Grimm: Defender of mankind

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Updates once a week (Mondays) Meet Grimm, son of the Reaper. Yes, THE Reaper, Death himself. Grimm is a fluke, a being born only thanks to a loophole. Barely growing into his title of soon-to-be reaper, what happens to Grimm when chaos hits? When the balance of life and death itself is at stake? Can Grimm take charge? Not even he knows. But he'll find out when he learns Reap's biggest secret. Who is Grimm, really? Will he go through Hell and back (almost literally) to find himself, to find truth, and possibly, to save the world? Grimm struggles with the consequences of life and death and learns to navigate the world of family, friends, identity and having to choose between two worlds... unless there's a third option?

Fantasy / Action
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And there it was, hovering above the bones of my hand. Its bluish-black glow cast eerie shadows across the ground before me. Slowly, I raised the glowing orb to my sockets to get a better look. It was almost like a mix between smoke and light. It seemed to writhe and move in my skeleton, almost imperceptibly. At the moment, I couldn’t help but think, I’ve done it. I’ve separated the one thing I can use to create life, rather than take it. My soul.

Slowly but surely I approached the corpse lying at my feet, careful not to disrupt the earth around it. Bending down, I lifted the skeleton from the ground. It still had a little bit of flesh left clinging to the bones, not yet completely rotted off. Holding the corpse in one hand, I set the other one upon its rib-cage, letting my soul become that of his own. Removing my bony fingers, I observed as the flesh that had once clung to the remains now glowed the same bluish-black of my soul, and then fell to the earth in a heap of ash.

Once the flesh had all but disappeared, string-like pieces of a black substance started to wrap themselves around his rib-cage, then arms, then legs, growing to form a black cloak-like coat.

Finally, you are born. Awoken by my soul, arisen from the earth, and clothed in darkness. You are as I once was, my son.

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