince Adam’s Story


Today I turned 18 and dad said that I can find my mate now. I am excited. Blaze is hopeful that she is in our pack and not one that is far away. I don’t know if I could do as dad did. Over 200 years before he found my mother. I guess I should tell you who I am. My Name is Adam Blake Shade Crown Prince and Future King of all the Werewolves, I am also the Grandson of the Moon goddess. Herselt, my father, is her son. I am a half Wolf half witch. The power of Earth is mine. I am not an elemental, but just gifted thanks to my mom and my grandmother.

’Adam,” I hear my father calling me.

“Yes Father, I am coming.” I say, running out of my room. We are at our Castle in Spain. We have two homes, One is in Norway. Our Ancestral home, The one here in Spain, And when I take over the Pack and Kingdom, we will be moving to America. I have found a place, It is in America, In a new state known as Montana. There is a nearby Pack the Nightingale pack. I know that current Alpha’s son, Leonardo. He left here after his training was completed, something that all ranked members must participate in. Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gammas, and Elites Come to the Castle for 2 years after they shift at 16.

When I make it down to the kitchen, Mother is cooking breakfast. “Oh my baby boy,” she squeals when she sees me. “Mamma.” I say, hugging her and giving her a kiss on her cheek. “Are you excited about your age now? You can find your mate. I still remember the day that I found your Father, stumbling into this pack. All the nights we spent together, the amazing sex,” Oh goddess, why? Not again. I know we have no issues with sex, but Goddess, why oh o why does my mother insist on talking about her and father? “Wait until you have your mate, you won’t get enough………”

“Motherrrrr.” I try to stop her just as Father walks in. Chuckling, with a slap on the Back he says “Don’t worry Adam, when you decided to have sex. With your mate. It will be just as great as your mom tells you.”

“Goddess why, I know you guys are mates and have been alive as long as dirt, but please, I don’t need nor want to know about that.” I say, trying to shake the Image out of my head.

“Yeah, I really don’t need to know about mom and dad’s sexual habits. Adam, can you close your mind so we don’t have to hear it.?” My pain in the ass Wolf Blaze says in my mind. I don’t respond. Why would he shut me out just as well?

“Don’t forget your party tonight.” Father reminds me.

“I know, dad. All un-mated she-wolves, witches, vampires, and blah blah will be there. I know.” He just chuckles. “Don’t be stressed, son. It took me 147 years to find your Mother. We have lived together for a very long time. Remember, you will find her when the time is right ‘’. He says as he stands and places a hand on my shoulder. “She will come when it’s time. Until then, enjoy life.”

The time of the party arrived. I dress in this stupid suite Mother convinced me to get. It’s stuffy and annoying. One of the Omegas comes to my room. “Prince Adam, your Father sent up your Moon stone Crown, he said to make sure you were there. I nod my head and take it. Once it was on my head, I let out a sigh. I don’t want to be a king, not at all. A normal Alpha I could take that, I want to talk to father About starting a counsel, and leave them in charge, I don’t think we need a King, I have asked him all my life, and he says “It’s our Job Adam, The Moon Goddess, Selene Your Grandmother gave us to the packs to protect, it’s our responsibility to care for them.” I of course agree, but I think the counsel of Supernatural is smart, more voices more, More Ideas makes for a better world for all of us.

I take one last look in the mirror before going to Hell! Oh, sorry Party.

Time Skip. 32 years

Sitting in my office, we moved the Main pack to Montana last year. Mother and Father moved back to Norway. I am officially and unofficially the King, but I did start the council, and it’s going great. I mostly focus on the pack. When mom and dad went back to Norway, a few of the Elders Joined them. We also underwent a Name Change. We used to be the Moon Light Pack. It was the Name my grandmother gave it when she was the Alpha. I named it Vargulfr. You might be wondering? What does that mean? Well, in old Norse it loosely translates to Rouge, Blood thirsty, it’s a play on words. We are the most peaceful pack out there. But if you mess with me or my Wolves I become a blood thirsty Alpha.

I still have yet to find my mate. No, I am not a monk. I have had many women in my bed but they all know one rule and that Is I will never mate with one of them. That is saved for my mate. I hope I find her soon. What will she look like? I feel a sudden wave of energy telling me that my Mother just used a portal to enter my Pack lands. Within seconds, she and Father walk in.

I make my way to the living room in time to see my mother waddle into the living room. I turn my head to the side. Is she….

“Mamma, are you pregnant?” I ask with a bit of hope. Not only have they always wanted a second, 3rd or even 4th. Child, they have only had me. She just nods her head. Father has a look of pride.

“We brought the Moon light Pack so the Royal pack can be whole for the birth of your Brother or Sister.” I picked mom up and kissed her and hugged her. When I set her down, I hug my father. “I am so happy for you both.

It was less than a week after my parents arrived that my baby Sister Veronica was born. I instantly fell for that baby girl until she bit me, bit me, and sucked my blood. “Fuck this little shit, just bit me,” I say, trying to take my finger from her. “Well, Luke, she has the Vampiric gene,” Mother says. “Well, that’s cool, but can you make her stop feeding on me, Father?” He chuckles. “Give her a second” “Give your demon spawn the chance to suck my Blood?” I Glare at him then down to her as I try to take my finger, Her eyes become red and fire leaves her fingers as she grabs my finger harder. I look at my parents, “Nicca let go of your big brother’s finger Princes” her eyes look to our mother and she drops my finger.

Time Skip. 116 years later.

My mother and Nica have convinced me to hold a ball. As we have not had one in over 30 years. I have reluctantly agreed. So for the last 2 months they have been here in my pack house planning it. They have invited every un-mated female and male in the known kingdoms. Tonight is the night of this ball. I am not looking forward to it. We will not get our hopes up, we will find her. At One hundred and sixty-six years. I have had a long time without my mate. With one last look at myself. I am in a Black tuxedo, with a Silver and royal blue tie and cumber bun, to represent our Pack Colors. I look good.

“Yes, we do,” Blaze puffs his chest, “I have a good feeling about tonight, Adam. I feel something.”

“Do you think you feel our mate?” I ask him.

“I don’t know.”

This got my hope to rise. Maybe, just Maybe I will finally get my Luna. Once I made it to the Backyard of the pack house. I constantly smell the most delicious scent of Strawberries, and cream. “Mate,” Blaze growls. I push my way through the crowded sniffing. Just as I reach the center, I see her. She is sniffing the air, head turning in every direction until her eyes find mine. They are the prettiest green eyes I have ever seen. Her strawberry hair reaches her very, very sexy ass. I don’t waste another second and cross the dance floor. When I reach her, I grab her and shove my nose in her neck. With one sniff I let a growl followed by Blaze pushing to the Front. “MINE” I look at her eyes. They have a scared look. She is nervous and looking everywhere but me. She all of a sudden goes stiff in my arms as an older couple move towards us.

“Who do you think you are to touch, my daughter?” A man asks.

“Her Mate, Alpha Shade.” I pause. “WHO ARE YOU TO QUESTION YOUR KING?” Blaze pushes through. I may not like the title, but Blaze is a true King. The tiny thing in my arms hides in my arms, shaking. “Blaze, Calm down your scaring our Mate” I growl at the Mutt.

“She is not scared of me. Her wolf said, “It’s them. They are bad to her.” His voice grows louder in my head, causing me to let out a furious growl. I turn and keep my mate behind me. “You Have hurt your Queen, what have you done to her? Do not deny it. Her wolf Spoke to mine.” My Voice booms. They both cower but do not reply. “Guards,” I growl. “Take them to the dungeon until they decide to speak.”

“Blaze, what did her wolf say?”

“Just that they are bad and hurt, mate. Wolf mate is named Ember, and Human mate is Rose.” He hums their names. I start shaking, turning I hear the voice of my mother. “Adam, you need to calm down. Your mate is scared and needs you right now.” I take deep breaths and turn to face my mate, My Rose.

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