What lurks below..

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The water that separates kingdom Downlore and Sanlose is said to have gold at the bottom. Each kingdom sends three brave explorers to find this gold..who knows what they find below. (This is my first book, any feedback would be appreciated!)

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Chapter 1

As morning came, kai, Dakota and Troy walked up to their submarine, the eyes of Downlore watching. Their black swim suits shining in the sun and their swim masks just below their chin.
"What are we waiting for kai-" Dakota asked kai.
"Hush, its the kings speach." He quickly intrupted.
The royal trumpets played as he stepped onto the podium to give his speach, the people of Downlore clapping for him.
"Here today we have three brave souls, willing to risk their lives for the greater good of our kingdom. With this gold we shall no longer be seen as weak and helpless, we shall no longer be seen as poor peasants!"
Cheers could be heard.
"Within a weeks time, the Downlore shall have power! Kai, my most trusted investigator, has found many theives and spies in the past and he has proven his worthiness to be captain of this ship!"
"Thank you, my lord, i shall not disappoint you." He bowed before the king.
"Dakota, i shall admit, can be a bit childish at times, but her determination and bravery makes up for it all. Such girl who still cant attend meetings on time is able to take down an entire spy crew by herself, and for that, your honoured. Not just by me, but by the whole of Downlore!"
"Thank you, my lord, i shall say that i am not childish!-"
Kai nudged her.
"Ah- yea..my lord..i shall not disappoint you..!" She said awkwardly bowing.
"...And Troy, quiet, calm and tends not to speak, but that silence i consider deadly. Such boy is able to lift a whole ship with his just two arms!"
Oooo's and Ahhh's were made by the crowd as they clapped for him.
"Thank you, my lord, i shall not disappoint you.." he bowed before the king.
"To the three of you, such a task is heavy. No matter if you come back empty handed, all the gold possible, three of you together or just one..we appreciate and thank your efforts!" The king said with such joy, Downlore cheered and the royals waved. With such support on their side, they set of into the ocean..

Sonlose so empty with words, no such support. Gavin, Jasmine and Ari getting themselves ready for this trip.
"Ari, why are we doing this! This gold is going to the royals anyway! Its not worth it!" Jasmine begged, still trying to convince Ari that this journey was not woth it.
"I know..but if we dont..we'll be killed. You know this," Ari put on her mask and counted the Death oil tanks they had. "yup, one hundred and fifty tanks. Ready to go Gavin?"
He didnt answer.
"I know..come on guys..! Some sort of positivity yea! If we are going to die, lets die happy yea?"
They both slowly nodded as they got into the ship.
"Great! Lets go..!"
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