The Serpent In The Mist

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15-year-old Lyla was born with a rare a powerful ability that goes against the ordinary way of living in her country, Holland. She must keep her secret from the tyrannical order known as The Royals who spent thousands of years eliminating those who also possessed the gift. 'However, when they learn about Lyla's secret, they pass an order that she should be executed immediately, but before they can get to her, her mother sends her away into the vast and dangerous wilderness where she must learn to survive on her own. However, when things are seeming to go well for her, something happens that forces her to return back to her home village and defy everything she's ever known.

Fantasy / Adventure
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The village was cold this morning, the ground covered in a thin layer of frost and ice. The brown dirt cracking and crunching beneath my feet as I ran past the brown, straw houses. One by one they disappeared from my sight, fading into the clouds. I looked straight ahead, a wide and large forest awaiting my presence, I could feel it pulling me, I could feel the power that it held and the peace that it spread. My breathing became heavier and heavier as I got closer and closer to my destination. I never realized how big this world truly is, and that I was a small piece of it. The thought of it alone caused me to stumble over my own feet and before I knew it I was face down on the ground, my nose and mouth buried in the mud. I pressed my hand on the ground, hoisting myself up onto my knees. My dirty blonde hair sticking to my face, partially blinding me. I slowly stood up, still wanting to explore the vast forest that lay beyond. I slowly started to walk forward, a smile slowly appearing on my face. There was a large opening between the trees, leading to the rest of the forest. Just as I was about to enter, I heard a small yet noticeable voice coming from the village just a few yards away, "LYLA," the voice called out. I recognized it immediately and knew that my adventure was over.

I ran back as quickly as I could, hoping that I wasn't in too much trouble. I started to slow down my pace, and before I knew it, I was standing in front of an old, brown wooden house. On the front porch stood my mother, Kate, a tall, middle-aged woman with brown hair and peachy skin. Her hair was tied back into a loose messy braided bun, her usual style. Her dress was light blue with wrinkles wrapping all around it. On her feet, were old, worn-down slippers that she had for ages.

"I thought I told you not to go near the forest," she said, her arms crossed over her chest.
"I know, but you know I can't resist," I answered back.
Without saying anything else, she motioned with her hand for me to come inside. I hesitated for a moment, the thought of running off back to the forest entered my mind, but I knew that would just get me in more trouble, so I lazily walked into my creaky old house.
Mother made tomato soup and bread for dinner, not my favorite, but I didn't hate it. Mother was silent for most of the night, many times she opened her mouth to speak, but it was as if something was blocking her voice from reaching the air. After dinner, I cleaned up and decided to go to bed. I don't usually go to bed this early, the sun has barely gone down yet, but for some reason, my eyes were begging for rest. I laid down in my uncomfortable wooden cot, with just a raggedy brown blanket to keep me warm. I stared at the ceiling for a few minutes, just thinking. The image of the green, misty forest popped into my mind. The crisp air, brushing through every strand of my hair. The birds singing in the trees and the squirrels collecting nuts and berries for the upcoming winter. I felt a connection to the wilderness, more than everyone else in the village. They were all about work and a non-adventurous life, but that's not what I wanted, I wanted the adventure that nature brought, the thrill of running through the woods, not knowing what could pop out at you.
After a while, my brain shut off and I dozed off into a silent sleep.

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